10X10 Bedroom Layouts With A Desk [16 Awesome Ideas!]

Many family homes have 10×10 bedrooms. They’re the perfect size for children, teens, young adults, and even guests. If the layout is done right, they can be a comfortable and cozy place to rest and get some work done at the desk.

Typically, 10×10 bedrooms cannot hold large furniture without the room feeling cramped. You should be creative and strategic with furniture size and its placement.

For example, if you have a queen bed (5×7), then you should only add 1-2 more furniture pieces, such as a small desk (3.5x2x2.5) and a tall dresser or accent table (2.2×1.3×3.5). Of course, you can play with the furniture size and dimensions to achieve the look you’re going for.

Although excessive decorations can clutter the space, you can add several decorations as long as they match the colors and theme of the room. Sometimes even the furniture itself can be decorative.

Young woman cleaning her laptop while working from home, 10X10 Bedroom Layouts With A Desk [16 Awesome Ideas!]

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Before we dive into the various bedroom floorplans and layouts, keep in mind that we have more articles about how to arrange the furniture in a 10X10 bedroom. We’ll add the links for you at the bottom of the articles, so make sure to click through when you get there!

1. Cozy Quarters

If you need a queen bed, this layout is perfect for you. But you have to be creative with the space. A tall, white cabinet with multiple shelves and a built-in desk on the bottom would work great in the limited square footage.

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Simple bedroom with comfortable bed and big window behind curtains and stylish desk to work in white wardrobe

By the way, you could use a foldable chair to close the cabinet when the desk is not in use. It’s cozy and efficient, perfect for someone who doesn’t like clutter.

2. Bright And Comfy

Side view of a bedroom with a white floor

Instead of using a queen bed, you should consider a full bed to make the area appear more spacious. An oversized, pure white, fluffy comforter invokes a sense of coziness and cleanliness.

Additionally, the bed leaves plenty of room for a small, wall-mounted wooden desk on the side. A floating desk also leaves plenty of legroom for taller individuals.

3. Red Chestnut Shelves

Modern bedroom with wood features and many ornaments

A red chestnut wood full bed paired with a matching L-shaped shelf would create a lovely, spacious atmosphere. Plus, the built-in desk can double as a vanity with a mirror.

It’s an excellent choice for those who don’t plan to use the desk for a computer. On the wall, floating shelves and a floating cabinet further maximize the space with extra storage and a place for decorations of muted colors. It’s simple and modern: the ideal guest room.

4. Without A Frame

Pink bedroom interior with chair

Generally, a full bed without a bedframe gives the illusion of a tall ceiling. Additionally, the flowing gray comforter and pink sheet hide the lack of a frame. Although it’s small, the white top desk with golden legs stands out as the room’s focal point.

Two dark green plants and a few candles stand tall on the desk, emphasizing the free space between the bed and the ceiling.

5. Tranquil Retreat

Elegant and spacious bedroom design of modern apartment, overcoat cabinet beside the big bed, with dressing table

Mint green walls and lemon yellow furniture create a sense of tranquility. Although a bookcase may not fit next to a full bed in a 10×10 bedroom, there is plenty of space for a desk and one or two bedside tables.

Traditionally, desks face away from the room. However, if the back of the desk is pretty, like this one, you should face it toward the room’s center. By facing the room, the desk acts as decorative furniture.

6. Student’s Room

University dorm room

Although this may appear cluttered, everything is strategically placed. Decorations line the windows. A fully raised bed offers additional storage space beneath it.

A bedside table and tall armoire hold all the necessities. Also, the light brown desk invites your student to work quietly and peacefully.

7. Beige, White, and Blue

Bedroom with bed and wardrobe, looking to window

Champagne, white, and navy blue harmonize beautifully to create a simple, tasteful guest room. Decent walking space is allowed when the full bed is pushed against the wall.

A tall, beige armoire provides ample room for a guest’s clothes and accessories. A small desk with a chalk-white top rests next to the bed, a quiet place to work in peace.

8. Avid Writer

A desk on the side of the bed

If you’re an avid writer who needs a place to write down your dreams, then a desk over the bed is the solution for you! Generally, a portable desk with wheels allows you to move the desk anywhere in or out of the bedroom.

