Does a Bedskirt Need to Reach the Floor?

Shopping for bed skirts, you may be confused by the measurements. You may even wonder how accurate do you have to be? Is it a big deal if the skirt doesn’t reach the floor? In short, yes – a bed skirt should reach the floor. But don’t sweat it – this article will explain all you need to know about using a bed skirt in your bedroom decor.

Considering a bed skirt is primarily there for aesthetic value, hanging a few inches too long or too short really is a big deal. It hampers the flow of the room and the visual effect that the skirt is intended to give. It should reach the floor (give or take no more than about ½ inch). The skirt hides the mechanics of the bedframe and conceals any items stored beneath it.

You may be wondering now, “Aren’t bed skirts old fashioned anyway? Does anyone use them anymore?” Again, the short answer is yes; you still need a bed skirt to complete the bedroom’s appearance. Keep reading to learn why, how to find the right size, other suggestions to use in place of a bed skirt, and how to keep the bed skirt in place. 

A modern bedroom with blue colored bedskirt, blue pillows, a black and white picture frames hanged on a white colored wall, Does a Bedskirt Need to Reach the Floor?

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How far off the floor should a bed skirt be?

Bed skirts are measured by “drop size,” an industry term. Measure from the floor to the top of the box frame/bottom of the mattress – that’s your drop size. If you can’t find your exact size, go for the next larger size and hem it. Hate to sew? Try a no-sew hemming tape like this one:

Heat-n-Bond Iron Adhesive

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Do you really need a bed skirt?

A bed skirt provides both form and function in a room. Bed skirts add an aesthetic value to the room you can’t replace. Pick your pattern or color carefully to complement the headboard or drapes, and you can tie the room together. Maybe you’d rather coordinate with the throw pillows or another decor piece in the room. A bed without a bed skirt is like an outfit with a missing accessory – the clothes may look fine without it, but that special touch that would have made it better than ‘just fine.’

As far as function, bed skirts conceal any mess or items stored underneath the bed. For many people, under the bed is one of the most valuable storage spaces in a room. A bed skirt can allow you to utilize that space but keep the room looking clean and uncrowded. It also keeps dust off the items in storage.

What can I use instead of a bed skirt?

If you hate the look of a bed skirt, think less ‘skirt.’ You can find bedspreads, which cover three sides of the bed and rest on top of the mattress. Box spring covers are for just the box spring. They don’t hide the space underneath the bed but offer an incredibly clean look to your room.

You can also fashion a bed skirt out of a large sheet, which is about the easiest DIY project out there. It doesn’t even require sewing. 

For the more handy and creative, try making something with appropriately sized curtain valances. Using this method, you can attach the valances to the sides of the box spring (more on that below). This way, you don’t have to lift the mattress every time it comes on or off. 

Another way to avoid mattress lifting is to try a wrap around bed skirt, like this one on Amazon. It comes in lots of colors, making it easy to coordinate with the rest of your bedroom. They are relatively inexpensive as well, and easy to put on.  

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Of course, if you are handy with a sewing machine, you could craft anything you like. This way, you have complete control of the material, color, and pattern, and can ensure it’s the perfect fit for the room decor.  Just be sure to choose a material that is thick enough that it won’t be seen through once placed on the bed (a see-through bed skirt fails in its prime objective to block the view under the bed). Also, consider whether you want something that fastens to the side of the box frame or goes under the mattress.

How do I get a bed skirt to stay in place?

Once you have your bed skirt fitted and in place, a non-grip shelf liner or pad placed across the box spring may provide enough friction to hold it in place. You can also keep it there with Velcro tabs (attach one side to the box spring and one to the skirt). This is an easy solution if you made your bed skirt – you can place the velcro on the sides of the box spring and avoid the hassle of lifting the mattress altogether. 

You can also use special bed skirt pins (these are not regular pins – be sure to read the instructions that come with them carefully). Bed skirt pins are also known as upholstery pins and prevent the fabric from tearing as a regular pin might. 

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As you can see, there’s lots of room for creativity when it comes to bed skirts. You can pick from various colors or patterns to match your headboard, drapes, or another bedroom décor. You can buy your own or make one from a sheet, valance, or other linens. Just make sure to measure correctly (distance from the floor to top of the box frame) to ensure your bed skirt reaches the floor as designed and gives your bed that perfect finishing touch.

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