15 Bedroom Mirror Ideas To Inspire You

A mirror can be a handy bedroom accessory. From a functional standpoint, a bedroom mirror can make getting ready much easier, as it allows you to easily assess your outfit. And if a bedroom mirror is situated above a vanity, it can be a critical part of your hair and makeup process. 

And from an aesthetic standpoint, a mirror can both serve as decor in itself while also reflecting the different decorative elements in the bedroom. In addition, a bedroom mirror can help create the illusion that a space is larger than it is.

However, choosing the right mirror can be a challenge. After all, there are so many sizes and styles to choose from. What's more, it can be difficult to decide where to place a mirror in the bedroom. In order to benefit from the functional and aesthetic benefits of a mirror, it has to be placed strategically.

To make this process easier for you, we created a list of 15 bedroom mirror ideas to give you some creative inspiration. Without further ado, let's get into it!

Big mirror in a black and white themed bedroom, 15 Bedroom Mirror Ideas To Inspire You

1. Tall Mirror In The Corner

Consider placing a tall, narrow mirror in the corner of your bedroom for a more subtle aesthetic effect. The frame of the mirror coordinates well with the bedroom's color scheme, and the way the mirror is positioned helps it reflect the natural light flooding into the bedroom.

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Image of elegant bedroom interiors with double bed, side cabinet and mirror on side

The size and placement of this mirror also make it the perfect setup to help you choose your outfit.

2. Massive Mirror Leaning Against The Wall

Bedroom with large wooden mirror

If you're feeling a bit bolder, consider a strong approach to the size and placement of your bedroom mirror. The beautiful wood frame of this mirror accentuates its already massive size, and the light wood tones help render this mirror the focal point of the bedroom. 

And notice how so many of the room's decorative elements are reflected in this mirror, giving the bedroom the illusion that the room is significantly larger than it really is. If you have a room that's on the smaller side, consider placing a large mirror in it. 

3. Subtle Wall Accent

Interior of modern bedroom

This is another example that highlights the visual effectiveness of subtle mirror placement. However, this mirror is still fairly noticeable since it sits in front of the recessed portion of the wall. 

And while functional, keep in mind that this mirror placement and orientation somewhat limits the amount of light and decor the mirror reflects into the space. 

4. Wall Of Mirrors

Luxurious bedroom with mirrored wardrobe, double bed and upholstered wall

Why not opt for an entire wall of mirrors in the bedroom? If you're particularly proud of the aesthetic or theme in your bedroom, this approach allows you to really show it off in all its glory. We've established that mirrors can make a room look bigger, and this space is no exception.

And though slightly less noticeable, there are tall narrow mirrors that flank the bed as well. This approach adds even more reflective dimension to the room, ensuring that every part of the room is visible regardless of where one is standing.

5. Dainty Mirror Above The Dresser

Modern beach house bedroom with teal walls

If you want a bedroom mirror that's simply a soft visual accent, consider this look. The light frame around the mirror perfectly matches the bedroom's aesthetic, and the mirror's reflective property helps distribute a bit more natural light into the space. 

Though slightly less functional than larger mirrors, this choice will still make getting ready a bit easier.

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6. Small Vanity Mirror With A Unique Design

Digitally generated warm and cozy pink themed girl's bedroom interior design

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The emphasis of this mirror is on the frame and its visual effect. Given this mirror's smaller size, it doesn't do much in terms of creating an illusion of more space, but the yellow sunburst-style frame makes a bold decorative statement.

What's more, the placement of this vanity mirror makes it perfect for hair and makeup.

7. Small, Round Backlit Vanity Mirror

Digitally generated luxurious domestic bedroom interior (night scene)

The scene was rendered with photorealistic shaders and lighting in Autodesk® 3ds Max 2016 with V-Ray 3.6 with some post-production added.

Having a backlit mirror above your bedroom vanity will be a huge advantage when it's time to do your hair and makeup.

And when you're done, simply turn the light off to give the mirror a simple, unassuming look. Or, for a luxurious nighttime look, leave the backlight on for an incredible visual effect.

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8. Rectangular Mirror Above The Bed

Contemporary decor in black and white themed show home bedroom interior

This mirror is the perfect decorative accent in this minimalist bedroom. The dark wood frame goes well with darker accent pieces around the room. And since this mirror sits perpendicular to the window, it's sure to reflect plenty of natural light into the space. 

What's more, the size, shape, and position of the mirror directly over the bed help create visual symmetry. If you want a crisp aesthetic in your bedroom, consider taking this approach. 

9. Subtle Full-Length Mirror

Beautiful bedroom in new luxury home

Who says a full-length mirror has to be the focal point of a room? In this example, the full-length mirror sits off to the side of the room and doesn't command a ton of attention. However, it still makes the room look larger than it is, and it helps distribute the abundance of natural light throughout the bedroom.

This homeowner has placed a stool in front of the bottom of the mirror to add some dimension and break up the mirror's footprint.

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10. Matching Rectangular Mirrors

Modern looking master bedroom

This bedroom features two matching rectangular mirrors that flank the bed. The mirrors are broken up into several panels which helps add dimension to the mirrors themselves while amplifying the effect of the reflected light. The mirrors contribute to the perfect symmetry of the bedroom setup.

The color of the mirror frames also complements the bedroom's general color scheme.

11. Antique Corner Mirror

Hardwood flooring and bench at the foot of the bed

This antique-looking mirror has a lot of personality, making it the visual focal point of the bedroom. It sits in the perfect part of the bedroom for reflecting light, and its size makes it functional as well. Consider a mirror with antique undertones if you want to really make a visual statement. 

12. Small Sunburst Mirror Over The Bed

Pink and gold bedroom interior with sun shaped mirror above bed with pillows and blanket

For a simple and fun approach, consider placing a small sunburst-style mirror on the wall over the bed. The mirror will help reflect light, and the frame will add a bit of creative flair to the bedroom. Place a few other yellowish-gold decorative pieces around the room to create visual harmony.

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13. Small Half Mirror On The Wall

Modern farmhouse style bedroom with white walls deep yellow simple decor with made bed basket light fixtures

Consider this type and placement of mirror for a minimalist approach that's still practical. The shape of the mirror is fun and unique, and the placement of the mirror helps it reflect the light from the hanging light fixtures.

14. Hexagonal Mirror Above The Dresser

Pampas grass in vase on the dresser

Most decorative mirrors are round, rectangular, or square, so a hexagonal mirror is sure to draw some attention—in a good way! The hexagonal mirror has some inherent geometric interest, and its wooden frame ties in well with the surrounding decor. 

If you're going for a slightly bolder approach, consider a mirror of an unconventional shape.

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15. Rectangular Mirror With Large Frame Over The Bed

A stylish loft bedroom interior with brown coloured rattan furniture and wooden elements with dark green coloured wall

The emphasis of this mirror is mostly on the frame rather than the reflective surface itself. The wide wooden portion of the frame commands a lot of attention, and its color and style work perfectly with the bedroom's nature theme.

Since the walls and overall style of the room is dark, including a mirror helps subtly brighten the space.

In Closing

We hope this guide has given you the inspiration you need to incorporate a gorgeous mirror into your bedroom. With the right mirror style and placement, you're sure to elevate the aesthetic of your space.

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