11 Great Bedroom Door Color Ideas

Your bedroom’s aesthetic begins at the door. Though it may seem trivial, your bedroom door plays a part in how your interior design plays out. After all, it’s a large fixture that you can see from the inside of your room.

Designers agree that your door and flooring should, if not match, at least complement each other. The door should also complement the color scheme of the largest piece of furniture in the bedroom—namely, the bed. 

Doing this will make the bedroom look more visually incorporated and neat while simultaneously giving you an idea of what color your bedroom door should be. It doesn’t have to match exactly, but it should be in the same color family. 

Most importantly, you need to make sure that the door’s color complements the rest of your walls. After all, when it is closed, the door can be a part of the wall. The last thing you want is the bedroom door looking out of place, or worse, visually overwhelming. 

Generally, neutral colors are your go-to choice. However, you can still explore other color combinations that will pair tastefully with the rest of your interior. We will be exploring 11 lovely bedroom door colors that can inspire your next home project.

Stylish interior of modern bedroom, 11 Great Bedroom Door Color Ideas

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11 Great Bedroom Door Color Ideas

Doors can have an aesthetic appeal apart from being functional. The color you choose your door to be can affect the room’s atmosphere, so it is important to choose one that reflects your style.

Here are colors you can try.

1. Sage Green

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Apartment entrance hallway with bathroom glass door and wooden wardrobe cabinet. front view of modern spa hotel interior room

Go with sage green if you feel that the room could use a splash of color without attracting too much attention.

Sage green will blend with a nature-themed room, but it will still look great paired with a minimalist or classic aesthetic. Sage green gives off a neutral-color effect without the risk of looking too plain or boring, which can sometimes be a neutral color’s downside. 

If you have a beach-themed room with a blue-based palette, sage green will also blend with the interior. This is because both are natural colors; they naturally go together.

What does the sage green color mean?

According to color psychology, sage green is connected to feelings of freshness and tranquility. This color, in your bedroom, will aid with your recharging and relaxation.

2. Peacock: Blue-green

Stylish and chic bedroom with glass doors and decorative blue wall and nice wallpaper behind bed

If you want something more cosmopolitan and structured, peacock-blue green can give off that effect while also adding a sense of sophistication to the interior. This shade of blue-green can pair well with a toned-down rococo-inspired design; just add gold-finished handles on the door. 

It will also look great with wallpapers that have bold prints in complementary colors. Visualize a rococo-inspired design with those walls, and you have an opulent-looking room!

What does the blue-green color mean?

In Feng-Shui, the blue-green color inspires feelings of trust and calmness, which are things you will want to be incorporated into your bedroom.

This color is ideal if you sometimes suffer from bouts of insomnia and anxiety, so you may want to have a blue-green-based palette in your space.

3. Classic White

Open door to an empty modern bedroom with ocean view.

White bedroom doors are a go-to in many homes. If you want a more classic style, white bedroom doors can fit your interior. However, be sure that you won’t be painting your walls white as well–the door can look too blended and be practically invisible. 

White doors are ideal if you have a tiny bedroom and want a more expansive look. These doors are also timeless you wouldn’t have to worry about them going out of style in a few years.

4. Fine Dark Wood

Dark modern interior with a gray wall illuminated by two spotlights, a dark wood door, a modern room divider, a bedroom with dark wood cabinets over a beige bed, a closet in the background.

You can never go wrong with classic dark wood in any interior. Wooden or wood-finished doors naturally pair well with any style, and they add significant value to your home.

You have the opportunity to lean into the rustic appeal of a wooden door: Simply opt for a warm color palette and invest in warm lighting. Most wood doors also come with different options: you can have sliding wood doors for space-saving benefits, or standard doors for a more classic look.

Wooden doors also add functionality to your bedroom. Solid wood doors provide insulation, sound-proofing, and warmth to your space.

5. Cherry Red

Modern interior of living room with red door, armchair and coffee table

Who says you can’t go bold with door colors? Cherry red doors bring a unique charm into your interior. They have a retro appeal that can blend with bold aesthetics, and they surprisingly brighten up a space.

What does a red door mean?

According to Irish folklore, red doors protect homes from evil spirits and ghosts. In Chinese tradition, red doors signify the welcoming of positive energy and warding off evil.

If you have a penchant for folklore and superstition, go for a cherry red door!

6. Dusty Pink

Stylish pink room for a young girl

Embrace your feminine flair with dusty pink. Light pink shades soften the interior of a room, and they won’t look lost in similarly light-shade walls. 

Since the bedroom door has to match the bed and the floor, be sure to pair it with pink bedding and a neutral-colored flooring or carpet. This will make the interior look more integrated and fashionable. 

What does a pink door mean?

Pink represents fun and fearless sensibilities. The look inspires a loving and bright energy, and it makes the bedroom look more inviting. 

Go for a dusty pink bedroom door if you have a personality that can be reflected by splashes of pink.

7. Warm beige

Spacious and bright bedroom interior with beige decorations, hardwood floor and a book on the window sill seat

Go for a warm beige door if you want to maintain a traditional and timeless look. To make it look more elegant, make sure to install gold-finished door handles. 

Beige doors will be able to blend with any interior design, and you won’t have to worry about it looking either invisible or overwhelming. Warm beige is a calming, elegant, and practical color; a go-to for most homeowners.

This color also complements most furniture and flooring, so you won’t have to make any major changes if you choose this color.

8. Inky Black

The interior of a stylish bedroom with a black wardrobe in dark colors.

Black doors have a mystic yet classic appeal that can go with almost any interior design.

Black doors with white trim paired with neutral walls look especially elegant, transforming plain designs into something more dramatic.

However, as sophisticated as they look, they can take longer to clean. Black surfaces easily show dust and fingerprints, so you may need to wipe off the surface more frequently. 

If the added maintenance does not bother you, go ahead and get yourself a black door! For added beauty, pair the black doors with either gold or silver finish handles. This will add personality and a cosmopolitan appeal to the black door.

9. Pastel Yellow

Gray and yellow master bedroom with double bed, closed door and mannequin

If you want to add a burst of energy to your bedroom without being too overwhelming, pastel yellow could  be your color. 

This shade of yellow will introduce brightness into your room, and it can pair beautifully with neutral or soft tones. You can make your bedding blend with the door by layering them with a sunset-based color palette. 

What does a yellow door mean?

Yellow promotes feelings of joy, good energy, and optimism. You can paint your door yellow if you feel that your room could use some brightening-up and if you are gravitating towards more cheery and airy designs.

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10. Aegean Teal

Blue master bedroom with double bed, nightstand and closed door

Aegean Teal is reminiscent of clear Mediterranean seas that can introduce feelings of relaxation into your interior. This color blends well with both soft and structured color palettes; you won’t have to worry about the door getting lost on your walls.

This color is ideal if you have a south-facing window since both light and shadow bounce off gracefully from Aegean teal. 

Aegean Teal is a welcoming color that promotes connection. If you feel that this color represents your personality, or if you simply want to make your home feel more intimate, this color is for you. 

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11. Terra Cotta 

Orange wooden door with concrete wall and wooden parquet floor

If you want a rustic appeal with a splash of sophistication, terra cotta may be perfect for your door. This color is perfect for warm-based color palettes, and you will be reminded of fiery sunsets on the beaches. 

Terra Cotta can also make a neutral-designed room look more inviting and warm. If you feel that your room needs a slice of sunshine, go for this door color!

Final Thoughts

Bedroom doors are more than just trivial fixtures; they can tell a lot about a person and can mean many things in folklore and tradition. 

Make sure that every fixture in your bedroom reflects your preferences and relaxes your mood!

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