23 Beautiful Beige Carpet Bedroom Ideas

Your bedroom is your inner sanctum, the Shangri-La of your own home. Unsurprisingly, it tends to be a room decorated in colors that involve soothing colors like blue, grey, and beige. For most homes, beige will be the color of the carpet in the bedroom. 

While some might find beige to be a boring carpet color, the truth is that it holds countless options for the right person. Beige is anything but boring! Don't believe it? Take a look at the following 23 strikingly beautiful ways that designers were able to incorporate beige carpets into their bedroom layouts.

Master bedroom in new luxury home with large windows, chandelier, carpet, and elegant decor, 23 Beautiful Beige Carpet Bedroom Ideas

1.Going All In

Master bedroom in new luxury home with chandelier and view of bathroom

Just because beige has a bad rap for being dull doesn't mean it's true. Beige is an incredibly cozy, comforting color. That makes it an ideal choice for any bedroom. Here, we see that color in its "full cozy" factor. Don't you just want to snuggle up in that warmly-tinted bedding? Of course you do. 

All beige only works well if you choose beiges from different shades---like choosing a light beige, paired with a medium beige, paired with some dark beiges and whites. Variety is the spice of life!

2. Super Light

Cozy bright bedroom interior with wooden furnitures and laptop on round table

Ultra-light beige carpeting is still beige, and that's exactly what we see in this room. Here, the designer used clean lines, minimalist geometric decor, and tons of white to make this small room look a lot larger. The light shades that are all around this room make sunlight easy to reflect, giving you an open and airy feel. 

We suggest going with some crisp white comforters and bedsheets if you want to make this look work. It keeps in line with the lightness of the room. 

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3. Holy Hygge, Batman!

Hygge bedroom with scandinavian futon as a bed next to white flowers in black vase and wooden coffee table

Hygge is a Norwegian term for a feeling of coziness, contentment, and warmth. In the United States, it also tends to refer to a cozy Scandinavian style of decor that's marked by minimalism, lots of wood, and yes, beige carpeting. Much like our first shot, this involves a ton of beige. 

Unlike our last couple of picks, the carpeting in this has a black and beige pattern that gives the room texture. When paired with black accessories, it adds a bold but nice touch to the room. 

4. Bohemian Bliss

Olive green, pastel pink, yellow and orange pillows on single metal bed with patterned bedding in boho bedroom interior for girl

This is another bedroom that features a black and beige carpet, and it looks phenomenal. In fact, this look is proof that you don't need to stick to all beige to make your bedroom (or daybed room) look amazing. Beige is great with tropical colors like lime green and orange, as you can see in this photo. 

Sticking to exotic furnishings, heavily textured textiles, and bright colors made this a bohemian dream come true. And, it's brought to you by the color beige!

5. A Coastal Cut

Beautiful interior of modern bedroom

Most people don't think of plain beige carpeting as a statement rug. If anything, it seems like an anti-statement. This is why this particular look seems so neat. The designer took it to a new level by cutting a plain beige carpet in an unusual shape, then using it to act as a frame to the bed. 

But, there's more to this picture than just that. When you pair beige with turquoise (like in this photo), you get a gorgeous coastal ambiance. 

6. Layin' Pretty In Pink

Stylish room interior with comfortable bed near wooden wall

Pink and beige go together beautifully. To a point, this might even be a Millennial-inspired trend. This look here features a cut of standard carpet under a bed with a wooden floor. Around everything is a soft touch of pink in a wide variety of shades, including deep rose and dusty pink. The end result is a monochromatic look that's soothing and feminine.

To get this ambiance in your room, stick to rosy woods and a little bit of pink in your throw pillows. 

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7. Country Charm

Beautifully decorated master bedroom with white and light brown tones, ceiling fan and coffered ceiling

There's something to be said about the way that beige works with rustic looks or country decorations. This is especially true when you want to add weathered wood into a look. This look involves soft pastels, subtle patterns on furniture, and lots of worn wood to make the room feel like a cottage out in the middle of the British countryside. 

The key to this look is softness. If it looks like it could belong in a country estate, it probably belongs there.

8. Modern Splendour

Interior of a luxurious master bedroom interior with large windows, fireplace and tv on wall

Most of the designs we've had so far do not involve a lot of dark colors. Rather, they tend to work on the softness of the color as a way to make it look cozy. This doesn't have to be the case. Here, we see beige carpeting combined with dark wood finishes and hypermodern designs. The look of this design is pointedly masculine, yet charmingly sleek. 

9. Say It With Texture

Beautiful bedroom with decorative wallpaper and sheer curtains

Texture plays a huge role in any bedroom design. Here, we see a room that features textiles and wallpapers with the exact same texture throughout the room. This helps bring the room together, as does the monochromatic look. Beige and taupe work amazingly well together, which gives this entire room an air of decadence. 

Having a taupe and white bed offers up a great contrast. It's hard to hate on this!

10. Master It

Master bedroom in new luxury home with large windows, chandelier, carpet, and elegant decor

This master bedroom has all the makings of a great design. The black bed adds an air of luxury to the entire room and acts as a focal point. The throws aren't that shabby, either. To help accentuate the size of the room, the designer added a wall of mirrors framed by beige and cream paneling. It's a crisp, unified look to love.

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11. Victorian Florals

Honeymoon suite in a classic style hotel with panoramic view of the mountains

This carpet is a beige number with a soft floral print, but it still works for the sake of this article. Though some might find this to be a bit dark, the room looks impeccably romantic in a Victorian way. Loads of flowers make it work, while solid green drapes make the room look longer. If you are open to lots of warm lighting, then this might be a look to consider.

