13 Extraordinary Before and After Living Room Transformations [With 13 Different Wall Colors!]

13 Extraordinary Before and After Living Room Transformations [With 13 Different Wall Colors!]

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Choosing the perfect aesthetic for your home can be daunting.

Want to freshen up your living room walls but don’t know where to start? Should they be dark or light? We’ve got 13 transformations to help you decide. Let’s begin!

1. Powder Blue

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Old beige living room

First, we have this small living space with beige walls. While there’s nothing wrong with it, the room feels outdated.

The warm beige walls have a yellow tint that doesn’t complement the furniture or flooring. Generally, aim for classic wood floors with modern, neutral walls or add a dash of soft color.

Old beige living room transformed with powder blue walls

Now, let’s see this transformation! This room not only looks stunning but also makes better use of the space. Despite being small, the right wall color, lighting, and decor make it feel much larger.

The previous warm beige/yellow paint made the room look tired, while the sky blue gives it a fresh perspective. The bright modern light fixture and floor lamp add a welcome brightness.

2. Beige

Apartment living room with minimal decor

Our second living room has a soft white wall paint with mix-matched furniture. In this space, you can see how it lacks a common theme, which can give it an unfinished final look.

Although the tile flooring is pretty, it also adds to the confusion. The orange, pink, and blue accents are also awkward in the living space, so it’s better to choose 1-2 main colors for your larger furniture.

Apartment living room with minimal decor transformed with beige or cream walls

Check out this transformation! Not only is this new living room design more modern, but it also feels more open. Like our first example, a modern, bright ceiling light can be a great addition to the living room.

More light can help open up a small space. Furthermore, the new matching sofa and ottoman create cohesiveness in the living room, while the dark leather accent chair gives it the drama we always want.

3. Ocean Blue

Old English Living room

Third, we have this traditional-feeling living room with darker beige walls. Although this space has some beautiful elements, overall, it feels tired and outdated.

The fireplace blends into the background, so adding contrast would help. The patterned sofa and mismatched chairs don’t work well together. For a statement piece, limit it to one chair in the room.

Old English Living room transformed with navy blue walls

Wow! This transformation is truly gorgeous. Even though ocean blue wouldn’t be our first idea, the contrast it provides in this room is breathtaking.

The fireplace now stands out as the focal point, with the deeper wall color and light furniture highlighting the brick. The matching seating is another nice touch, which, although simple, looks elegant and well-designed.

4. Peach

Country garden house with fireplace

Next up, we have a smaller living/seating room with cream-colored walls. Here is another example of a fireplace that falls flat, so it’s best to throw in some contrast.

The wood floors here, although pretty, are also a bit tired. Even purchasing a large area rug can help transform a space and give it a fresher, more modern feeling.

Country garden house with fireplace transformed with peach walls

Holy peach! This transformation is eye-catching. Even if you’re not a fan of peach or pink, this color combination is a winner.

The fireplace now has the needed contrast, and the lighter furnishings update the room beautifully. Sometimes, you need a 365-degree switch to make your living room work for you.

5. Army Green

Modern city apartment on the top floor

Fifth, we have this simple, modern living room with minimal decor. Usually, more contemporary spaces feel unwelcoming, which is the case here.

Even though the undertones of grey throughout this design create a theme, this room doesn’t quite hit the mark for us. Even adding an accent wall or area rug may be the answer here.

Modern city apartment on the top floor transformed with army green walls

What a difference! Here, you can see how the design has completely changed, with army green paint on a few of the walls.

Though unconventional, the green complements the natural elements perfectly. The area rug livens up the flooring, making the living room feel inviting.

Even though modern floor plans tend to be plainer, that doesn’t mean you have to do the same.

6. Light Blue

Interior of a living room

Coming in sixth is this narrow, plain living room concept. This living space falls flat for several reasons, including the lack of proper decorating and poor choice of paint color.

Typically, narrower spaces need a splash of vibrancy to stand out, which is apparent in this room.

The window treatments could also use a refresh, and the furniture may even need to be overhauled altogether.

Interior of a living room transformed with powder blue walls

Holy smokes! This is one of the most dramatic transformations on the list. Along with a blue color scheme, the room features new furniture, window treatments, and an area rug.

As mentioned, fresh paint and a rug can make a big difference. Classic floors can be tricky to replace, but these updates work wonders. Mounting the television also adds elegance, proving it’s all in the details.

7. Teal

Small cozy beach side living room

Seventh, we have a tropical, warm-tone living space that feels outdated. Despite its stunning view, it lacks color and style on the inside.

If you live somewhere with a gorgeous view, try to take inspiration from that for your design. For example, adding blue elements to this living room could be the trick.

Also, the furniture feels a bit outdoor instead of chic, so that will also need to go.

Small cozy beach side living room transformed with teal walls

They are bringing the water inside! This transformation is eye-catching and pays homage to the beautiful nature outside.

As we mentioned, sometimes you want to be inspired by the outside world for your interior aesthetic. Even though teal isn’t always the first idea for a living space, it looks very cohesive with the lighter furniture.

