11 Bedroom Rug Placement Ideas To Inspire You

Bedroom rugs have lots of different purposes. There is the practical: in a room with hard floors, it is nice to have something soft to absorb sound and anchor the furniture. The design adds warmth, texture, or color to create a more interesting and cohesive feel.

Combining practical and design factors will make a perfect combination for adding a rug to your bedroom; however, there are so many different rugs and styles, sometimes it is overwhelming to try and decide where you should place your bedroom rug. Here we have made it easier for you to decide, with 11 bedroom rug placement ideas to help get your creative juices flowing.

White rug and lamp on stool next to bed in simple bedroom with white wall. 11 Bedroom Rug Placement Ideas To Inspire You

1. Feminine and Romantic

This bedroom is both feminine and romantic. The design incorporates two rugs to accent the room. The light mauve area rug accessorizes the pink design touches. This bedroom is large enough for a second rug placed strategically under the window and almost blends in with the white floor. 

bedroom with feminine and romantic setting, pink and white rug, linen, curtains

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2. Neutral Gray

neutral Grey bedroom with simple painting, gray rug on the floor

This room sticks to a neutral pallet. The gray colors are warmed with touches of wood, but in contrast, the rugs stick to the neutral grays and whites. The layered concept of two different shaped rugs keeps the room interesting.

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3. Simply Scandinavian 

Using Scandinavian simplicity as a theme, the designer has utilized the natural fibers of a jute rug to add color and texture to this room. The off-centered placement of the rug consequently forces the eye around the whole room to take in the different textures, even though the design has minimal color. 

4. Boho Chic

This room pulls together lots of different design components for a collective Bohemian ambiance. The rugs utilize the various textures and colors that are present throughout the room. Layering is a common design technique used to add interest and warmth. Here the designer placed a large soft cream rug as the base under a more textured jute-type rug with fringe. The cohesive feel is warm and inviting.

Wooden lampshade in bedroom, boho chic concept bedroom in light airy feels

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5. Vintage Modern

luxurious and elegant bedroom in vintage modern design with dark gray and brown accents

The vintage vibe on this modern bedroom keeps things clean and practical. The rug placement under the bed makes the bed the focal point of the room. Even with a large portion of the rug under the bed, the rug is large enough to anchor the room.

6. Pretty Pastel 

Modern golden frame coffee table with an elegant glass vase and a comfortable green armchair in a white studio interior with a large bed

A rug can be used to separate different areas of a bedroom. As an example, the rug in this bedroom seating area makes it feel like its own space. In addition, rugs do not have to match perfectly, just accent a design. For instance, the pastel color pallet of the room is complemented with this beautiful taupe and white piece, even though it is not an exact match to anything in the room.

7. Large Room

warm and cozy pink themed girl's bedroom interior design, with messy bed and lots of props.

In a large room, a rug will help to fill the empty space without cluttering the room. Likewise, if the rug were not used in this bedroom, the room would feel hollow; instead, the rug adds interest and warmth without making the room too busy or full.

8. Baby's Room

Children room interior decorated with stuffed animal toys, and colorful pillows that come in various shapes

A baby's room feels complete with this center rug to help pull the whole room together. The items in a baby's room are often small, and the room can feel a little off-balance, but a rug makes this room cozy and sweet. Certainly, boy or girl, a white rug is a nice choice in a baby's room.

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9. Keeping with the Lines

warm and cozy Scandinavian style bedroom interior with striped bedroom rug

This room is very warm yet has a bit of an industrial feel due to the colors, fireplace, and lights. The designer used a textured rug with lines that bring attention to the wood flooring. Placing the rug with its lines in the same direction as the floor makes the eye bounce around the room; this ultimately brings attention to even the smallest detail of the design.

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10. As a Piece of Art

White bike standing on wooden bedhead between map posters in monochromatic bedroom interior for a teenager

This quirky bedroom uses the rug to keep things exciting. A rug has practical use purposes but can also be used to add interest. For instance, here, the designer used the rug almost as a piece of art, and as a result, the eye is automatically drawn to the busy black and white pattern on the floor. Even with a lot going on, this rug complements instead of clashing.

11. Soft Texture

Handmade drawings in frames hanging on the wall in white bedroom with potted plants and wooden decorative ladder

Sometimes a rug just makes a room feel cozy. For example, this bedroom adds a fluffy white and gray rug that makes you want to put your feet on it! The choice of texture is a nice accompaniment to the layered pillows and soft sheepskin rug thoughtfully laid over the bench at the foot of the bed.


In conclusion, rugs are a great way to add interest and pop to any bedroom. You can place them anywhere in the room, and rugs help make a bedroom design feel complete. As a result, no matter the design or the style, there is a rug out there for your bedroom! Add them for warmth, texture, sound absorption, color, or art. Most importantly, choose a rug that you like and place it where it works for your design.

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