15 Bedroom Recessed Lighting Ideas To Check Out

Figuring out how to work with recessed lighting can be difficult sometimes. For example, do you want your bedroom to have an ambient vibe, or is white, bright lighting more your speed? 

There are tons of good ideas for recessed bedroom lighting. Whether you want your room super bright or on the dimmer side, recessed lighting can give you the best of both worlds. We suggest a dimmable or color-changing bulb so you can have lighting for every mood or occasion.

We will share our top 15 recessed bedroom lighting ideas and tag some related products as we dive into this topic. Regardless of your style or budget, there is an idea that will work for your bedroom. With that said, let's start this post!

Young man bedroom with light brown accent and recessed lighting. 15 Bedroom Recessed Lighting Ideas To Check Out

1. Above Bed Trio

First up, we have this intimate-looking recessed lighting idea that looks super cozy. This bedroom went with an above bed recessed lighting trio, which we love, and has a warm white light. If you want to make your lighting have a more dim look, try a warm white bulb or dimmable light switch to get the same effect.

Illuminated neat bedroom at home with Above Bed Trio recessed lighting

Kasa Smart Dimmer Switch

Here is a light dimming switch from Kasa Smart Store to add to your bedroom. This light switch needs a neutral wire, operates at 110 volts, and works with Alexa and Google Home to turn on, off, and dim your lights.

Check out this switch on Amazon here.

2. High Ceiling Spotlights

Modern Luxury Bedroom With Ocean View

Second, we have a modern and bright recessed lighting idea that turned out amazing. For those with high bedroom ceilings, sticking with a brighter light is a good idea, as well as a lamp or two. We love how this space went with a contemporary design but made sure to include plenty of lighting.

3. Modern Bright Suite

luxury modern bedroom suite tv with wardrobe and walk in closet

Coming in next, we have this bright and modern bedroom suite that looks welcoming. When it comes to modern bedroom design, recessed lighting tends to work well in any space and adds just the right amount of brightness to a room. Regardless of what type of natural light your bedroom has, adding in a few bright spotlights is a good idea.

4. Multi-Level Lighting

Luxury designed bedroom interior with Multi-Level Lighting

Next up, we have this gorgeous and ambient recessed bedroom lighting concept. This space went with recessed spotlights and ambient backlighting, which looks stunning in this room. If you want to give your bedroom a five-star hotel feel, try something similar to this at home.

Luxrite Dimmable LED Cool White Light Bulbs

Here is a four-pack of dimmable LED cool white light bulbs from Luxrite for your bedroom. These bulbs are 75-watt equivalent, easy to install, and lasts over 25,000 hours.

Follow this link to see these on Amazon.

5. Sleek Grey And White Design

modern bedroom with Sleek Grey And White Design

Coming in fifth, we have a sleek modern bedroom idea with recessed lighting. Although grey can have a dull look, this room perfectly incorporated bright light and color variety. We love the above bed and TV spotlights here and suggest trying something similar in your own space.

6. Dramatic Spotlight

Luxury designed bedroom interior with Dramatic Spotlight

Next up, we have this modern and dramatic spotlit bedroom lighting idea that looks picture perfect. Depending on your ceiling height, you might have to go up or down brightness-wise, but this is a perfect idea for darker spaces. Although spotlights right above your face might be too much for some, we think a dimmable option is a good idea.

Great Eagle 100W Equivalent Bright White Light Bulb

Here is a bright white dimmable bulb from Great Eagle to add some drama to your bedroom. This six-pack of light bulbs is shatter-resistant and 1500 lumen bright.

View this six-pack of bulbs on Amazon here.

7. Hints Of The East

Chinese style designed bedroom interior with Hints Of The East

Another recessed lighting idea we love is this Asian-inspired bedroom that is gorgeous. If you are after a moody, luxurious look, try using super small recessed lights throughout your room as well as backlights. We especially want to note how the tiny spotlights around the room still provide plenty of light while also being less noticeable.

8. Simple Ambient Lighting

modern looking master bedroom with Simple Ambient Lighting

Coming in eighth, we have this super clean and bright bedroom lighting idea that looks great. If you want to keep your recessed lighting more subtle, try to space it out as this room did. Although this room is on the more simple side, we like how the recessed lighting works as part of the room's overall design.

9. Following The Architecture

15 Bedroom Recessed Lighting Ideas To Check Out

Next, we have this multi-level recessed lighting idea that looks great here. Even though this bedroom does have a multi-level ceiling, we appreciate how their lighting subtly follows the design without becoming distracting. If your bedroom has a similar ceiling design, try to install your lights as this room did and follow the current architecture.

10. The More The Merrier

bedroom concept that has plenty of lighting both ambient and recessed lighting, light brown color concept

Another recessed lighting idea we love is this bedroom concept that has plenty of lighting. If your space is on the bigger side, we suggest following a similar look to this room. Although more than a few spotlights can be intimidating, their smaller size helps them blend into the ceiling and not feel industrial.

11. High Coffered Ceiling Option

Master bedroom with high coffered ceiling and wainscoting wall

For those reading with high coffered ceilings, this one is for you. Although recessed lighting is pretty standard for this ceiling type, we love how this room went with the above bed trio and accent lighting. A common theme among some of these rooms is the overhead bed lighting, which we can't say we're mad about.

12. Surrounding Your Fixture

Coming in at 12, we have this well-planned recessed lighting idea that looks great. For anyone with a center light fixture in their room, try adding your recessed lighting around it, similar to this bedroom. We also want to note how the extra lighting around the fixture makes this room feel even more bright and welcoming.

13. Warm And White Light

Here we have another recessed lighting idea for the bedroom that mixes warm and white lighting. Although we usually do not recommend this, we think it looks gorgeous here. If you want to try something similar at home, we suggest keeping your recessed lighting white and your fixture warmer or vice versa.

DEWENWILS 4-Pack Dimmable LED Soft Warm Light

Here is a four-pack of dimmable warm white lights from DEWENWILS to add to your bedroom. These light bulbs are 60-watt equivalent, 800 lumens, and last over 15,000 hours.

View these light bulbs on Amazon here.

14. V Shape Pattern

Coming in at 14, we have this simple and patterned recessed lighting idea. When it comes to aligning your spotlights, we say go for it because it will give your space an organized feel. We especially like how the design has a V-shaped pattern, which catches the eye.

15. Either Side Of The Bed

Switching gears to a more minimalistic lighting approach, we have this idea here. If you want to have a subtle recessed lighting design, we think that one on either side of your bed is sufficient. We love how this room went with art under each light, creating a gallery-like feel.

The Wrap Up

Whether you love recessed lighting or came here a skeptic, there are many design ideas out there. Recessed lighting is not only for high ceilings but lower and even multi-level designs too. Although your bedroom is an intimate and private space, you need adequate lighting. Whether you have a modern room or something more eclectic, dimmable lighting is a good compromise for anyone not in love with bright white light. Regardless of your room's size, design, or ceilings, you've got plenty of recessed lighting ideas to choose from.

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