27 Awesome Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

Decorating your bedroom is a very personal and fun project to take on, whatever your age or style. Using wallpaper to spruce things up can add vibrance and texture to your bedroom walls and make quite the statement. This brings us to our question of which wallpaper ideas are indeed the best? We have done our research on this topic and will show you our top 27 bedroom wallpaper ideas below.

Choosing the perfect wallpaper can be impossible and feel endless if you don’t do a little pre-design planning. We suggest going with a pattern or color that fits your personality and space best and can be accessorized with furniture and decor. Stripes and floral prints are a top pick for home wallpaper designs and might even make their way into your very bedroom. It will come down to what colors and patterns look best in your bedroom space.

rolls of wallpaper in a shop display. 27 Awesome Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

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As we dive into this post, we will be discussing our top bedroom wallpaper finds and show you exactly how to use them. There is no wrong way to decorate your space, but undoubtedly stylish and awesome ideas will get you in the creative spirit. Let’s get into this list!

1. Two-Tone Neutral Pattern

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Beautiful bedroom with decorative wallpaper and sheer curtains

First, we have a neutral wallpaper pattern used in this bedroom space that looks elegant and chic. The two-tone neutral shapes go very well with the soft bedding and chandelier used in this bedroom and make it feel upscale and ready to sleep in. 

2. Small Polka Dots 

teenage bedroom with Small Polka Dots wallpaper

Next, we have a great children’s bedroom wallpaper idea that is simple and adds a little pattern to this space’s design. Polkadot patterns are fun and easy to pair with bedding and decor, making them a great pick for your child’s bedroom.

RoomMates Gold Dot Wallpaper

Here is a polka dot wallpaper we found from the RoomMates shop that will brighten up your bedroom walls. This wallpaper comes with 13 peel-and-stick pieces, all varying in dimension that can be cut to shape with your exact wall.

View this wallpaper bundle on Amazon here.

3. Industrial 

Modern bedroom interior, with bed, night tables, lamps, and many details around. Many books and decoration, wall is rich in texture

Third, we have this industrial-looking wallpaper that feels modern and minimalistic in the bedroom space. Almost having a concrete design, this wallpaper adds a little texture and flair to a room without taking away from the decor or bedding you may already own.

4. Tropical Oasis

Comfortable pale pink upholstered chair in a cozy bedroom interior with double bed and green and leaves decorations

Another bedroom wallpaper design idea would be a more tropical and green choice that will make your bedroom feel like paradise. Palms are trendy and will make your room feel up to speed and add some green without the need for water and soil. 

NuWallpaper Maui Peel And Stick Tropical Wallpaper

Here is a tropical palm wallpaper that will make you feel like you’re in Hawaii and can be applied to your wall like a sticker. This comes in two colors and measures at around 30.75 square feet, so make sure to measure your walls before purchasing.

View this wallpaper on Amazon here.

5. Detailed Floral Pattern

patterned wallpaper in retro interior. detailed floral pattern

Here is another bedroom wallpaper idea that is upscale and floral-inspired that will look great in your space. This design has a very classic and fancy look and should best be paired with simple bedding and elegant furniture/decor.

6. Barnyard Blue 

cozy blue themed Scandinavian bedroom interior design. barnyard blue wallpaper

Following a more rustic theme, we have this blue barnyard wallpaper that is great for a guest suite or kid’s room. Choosing a bright and cheerful wallpaper is an easy way to add color and cheeriness to a bedroom without renovating it completely. 

7. Forest Outline

Feminine bedroom interior with forest inspired decorations and geometric bedding

For all our adventurers, we have this nature scene wallpaper that feels rustic and crafty. The tree outlines make this wallpaper look elegant and can be decorated with forest-inspired bedding and decor. 

8. Hexagon Design

loft bedroom with Hexagon Design wallpaper

Next up, we have this hexagon-shaped blue wallpaper that adds dimension and color to a bedroom wall. This specific wallpaper style will be paired best with a similar patterned bed sheet or something on the plainer side.

