11 Awesome Bedroom Floor Lamps Ideas

Floor lamps are a great way to provide some extra lighting in the bedroom. Whether you are layering lights or brightening a dark corner, floor lamps are available in many design styles and convenient. Because you can move them easily, they are a versatile lighting tool if you ever rearrange your furniture. However, because they stand on the floor, they take up a little more space than a table lamp or an overhead fixture, or wall sconce. 

We've found some great examples of ways to use floor lamps in different bedroom designs. As well as different types of floor lamps that work well for the bedroom. So please keep reading to see these great examples we've gathered for you.

Spacious contemporary bedroom with cream carpeted flooring, white curtains on the bay window section, and floor lamps on each corner, 11 Awesome Bedroom Floor Lamps Ideas

1. Use A Floor Lamp Next To A Bedroom Chair

A curved overhead floor lamp inside a gorgeous living room with a eclectic colored bed with a glass French door on the side

If you have a bedroom large enough to have a small seating area, this is a perfect spot to use a floor lamp. Here a large arc floor lamp is tall enough not to bump your head on but hangs in such a way to put a spotlight on the chair. This is great for reading or anything else where you may need some extra light. At night, when the curtains are closed, this floor lamp will come in extra handy.

Here's a similar lamp with a mid-century feel to help you get the look in the above image. Click here for this lamp on Amazon.

2. A Floor Lamp On One Side, A Table Lamp On The Other

A simple white color inspired living room with white beddings, white floor lamp, and a picture window on the background

If you don't need two nightstands, one option is to put the table on one side and a standing floor lamp on the other. There's undoubtedly space for two nightstands in this room, but other rooms don't have that. If you don't have space, you can always utilize a floor lamp and hang a small floating shelf on the wall to hold books, a phone, a glass of water, or whatever you need bedside.

This lamp is a pretty white-shaded candlestick style lamp. It's simple and elegant and works well in this equally simple interior.

3. Use A Triple Arched Arc Lamp instead of Table Lamps

Maybe you don't want to take up space on your bedside surfaces with lighting. How can you do that yet still have some ambient light as night-time comes in? Consider a large floor lamp with a triple arc. This type of lamp arcs over your bed, and you can choose how many of the three shades you want to turn on. It's modern and fun but super practical. And it simply looks cool in the bedroom.

This triple arc lamp has a marble base. Each arm is slightly adjustable, so you can vary the individual lamp lights' height and reach. Click here for this on Amazon.

4. Tripod Floor Lamps Provide Extra Stability

A retro themed living room with picture frames on the background, a bed with blue beddings, and a tripod design floor lamp

If you're concerned about a bedside floor lamp being too wobbly, consider getting one with a tripod base. These three-pronged (or more) bases create a weighted gravity that keeps the lamp very stable. A lamp like this would be great in a kid's room if you were worried about them being rambunctious and knocking it over. We like the lamp in this photo for its slightly shorter height, making it easier to turn it on and off from the bed.

5. Match Your Floor Lamp To Your Table Lamps

Interior of a luxurious modern bedroom with indoor plants, tripod floor lamps, and flower vase with roses

If you're going to mix up your types of lamps but don't want to mix up their looks, consider getting a table lamp that matches your floor lamp. Then, whether you have them on either side of the bed or put one in a reading area and one on a dresser, you have continuity in your lighting style. The way to find matching styles is to look at collections of lighting. A manufacturer will often have various lamps (floor, table, wall sconces) in a similar or related style.

6. A Floor Lamp Provides Low Light 

Contemporary themed childs room with a gray wall, wooden accent chest, and a golden floor lamp

Sometimes you want low light in the bedroom. If you're checking on an infant and you don't want to turn on the overhead light, a soft floor lamp next to the crib can be a lifesaver. Use low wattage bulbs so that the light doesn't flood the room when you turn on the lamp. This way, you can check on what you need to do what you need to, without the shock of a full overhead light.

This adjustable brass floor lamp allows you to focus the direction of the beam where you need it. Because the flare is small, you won't risk waking up a sleeping child by using it. Click here for this on Amazon.

7. A Hinged Floor Lamp Is Versatile

Interior of a simple minimalist themed living room with a gray wall, white beddings, and a bent floor lamp on the side

If you prefer a floor lamp next to the bed, rather than a table, why not a hinged lamp? These types of floor lamps are flexible in their design. The hinged shaft gives you the option of pulling the light closer or folding it away. The design is super for compact spaces where a full arc lamp may not be practical for you.

8. Let Your Lamp Be Part Of Your Design

Interior of an elegant bedroom with white polka dot beddings, pink side chair, and mock picture frames on the wall

A lamp doesn't have to be boring. If you love design and have a particular color scheme, why not choose a floor lamp that goes with it? Here an enameled floor lamp is finished in the soft pink that the designer has selected as an accent color for this feminine bedroom. It matches the chair it's focused on and is really fun in the space.

This cheery floor lamp comes in blue and orange as well as this bright pink, which makes it a fun choice if you've utilized those colors in your design. Click here for this on Amazon.

9. Use A Floor Lamp To Light A Dark Corner

Rustic interior of a gorgeous living room with a wooden frame bed with white beddings, a floor lamp on the corner, and a small indoor plant on the side

If your bedroom has a dark corner away from the window, a floor lamp is an excellent solution for brightening things up. Because overhead fixtures don't always reach an entire room. And because not all rooms have abundant windows. Sometimes we need extra lighting. In the case of this room, they've chosen to use a sizeable floor lamp in the far corner away from the medium-sized window. This will provide any extra light that's needed in the space.

10. When You Need An Accent, Choose A Floor Lamp

Spacious contemporary bedroom with cream carpeted flooring, white curtains on the bay window section, and floor lamps on each corner, 11 Awesome Bedroom Floor Lamps Ideas

Perhaps you have an empty spot in your bedroom. Maybe it's an odd size or just some small wall space where you know you need something, but you're not sure what. Why not choose an attractive floor lamp? Here a traditional floor lamp in white is set opposite the bed on a small bit of wall that's too small for another piece of furniture. It helps unify the design while providing extra lighting.

This elegant floor lamp with its twisted brass base and stem is a beautiful choice when you want a lamp as an accent piece. Click here for this on Amazon.

11. Use A Floor Lamp Next To Your Dresses

Interior of a simple retro themed living room with a blue beddings, gray furnitures and wall, with a golden floor lamp next to a cabinet

If you need light near your dresser but don't want to take up space on top of it with a table lamp, consider a floor lamp. Here a cute double light brass lamp is used next to the dresser while a matching lamp sits on the bedside table. The gold-tone goes well with the decor of blues and brass in the room.

We Hope This Post Lights The Way To Possibility

With these eleven great uses for floor lamps in your bedroom, you must be excited to try them out. Lighting is so important in making a house both functional and warm, and inviting. Use it to its best advantage in the bedroom.

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