15 Great Bedrooms With Dark Wood Floors

Your bedroom is the one room in your home that is all yours, and it should represent your personality and style. Dark wood floors can add tons of character to your space, creating a classy, modern look. 

Although dark wood floors are a beautiful addition to your home, they do have a few drawbacks. Floors that are dark in color can make a room appear smaller in size due to the deep color.

Dust, crumbs, pet hair, and scratches also show up very well against dark colors, making them a bit high maintenance. Keeping these floors looking clean may require more frequent upkeep than lighter colored floors. 

The challenge of keeping your dark wood floors looking pristine is well worth the extra work, as you will see in the examples below.

Dark wood texture flooring bedroom with white walls and a light chandelier, 15 Great Bedrooms With Dark Wood Floors

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1. Elegantly Lit Room With Black Hardwood Floors

The ultimate in dark neutrals, black wood floors will add some class and elegance to any space. Black flooring combined with lighter colored ceilings draws the eye upward, making your ceiling appear higher.


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Dark laminated flooring inside a luxurious modern bedroom

Ambient lighting along the walls and around the ceiling along with gold tones add some sophistication to this look. 

2. Blue High-Rise Bedroom With Smoky Grey Floors 

Minimalist themed bedroom with blue walls and black and white laminated flooring

Deep grey floors look modern but also have a rustic touch, giving them a distinct look. Light furniture accentuates the deep shades of grey on the flooring and adds some bright color to the space.

Architectural details of an attic bedroom add some sleek modern angles to this space. 

3. Narrow Neutral Bedroom With Grey Oak Wood Floors 

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Grey oak is an excellent dark-colored choice for wood floors. This wood flooring is comprised of several different shades that add a softened look to your flooring. 

Use this flooring in small or narrow spaces to create an expansive look.

4. Warm Neutral-Toned Room With Dark Oak Floors

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Deep orangy browns like dark oak wood floors combined with creamy neutrals tend to create a warm inviting look. Wicker and warm wood accents coordinate with the warm oak tones to add some detail and dimension to this look. 

Use beige neutral-toned accents with white bedding to create a subtle contrast that is understated but elegant.

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5. Brick Accent Wall Bedroom With Dark Hardwood Floors

A brick wall can give your bedroom an urban feel and a subtle textured look. Rich chocolate brown is a beautiful color that creates a warm welcoming feel in any home. 

Combining brick walls with dark brown hardwood floors gives your space a cool contemporary look that is unmatched. There are several options when it comes to brick accent walls for your room.

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Grey Brick Accent Wall Bedroom

Huge open space bedroom with dark laminated flooring with matching dark cabinets

A grey and brown color scheme gives your room a look that is inspired by nature. Accenting dark hardwood floors with shades of grey adds the perfect cool contrast. 

White walls and ceilings add some bright crisp color to the space and an open airy ambiance. An element of detail and definition is created with the use of black furniture and curtains. 

Red Brick Accent Wall Bedroom

A lowered bed with a dark brown bed and matching dark laminated flooring

Red brick can add a bright natural multidimensional hue to your room for a warm urban look. Deep shades of brown are the perfect pairing to bright orangy natural brick tones. 

Adding a lighter shade of brown wood to the mix can create a buffered look in your space. Natural light can help bring out the different shades of brick and lighter shades of brown in the hardwood flooring. 

6. White Shiplap Wall Room With Dark Hardwood Floors

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Dark brown hardwood floors pair beautifully with white shiplap in any space. Shiplap walls can add a soft textured look and a subtle accent to any room. 

Pairing dark wood flooring with coordinating dark wood furniture creates a unified look and adds some warm color to your bedroom. White curtains and natural greenery help to further soften this look.

7. Vaulted Ceiling Room With Dark Hardwood Floors

High vaulted ceilings can create a striking look on their own. Wood beams are typically found on vaulted ceilings, adding an elegant, detailed look to any room. 

While there are several styles of vaulted ceilings, bedrooms with vaulted ceilings are typically simple in design. Beams can also be found in multiple colors and styles, giving your ceiling a distinct appearance. 