Furthermore, a wall TV provides additional entertainment. You have space for a tall, narrow dresser in the corner of the room instead of an accent shelf.

9. Polka Dot Fun

Blue carpet in spacious green kid's room interior with computer monitor on desk near bed

Of course, use a twin bed for increased space in a 10×10 child’s room. White, dark green, light blue, and black polka dots come together beautifully to create a fun, spacious atmosphere.

A small, white wooden desk complimented by a dark green wooden chair works great, too. This might be a great choice for you if you love decorations; the room is littered with them!

Also, a soft green plant offers a pretty splash of color. Any colorful plant would look great. 

10. Colors Galore

Kids bedroom in orange and blue colors with two beds and bookcases

Generally, bright and happy colors appeal to young children. Bright orange, red, white, and blue fills the room greatly. Two white twin beds easily fit with two matching white bookshelves.

A simple, navy blue desk is well-fitted between the bookshelves, a perfect place to complete their homework. It’s a patriotic and fun bedroom, and it would work for anyone.

11. A Girl’s Dream

Framed posters on a white wall above a cozy twin bed with pillows and blankets in a hipster teenager bedroom

Who says you can’t have fun with lots of decorations? When the furniture is tasteful and simple, then you can decorate to your heart’s content!

A simple, black iron twin bed looks divine when paired with matching pieces like a black iron accent table, a tall black iron shelf, and a small black iron desk.

Gentle pops of bubble gum pink and seafoam green appeal to any young child. Your child would love this!

12. Salmon Pink

Comfortable bed and desk in modern children room

Sticking with a pink theme, we have this bedroom featuring salmon pink walls, a twin bed, and unique wall decorations. With the bed against the wall, there is ample space for two shag rugs, a small ottoman, and a tall, narrow shelf.

Also, a simple yet pretty white desk completes the look between the bed and the shelf. It’s a peaceful place for doing homework or finishing projects.

13. Mature And Modern

Interior of modern bedroom with white walls, wooden floor, white and wooden bunk bed

For maximum space, you should try installing bunk beds. These solid white, wooden bunk beds sleep two mature children or teens. Yet, they leave plenty of room for a white oak storage staircase, floor-to-ceiling white bookshelf, and white top desk with white oak legs.

Overall, the slight hints of blue in the light turquoise desk chair and sky blue comforter further elevate the style in this room. For added décor, you can place books with brightly colored bindings on the bookshelves.

14. Bonus Bunk

Large wooden framed bunk bed is located in the corner of the room adjacent to a large window overlooking the garden

Of course, a cool place to sleep is high off the ground for a young kid. This solid black bunk is strategically placed over a small chair with an overstuffed cushion and a small desk with an end table. A black ottoman offers additional seating by the window.

Fun colors, such as brick red and navy blue, saturate the room. But the primary pattern is striped: striped cushion, striped pillow, and striped valance curtain.

15. All-In-One Bunk

Interior of a gorgeous modern white bunk bed

For ultimate spaciousness, you can have everything in the same place. An all-white full bunk bed easily fits over a matching desk, bookshelf, and dresser. More space is available if everything is connected.

The bunk ladder acts as the legs for the desk, and the bookshelf is additional support for the bunk bed. Plus, white furniture allows you to add any color you want for decorations!

16. Private Escape

Minimalist studio apartment with loft bunk double bed, swing

Having a private place to unwind is essential for a child turning into a teenager. This room gives them fun and privacy. It has a swing, computer desk, full bunk bed, and a comfy couch hidden under the bunk where they can chat on the phone with friends.

Additionally, the bright, leafy green plants compliment the tangerine orange furniture. Many colors go with green plants; you can choose red, green, blue, yellow, or pink for the furniture.

To Conclude

Overall, you have several different layouts for your 10×10 bedroom with a desk. As long as you have accurate measurements of the room and furniture, you should do great in creating a great space for you, your children, or guests.

Hopefully, this list inspired you to reorganize and redecorate. Have fun being creative with your space!

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