11 Bedroom Window Decor Ideas [With Pictures]

Is it time to address the window treatments in your bedroom? We’ve found great inspiration for window treatment styles and other design ideas to dress up your bedroom windows. Whether you want to keep your windows blank or find the perfect something to sit on your window sill, we have ideas here.

Bedroom with brick wall and large window with standing plant, 11 Bedroom Window Decor Ideas [With Pictures]

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1. Keep It Simple With Pull Down Shades To Match Your Wall Color

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A cute pink theme bedroom designed for a little girl with bright windows and pots of plants

A simple pull-down shade is a clean-lined and straightforward solution for your bedroom windows. Without the bulk of curtains, your bedding and accessories shine bright.

A cord-free window shade provides privacy and clean lines for your bedroom window. Click here for this on Amazon.

2. If Nature Fills Your Picture Window, Consider A Subtle Window Film

Spacious, cozy bedroom interior with a king-size bed with grey cushions, and large bedroom window

Window film is a super way to block out light and heat, while still maintaining a view from inside. (We have a post on window films here: How to Use Room Darkening Window Film in Your Home) If you get one that is translucent from the inside, it will allow this fantastic view.

Click here for this on Amazon.

3. Dress Up Your Neutral Bedroom With Bold Blue Curtains

Bedroom design in modern apartment. Bed with dark blue pillows and grey duvet and blanket next to window.

If you have a soft beige neutral palette in the bedroom, consider choosing a bold accent color for your curtains. Here a rich royal blue curtain panel matches throw pillows on the bed.

Here’s a sheer blue curtain with a nice drape. Click here for this on Amazon.

4. Neutral Colored Roman Shades In A Neutral Room

Bedroom with brick wall and large window with standing plant

Roman shades are a beautiful way to decorate a bedroom window. They fold up in accordion-like folds, which add visual interest to the window. Often, the fabric allows light in while still providing privacy. (Check out our post here on curtain alternatives: 19 Curtain Alternatives For Your Home)

5. Put A Row Of Succulents On A Deep Window Ledge

bedroom with window and potted plants

If you’re fortunate enough to have a deep window sill, you can use it to showcase a few treasures. Here a collection of dainty succulents lines up for the morning light.

These artificial succulents require no care other than dusting and give the same sweet vibe as live ones. Click here for these on Amazon.

6. Put A Shelf On Your Window Radiator And Grow Some Plants

Yellow and orange themed bedroom with potted plants by the window

If you live in a space with an old-fashioned window radiator, consider putting a board over the top of it to house a few of your favorite plants. You might have to remove it for the winter, but it will look great in the other months.

This galvanized planter is a tidy 10.5″ long x 4″ deep. It’s super cute for a window display. Click here for this on Amazon.

7. Decorate Your Curtains With Butterflies

Girls bedroom with many toys and purple bed beside the window

Whimsy abounds in this charming girl’s room. Gauzy curtains tie back with colorful butterflies that tie into the overall theme of color and fun.

Click here for these butterfly curtain tie backs on Amazon.

8. Forgo The Window Treatment On Upper Floors

Green themed boys bedroom with wooden furniture and bed beside the window

This tremendous upper floor room doesn’t need a window treatment. The windows are exciting on their own, and the white shiplap wall creates a focal point behind the bed. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the view is excellent.

9. Hang A Tapestry Or A Clock On The Window Wall

A cozy blue and gray themed bedroom with plants by the window

If you want a little something beyond window shades, think of what you might hang on your window wall. Here an analog clock fills the space between the two windows, and the drape of pennant flags creates a horizontal draping line for your eye to land upon.

Click here for these pennant banners on Amazon.

This modern style clock will help you achieve the look above. Click here for this clock on Amazon.

10. Stained Glass Is Beautiful For Accent Windows

Stylish king size bedroom in the attic with windows on both sides

If you have small accent windows consider filling them with color. Stained glass or stained glass films shoot prisms of color and shape across a room when the sun hits them. It’s a way to bring an artistic feeling to your bedroom.

Can’t afford an exact fit custom panel? The excellent news is ready-made panels are easy to find that hang within our window frame. This panel is 18″ x 25″. Click here for this on Amazon.

11. Match Your Window Sill Planters To Those On Your Book Shelf

bedroom with navy blue curtain by the window

If you love house plants and have room on your window sill for a couple and have a few more in other places in the room, match their planters. It creates a cohesive look and builds on an accent color. Here metallic gold planters give the room a rich feel.

These brass gold planters come in a package of two. Buy a few sets to place around your room. Click here for these on Amazon.

Windows don’t have to be an afterthought. Think of the best function for you, and choose the appropriate window treatment. If you have room for accessories, think thematically and go with a cohesive color palette.

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