Generally, if you choose bright, fun walls, it’s best to stick with neutral furnishings and decor.

8. Light Gray

Traditional living room combined with a laundry area

Another living room design we have is this yellowish-beige one. In this space, you can see how it doesn’t quite have a cohesive theme or aesthetic.

Considering the washer and dryer are peeking through at the sofa, this whole living room feels a bit uncomfortable. The rollable TV stand is also an eyesore, so many changes need to be made here.

Traditional living room combined with a laundry area

Truly gorgeous! Here, you can see how buying new furniture and decor can entirely transform a room.

Considering that the original design felt like a mistake or a last-minute decision, this refreshed version is perfect for a family movie night or even a quiet spot to do computer work.

Specifically, the modern grey wall paint gives the living area a fresh, renovated feel, which is also good for resale value. Grey also matches just about everything, so it’s worth considering!

9. Cream

Combined small dining and living room area

Our ninth living room is this yellow, old-school design that needs some TLC. Even though this space has potential, it lacks a cohesive aesthetic and color palette.

Like many of these spaces, this room feels mismatched and unfinished. Therefore, we think it might be best to start from scratch.

Especially for living rooms with great windows, why not accentuate them? After all, natural lighting is priceless.

Combined small dining and living room area tranformed with cream walls

What a nice change! Even though this room is stuck with yellow paint, it feels much more cohesive. Going up a shade or two for your paint color can make a huge difference.

The softer yellow with the white furniture gives this room an airy, breathable vibe, which is very welcoming. Also, the darker wood elements add the perfect variety, so that’s something to consider for your space.

10. White

Small living room

Moving to number ten, we have this tiny living room with big furniture. Usually, if you’re in a smaller home or apartment, it’s better to choose smaller furniture too.

Although a comfortable lounge set can be nice to sit on, you don’t want your furniture to overpower the room it’s in.

In addition, the bulky tables throughout this room don’t do much justice. Remember, sometimes going smaller can be a good thing!

Small living room transformed with white walls

Now, this is a transformation! As we said, you want to make the most out of a smaller living room. Using white wall paint is an easy way to make a space look bigger.

On top of the fresh white walls, the light furniture also looks fantastic. Just because you go with white walls doesn’t mean your room needs to be boring.

Adding art and colorful decor can bring back life into a living room, so we recommend focusing on that during your renovation.

11. Charcoal Gray

Luxurious condo corner unit

Here, we have a living room that doesn’t feel entirely done. Like many of these examples, this living room needs a common theme, whether through wall color or furniture (or both).

The current wall color feels a bit dated, so we recommend switching to a more modern, sleek option.

Luxurious condo unit transformed with light gray walls

What a big difference! This transformation shows how a fresh coat of grey paint makes a world of difference to this living room.

Although grey can feel severe, pairing it with softer furniture will help. Specifically, the cream seating and rug help make this living room feel more welcoming and cozy.

The pops of color with the plants and throw pillows are another nice detail, so your contrast doesn’t need to be too apparent.

12. Sage Green

Cozy small living room

Switching aesthetics, we have this bright, low-ceiling living room. Although this design is more cohesive than the others, it still lacks that modern flare.

Considering this living area has gorgeous natural lighting, it is safe to go a bit deeper with the wall color. The brighter a room, the more freedom you have with the paint hue.

Also, the furniture is a bit bulky, so try to downsize and choose more neutral pieces.

Cozy small living room transformed with sage green walls

This transformation, although subtle, is stunning. As we mentioned above, a slightly darker wall color can be good in a space like this.

Furthermore, the smaller accent chairs and neutral couches look amazing with the green walls. The pops of blue throughout give this living room an almost beachside resort vibe.

13. Matte Grey

Traditional luxurious American home

Lastly, we have this jam-packed living space that needs some work. Although the current design is somewhat elegant, too much is happening here.

Ideally, every living room should have a central focal point. In this example, there doesn’t seem to be a point where everyone gravitates.

The lighting is also dated throughout the living room, kitchen, and dining room, so many aspects need to be updated within this space.

Traditional luxurious American home transformed with charcoal gray walls

What a difference this is! The deeper walls work nicely here, giving this living room a modern, sophisticated final look.

As we covered, too much furniture and decor isn’t always good. In this remodel, fewer pieces of furniture are throughout, which helps open things up.

The lighter sofa and accent chairs make a big difference as well. Like many of these rooms, switching dark furnishings for lighter options is an easy way to make a space feel up-to-date.

To Finish Up

Whether you want to renovate your entire living room or change the wall color, knowing how theming works is vital.

From what we found, an easy way to transform a living space is to change the wall color and furniture.

From there, you can change the shade for your walls and even flooring and choose decor that fits the aesthetic of your design. If your living room is smaller, you might even want to install a modern ceiling light, which helps brighten things up.

Regardless, remember to find a color scheme that works for your home, and don’t be afraid to go with vibrant and eye-catching wall paint!

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