12. Silver And Beige

Master bedroom with high coffered ceiling and wainscoting wall, walk out french glass doors to the back patio and pool area

Beige is typically paired with bronze and other warm colors, but that doesn't have to be the case. While warm hues look great, the truth is that beige can also work with cooler shades. Here, we see a crisp beige and silver color scheme that gives this room the vibe of an upscale hotel while still keeping it homey. 

To accent this look a little more impressively, the designer added some mirrors in the form of silvery vases. How chic!

13. Brick 'N' Blue

Female hat on bed in hotel room

Going on with the theme of cool colors is this little number. Though the accents are pretty subtle, it's still hard to ignore the dark blue on the sheets, the greys, and the way it meshes with the beige carpet below the bed. While this look does have its cool tones, it still has its bold warm accents too. You can thank the bricks for that. 

The hot-and-cold look is hard to pull off, but it's doable. To get this look the right way, match the darkness (or lightness) of the warm and cold shades you accent your beige carpet with. 

14. Classic Coastal

Beautiful master bedroom interior with carpet floor and french glass doors to balcony

When most people think of coastal design, they tend to assume that it will involve shiplap, white wood paneling, and tons of blues. This isn't always the case. Beach house chic can also use more upscale materials and architecture while still keeping that oceanic vibe alive. Pastel blue, rich mahogany browns, and beige work together to make something that feels a little New England and a little Florida. 

15. A British Country Affair

White four-poster bed in large neutral-colored bedroom

British country houses always have that old school flair, often with just a pinch of femininity. Unsurprisingly, this notably calming design theme often uses beige as a staple color. While British country is sophisticated, it's still rustic---hence, beige. Here, the designer used dark wood accents as a contrast to a beautiful white four-post bed. 

Everything in this room still has the wooden look of traditional British country, but it has a softer touch than a typical fox hunting lodge. 

16. Think Positive

Black crosses on white wall and bedding in stylish bedroom interior with industrial metal bed and modern mint gray chair

A light beige rug or two always seems to work with modern looks, and this industrial-ish look is not an exception to the rule. What makes this look unique is the plus sign decor theme throughout the room. It's true. Black and white always seem to look impressive. Here, we see black and light beige---a softer contrast, but still a strong statement nonetheless.

While this look might be a bit much for many, it's a great way to add some geek-chic into your life.

17. Modern And Urban

Spacious furnished bedroom interior with hed, fireplace, chair, armchair, rug and ornaments

This is a cool look that focuses on the "Urban Outfitters" aesthetic. If you're a fan, you already know that light stained woods work very well when paired with beige. This particular room goes for a more natural, herbal look than the typical room in this ambiance. Dark forest green works well here, even if the theme is rather subtle. It's amazing how much a pop of green can do to bring some earthy charm in.

18. Feeling Blue

[PIN id="822329213196134393" size="large"] [/PIN]

While we've already mentioned that blue can look great with beige, we haven't featured something as bold as this one. This designer decided to go all out with their love of blue. Normally, a blue-grey of this shade would make a room look gloomy. However, the beige carpet actually adds enough warmth to make it work. If you are looking for a masculine vibe, this is it. 

19. African Rustic

African posters next to bed with patterned cushions in bedroom interior with wooden cupboard

Do you love the idea of having a room that features African style? Gorgeous black and white patterned dishes, Afrocentric artwork, and strikingly mellow beige decor are what make this so elegant. It's open, breezy, and yet at the same time, pointedly exotic. The end result is a gorgeous look that remains popular with everyone who sees it. 

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20. Feelin' Country

[PIN id="492649948350752" size="large"] [/PIN]

Most people forget how much beige works as a rustic color, especially if you're a fan of "down home" country bedroom styles. This farmhouse-inspired bedroom involves heavily weathered, natural-stained wood in the bed, tons of beige across the board, and a fair amount of classic American decor. 

It seems like this would be a perfect bedroom for a girl who loves the country, don't you think? 

21. Wood And Iron

[PIN id="429601251960788663" size="large"] [/PIN]

It's hard to figure out exactly what style this would fit into. Part of it looks pointedly rustic because of the eye-grabbing wood paneling on the background. Other parts of it look downright industrial because of the iron bed. Still, more of it is just contemporary to the point of it being right at home in a typical house. Whatever it is, it works. 

The wood paneling acts as a bold focal point, matched by the black iron bed. Mellowing it out is none other than a trusty beige carpet. If you're a fan of eclectic decor, it's clear that beige is the way to go.

22. Mighty Masculine

[PIN id="137219119884580631" size="large"] [/PIN]

Beige often gets placed in fairly feminine designs, but that doesn't mean it can't be a distinctly manly color, too. Here, a beige carpet sits underneath a sturdy bed with gingham sheets, hunter-inspired decor, and a nice blue backdrop. While it is plush, it's also masculine enough for a lumberjack to feel at home.

23. Cowboy Style

[PIN id="150941025000876186" size="large"] [/PIN] 

This look takes a cue from many others when it comes to the masculine, rustic vibe. The heavy emphasis on weathered metal lighting, worn wood accents, and beige sheets really work it. On the ceiling, you see a spot of glamour using a gold center, making it a simple yet nice touch of modernity in an otherwise cowboy-ready room.

In Closing

We hope these 23 beige carpet bedrooms at least give you a starting point for designing your dreamy bedroom. Enjoy your designing journey! Loving the color beige? Check out the following posts:

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