21 Bedroom Must-Haves [The Complete Guide!]

Your bedroom is your recharging station. It's where you sleep, relax, and prepare for the day. It should be a comfortable and convenient place. However, there is such a wide variety of bedroom items to choose from, and it can be overwhelming to choose the best ones.

That's why we've put together this list to help you know which products you should consider. This guide will help you choose the best items to help you organize and store your bedroom things. It will also help you establish the aesthetic and comfortable feeling you want in your bedroom. 

Keep reading for all the best products for organization, comfort, aesthetics, and storage. And, we'll also cover some common questions when it comes to adding furniture into the bedroom.

Warm and cozy Scandinavian style bedroom interior with fireplace and framed artwork on wall, 21 Bedroom Must-Haves [The Complete Guide!]

21 Bedroom Must-Haves

1. Area Rug

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Bedroom interior with wooden furniture, carpet rug on floor and mirror on the side of the table

Does your bedroom have hardwood floors? Or, are you looking for an affordable way to change the way your carpet looks? Lay down an area rug. This piece will completely change the way your room feels for a relatively low cost. You'll love the way this rug feels on your feet when you get out of bed in the morning!

Click here to view this rug on Amazon.

2. Bedside shelf

There are several things you want to have within your convenient reach while you're in bed: your phone, an alarm clock, tissues, a bottle of water. This table attaches to your bed frame. It's perfect for a bedroom that's short on space with its small footprint.

Click here to view this shelf on Amazon.

3. Curtains

Warm and cozy Scandinavian style bedroom interior with fireplace and framed artwork on wall

Curtains serve three main purposes: keep light out, give you privacy, and help you achieve your desired style. If you have windows in your bedroom, you should consider a stylish set of drapes like the ones below.

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Do you need complete darkness to sleep? Then you'd benefit from a set of blackout curtains.

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4. Storage Bench

A modern interior design bedroom with floor lamp, wall shelves above bed, bedside table and carpet rug on wooden floor

Utilize your space efficiently by using a combination bench and storage trunk. You can place it at the foot of your bed and store your clothes inside. Plus, you can use it as a seat to get ready in the morning!

Click here to view this storage bench on Amazon.

5. Full-Length Mirror

Bed with wooden headboard in Scandinavian white eco chic design bedroom

Everyone wants to look good when you leave the house! Make sure you're ready for the day with a full-length mirror in your bedroom. An added benefit is that mirrors help rooms feel bigger since they reflect light.

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Click here to view this mirror on Amazon.

6. Gel pillows

It's hard to overemphasize the benefit of a quality pillow for a good night's sleep. A good pillow gently supports your head and neck. Gel pillows accomplish these goals, but also keep you cool during the night. 

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7. Comfortable sheets

Cozy teen bedroom with study table and wall decor

Along with your comfortable pillow, you'll want some luxurious sheets. These sheets have a thread count of 500, widely considered to be the ideal amount. 

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8. Floating Shelves

A major trend right now is floating shelves. Basically, these shelves hang on the wall but appear to be simply floating in midair. They take up less space and allow you to display decorations, books, or photographs. 

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9. Potted plants

Patterned pouf and basket in bright bedroom interior with lamps, plants and poster next to bed

Now that you've got your floating shelves, you should consider using them to display potted plants. Plants and greenery can freshen up a bedroom. If you don't have a green thumb or want to avoid the responsibility of caring for a plant, you can buy fake potted plants.

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10. White noise machine

A white noise machine plays a soft, gentle noise during the night to help you sleep. The machine drowns out or disguises the noise from your surroundings. This is particularly helpful if you live with other people or want to eliminate street noise. 

Click here to view this machine on Amazon.

11. String lights

Cozy modern bedroom with Christmas decoration and hardwood floor

String lights provide a gentle ambiance. Though you might not use them as the main source of light in your bedroom, you should consider them as a relaxing element. Most string lights are also very versatile: you can drape them from the ceiling, wrap them around your bed frame, or dangle them against the wall like in this picture.

Click here to view these lights on Amazon.

12. Cube shelves

These shelving units are versatile, able to be used as drawers or shelves. Move the storage compartments to any of the spaces and use the rest as a shelf. Or, purchase additional cubes to use as drawers. It's up to you!

Click here to view this shelf on Amazon.

13. Bluetooth Speaker

Music can be a great way to relax your mind at night or to wake yourself up in the morning. Or, listen to your favorite radio station in the morning. Keeping a Bluetooth speaker in your room can make listening to audio incredibly convenient. This speaker is loud and connects easily to your phone or tablet.