White Beams On A White Vaulted Ceiling

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Using white beams on a white ceiling may seem boring, but it can create a stunning look. White vaulted ceilings with white beams and dark brown floors can make your ceiling appear higher, creating an expansive look.

The use of a white decorative chandelier with white vaulted ceilings and dark brown flooring gives your space an enchanting look. Windows and French doors allow light in and add to the expansive illusion. 

Dark Beams On A White Vaulted Ceiling

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Combining dark wood flooring with matching wood beams on a white vaulted ceiling creates a bit of a different look. Dark-colored beams can make ceilings appear a bit lower. 

Dark wooden beams also create a more detailed look in your bedroom. To prevent a harsh look from your dark beams, keep the rest of the room white or light neutral in color. 

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8. Decorative Accent Wall With Espresso Brown Floors

A spacious and luxurious bedroom with dark wood flooring and white paneled cabinets and a bed with orange beddings

Lively geometric patterns can create a fun eccentric look in your bedroom. To tone down the look of busy geometric patterned walls, consider an espresso-colored floor. 

Espresso is darker than most browns but not entirely black. These deep brown floors can add balance to a room with a uniquely accented wall. 

9. Minimalist Bedroom With Espresso Wide Plank Floors

Modern bedroom with white and brown beddings with dark laminated flooring

Wide planks give your floors a distinguished look. Espresso-colored wide planks add a rich contemporary ambiance. 

Using a lighter-colored wood for the bed frame gives this room some detailed definition and helps to soften the look. Minimalist decor allows this alluring flooring material to become the focal point of this space. 

10. Loft Style Room With Dark Hardwood Floors

A huge open space bedroom with gray beddings on the bed with orange backlight

Deep shades of brown can create a sleek modern look in your bedroom. LED lighting can be strategically placed under a bed for a contemporary touch.

A loft-style bedroom has an urban ambiance, especially when combined with trendy grey walls. A textured wall can be replicated using grey paint randomly blotted on a white wall. 

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11. Pastel Nursery With Dark Hardwood Floors 

A Childs bedroom with dark brown laminated flooring with toys and white ceiling

Deep shades of brown make the perfect warm contrast to the pastel colors of a nursery. The combination of soft youthful tones and toasty brown wood creates a welcoming ambiance.

A cohesive look is accomplished by using the same deep brown shade for the flooring and the furniture. Soft pastel rugs add some subdued color that breaks up the intense brown flooring color.

12. Geometric Themed Room With Dark Hardwood Floors

Dark color themed bedroom with backlights and a huge window on the side with an overview

A unique look can be created on your floor using geometrically placed wood flooring planks. Deep brown hardwood planks placed at angles create an eye-catching look to your floors. 

To continue the geometric look throughout your room, consider the use of geometric textured walls. LED lighting can be placed at the top of the walls to accentuate the texture of the walls and add a sleek touch. 

13. Soft Luxe Room With Dark Angled Floors

Victorian designed bedroom with gray walls and a matching bed design and classic mid century designed nightstand

Angled wood planks combined with intricate molding create a luxurious feel in any room. A bedroom floor can be transformed by simply turning wood planks on an angle, creating an ornate look. 

Detailed white molding can be used to create designs on a simple wall, adding an elaborate design. Flowy curtains add to this lavish ambiance. 

14. Elegant Jewel-Toned Room With Dark Hardwood Floors

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Dark hardwood floors add a sophisticated touch to rooms with bold colors. Teal is a jewel tone that can easily overwhelm a room. 

Using deep-colored hardwood grounds this look and helps to balance the color in the room. 

15. Navy Room With Multicolored Hardwood Floors

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Navy blue is another bold shade that can overtake the look of a room, making it appear smaller. Using several shades of hardwood can draw attention to the floors and away from the dark-colored walls. 

Using an angled approach to laying this multicolored flooring adds to the unique ambiance in your room.

To Wrap It Up

Dark wood texture flooring bedroom with white walls and a light chandelier

Dark wood floors can create an enchanting look for your home. This flooring is modern and sleek, adding a sophisticated edge to your bedroom.

We hope that the above selection of dark wood floors has helped to inspire some looks for your bedroom project. 

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