Arthouse Navy Metallic Hexagon Textured Wallpaper

Here is a geometric wallpaper that will add some dimension to your walls from the Arthouse company. This wallpaper is textured and has a gold-accented border that will make it stand out in your bedroom.

Click this link to see this wallpaper on Amazon.

9. Soft Blush

Modern bedroom interior, with bed, night tables, lamps, and many details around. soft blush wallpaper

Here we have a simple and blush tone wallpaper example that will go well with just about any decor you may have in your bedroom. Choosing to go with plain wallpaper is an excellent idea for owners or renters who are not 100 percent sure about painting their bedroom walls.

10. Water Color Inspired

Modern bedroom interior, with bed, night tables, lamps. watercolor inspired wallpaper

Number ten on the list is an artistic approach to wallpaper that uses a watercolor technique. Here you can see how the window panels have green accents that perfectly go with this room’s theme.

11. Simple Stripes

interior of a luxury bedroom with simple stripes wallpaper

Another easy to work with wallpaper idea is a plain stripe design using soft colors. This room has a hotel room suite vibe that may be great for a guest room or second home bedroom design.

12. Fit For A Royal

Luxury bedroom with golden furniture in royal interior. fit for royal wallpaper

Our next bedroom wallpaper design is on the higher end and feels like a bedroom in the royal palace. Gold accented wallpaper is a great and easy way to get your bedroom walls looking ready for royalty and anyone with expensive taste.

LIFAVOVY Gold Floral Peel And Stick Wallpaper 

Here is a gold-accented peel and stick wallpaper from the LIFAVOVY brand. This wallpaper has an opulent design fit for a DIY king or queen.

Click this link to check it out on Amazon.

13. Denim

Interior of a comfortable bedroom with a grey throw. Denim wallpaper behind the header of the bed.

Another bedroom wallpaper idea to consider is a textured jean design like the one we are showing here. Blue jeans are a classic and stylish material that gives off a rustic glam look and will pair well with greys and leather accented pieces in your bedroom space. Earth tones are also an excellent fit for this bedroom style, which opens up a ton of design ideas.

14. Counting Sheep

Patterned pouf near black bed with white bedsheets in teenager's bedroom with sheep stickers on the wall

Next, we have a patterned sheep wallpaper that is great for children and has a very personalized look. This is a cute and quirky bedroom wallpaper option for all the people who count sheep to get to bed and love animals. 

15. Striped Panel

Modern vintage bedroom with black and white striped panel wallpaper. There is a white wood floor,white brick wall and finished with white furniture

For those looking for minimal wallpaper, this is a striped panel design that adds a classy finishing touch to your bedroom space. This room did a great job of sticking with a panel theme with the matching bedding and accent chair. Less is more here.

16. Cityscape

Dutch city of Dordagree wallpaper in pastel pink and yellow, with cute little houses drawn on it. The background wall is white and the floor has light wood texture

Following an urban theme, we have this hand-drawn-looking wallpaper that will be great for a child’s room. This gives off a very artistic and abstract theme but might encourage your little ones to draw a building or object for themselves. 

17. Pretty In Pink

contemporary bedroom with floral pattern wallpaper and curtains with classic style furniture. pretty in pink

Coming in next, we have this dainty and detailed pink flower wallpaper that looks like it could be a painting. Choosing to match your curtains to your wallpaper is a nice touch and will end up making your room look super high-end and personalized. 

18. Mountain Scene 

Illuminated mountains lover open space bedroom interior with a wooden cabinet and a gray cozy bed a landscape wallpaper

Switching things up a bit, we have this simple mountain wallpaper idea that adds just the right amount of detail and color to your space. The mountain scene is both stunning and very compatible with other colors and patterns, making it an excellent bedroom wallpaper.

19. 70’s Throwbackbeautiful vintage bedroom interior. wooden walls concept

Our next bedroom wallpaper idea is for all of you wanting to take a trip back in time to the ’70s. This retro theme wallpaper is super fun and will have all your guests forgetting what year it is.