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14. Closet organizer

Wardrobe of a young girl with dresses on hangers

Don't have a closet? Or, do you want a way to make sure your closet stays as orderly as possible? Check out this organizer that gives you a place to hang clothes, store shoes, and lay suitcases.

Click here to view this organizer on Amazon.

15. Shoe rack

Use this discreet rack to keep your shoes organized inside your closet. This two-tier rack gives you three layers to put your shoes on. 

Click here to view this rack on Amazon.

16. Dimmable lamp

You need different levels of light for different purposes in your bedroom. This lamp has six levels of brightness and has a touch sensor to let you customize the amount of light. Plus, it has a timer, USB port, and six colors of light.

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17. Charger organizer

In the 21st century, most of us have multiple chargers and electronic cords. Without a way to organize them, these wires can get tangled and be unsightly. Clear up that clutter with this organizer.

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18. Candle warmer

Let the delightful scents of candles waft through your bedroom. With a candle warmer, you can do this safely since there's no flame necessary. This warmer has an automatic shut-off option so it won't burn all day. 

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19. Light-based alarm

Wake up light alarm clock with sleeping person on the bed

Did you know our bodies have rhythms based on natural light? These alarm clocks utilize that and help you keep to your body's natural rhythms. This one simulates the sunrise and has seven color options.

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20. Latex mattress

Latex mattresses are the newest player in the mattress game, and they're making a name for themselves. Though often more expensive than other materials, these mattresses are comfortable and cool. Unlike memory foam mattresses, latex is more durable and won't become dented as quickly.

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21. Laundry basket or hamper

Light brown wicker laundry basket beside a wooden dresser in a bedroom

Laundry is one of the most mundane household chores. However, you can make it easier on yourself by organizing your laundry as you put it in the hamper! This divided bin comes with a lid and removable bags to make your experience convenient.

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Where should you put your laundry basket according to Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is the philosophy of arranging objects in a living space in a way that connects you to the natural world. In regards to your laundry basket, this philosophy would suggest that you keep your laundry basket out of your sleeping area. Try putting it inside your closet, just outside the bedroom door, in the laundry room, or in the bathroom.

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What furniture do you need in a bedroom?

Your bedroom is your personal space to do with whatever you'd like -- there's so much freedom to have as many or as few items as you'd like. In reality, however, there are only a few pieces of furniture you need to complete your bedroom.


Of course, the bed is the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom. A bed, which includes a mattress and frame, sits up off the ground so that you can get in and out of it easily. There are several formats of bed frames that you can choose from to help your room feel the way you'd like it.


A nightstand is a tabletop that sits near the head of your bed. Many nightstands have drawers or shelves for storage. Many people put a lamp, alarm clock, and other items on top. This keeps you from having to store your things on the ground.

Check out this post for more information on nightstands: What Do You Put In Nightstands?


A dresser is a set of drawers that most often holds folded clothes and other things. Additionally, many people store personal items on top of the dresser. It's an important part of any bedroom since it's where most people get ready for the day.

Want more information on the different types of dressers? Check out this article: How Big Is A Typical Dresser?

Should you have a chair in your bedroom?

Having a chair in your bedroom is a matter of personal preference. It depends on how you use your bedroom and how much space there is, among other things. 


Putting a chair in your bedroom gives you a place to sit down. This is helpful for putting on your shoes and socks and getting ready for the day. But it also might be helpful if you use your bedroom as a place to sit and relax. A comfortable armchair like the one below gives you a great place to do that.

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In addition to the functional uses of putting a chair in your bedroom, there are decor advantages you might appreciate. Another piece of furniture gives you another opportunity to express yourself. Or, it can help you fill in an empty space if you need something to complete the scheme.


The biggest disadvantage of having a chair in your bedroom is that it takes up space that you might not be able to spare. If your bedroom is small, a chair is one of the items you can go without. 

Chair alternatives for your bedroom

If your bedroom style scheme is more relaxed, consider using an alternate form of seating. Items like a beanbag chair or pouf can give your bedroom a unique feeling. They take up less space and are more affordable than other types of seating.

Click here to view this pouf on Amazon.

In Closing

Your bedroom is your space to do whatever you'd like! These recommendations will help you stay organized, stylish, and comfortable. We hope that when you're finished decorating your bedroom, you're happy with the results!

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