20. In The Clouds

A beautiful minimalist bedroom with white bedding and wooden bedframe and round end table

For those of us continually daydreaming, here is a cloud-inspired bedroom wallpaper idea we just love. The painted cloud feels very dreamy and has a great mood for a bedroom environment. 

21. Boho Brick

Interior of a studio apartment with New York City wallpaper and a brick wall on the other side.

Want to turn your bedroom into the New York City studio apartment you’ve always wanted? This is the wallpaper for you. This is a brick design wallpaper that is the perfect mix of big-city grunge and boho chicness. 

Coohoo Home White Brick Peel And Stick Wallpaper

Here is a brick-inspired peel and stick wallpaper for anyone wanting an urban feel in their bedroom. This wallpaper comes in multiple sizes and promises a 3D effect once installed on your wall.

View this wallpaper here on Amazon.

22. Little Star

Kids room interior, with bed, lots of decoration, pillows, toys. Pastel colors. Daylight scene

Here is another great nursery or children’s bedroom wallpaper idea that is cute and simple. The little stars are great for either gender and can be paired with just about any color or pattern, which is a bonus when working with little one’s.

23. Vines, Vines, And More Vines!

A vintageinspired bedroom with an ornate blue and white patterned wallpaper, featuring intricate leaves in shades of navy and grey

Next on the list is this intricate vine wallpaper that will add a ton of color and variety to your bedroom space. Vines are very in right now and will look great in both modern and eclectic rooms.

24. Across The Globe

A modern bed with a Globe-themed wallpaper. Brick wall and matching brown and white beddings

Here we have a globe-themed wallpaper idea for anyone who has an itch for travel and study. This is an excellent fit for the adventurous designer who wants a world view from their bed.

25. Into The Dunes

A cute and simple pink orange pastel wall mural with a ladder leaning against the wall, there is a small plant on top of it, in front of the bed, a wooden floor is visible under the footboard, and there's an empty frame hanging above the head board

Coming in next, we have this desert dune-inspired wallpaper that has a warm color palette. This is great for a creatives room and has bohemian minimalist energy to it that we can appreciate. Try finding a plant or green decoration to add to a room with this style of wallpaper. 

26. Asian Inspired

Bedroom with a wallpaper featuring classic birds, cherry blossom art, and clouds in a light blue paint manner

Another great worldly bedroom wallpaper idea is one with an Asian-painted theme. This is a stunning design that features classic birds and cherry blossoms and will compliment your space quite well. The bedding and furniture in this room are on the simpler side, which we recommend with wallpaper this intricate.

27. Modern Marble

A bedroom with white beddings and a small drawer nightstand on the side

Last but certainly not least, we have this modern marble wallpaper idea that will go great in a glam or contemporary bedroom. Marble is an upscale option for countertops, floors, and now you can find it in a wallpaper that can be applied to your bedroom walls in less than a day! This design is on the softer side and can also be found in vibrant colors if you prefer something bright.

Practical W’s Pink Marble Peel And Stick Wallpaper

Here is a pink marble wallpaper we found from the Practical W’s company that adds the perfect amount of elegance and color to your bedroom walls. This peel-and-stick wallpaper measures 17.7 inches by 78.7 inches and can be cut to fit your wall’s exact dimensions.

Follow this link to view it on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to spruce up your bedroom walls with the mountains of Colorado or the palms of Hawaii, you’ve got plenty of wallpaper options. The cool thing about wallpaper is that you can change it whenever you want with whatever design or color you can dream up.

We recommend finding a stick and peel option to avoid making a mess of your walls and having to wait forever for your wallpaper to dry. Finding the perfect wallpaper design to match your furniture and decor can be difficult, so we suggest opting for simple paper and intricate bedding or vice versa. Remember to have fun choosing your new wallpaper, and make sure to measure your walls before making a purchase!

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