Benjamin Moore Gray Owl: 9 Complementary Colors

Shades of gray are cool neutral mixtures of black and white that can have several different undertones, making gray one of the most versatile neutral colors available. Gray Owl is one of Benjamin Moore's most popular paint colors. Finding the right complementary color for your gray space can seem overwhelming. We have done some research to bring you a selection of 9 complementary colors for this trendy shade.

Versatility is one of the most famous attributes of neutral colors, especially grays. Different colors can create distinct and unique looks by combining them with gray shades, like Gray Owl.

While there are endless color pairings that work well with Gray Owl, there are some that are more highly recommended than others. Some of the most popular complementary colors for Gray Owl are:

  1. Charcoal gray
  2. Black
  3. Beige
  4. Yellow
  5. Orange
  6. Red
  7. Pink
  8. Blue 
  9. Green

Finding the perfect complementary color for your Gray Owl space is a good start, but there are other considerations. You may wonder whether Gray Owl is cool or warm and how it compares to other popular gray colors. You may ask yourself what shade of white goes with this paint color or what other gray tones are lighter than Gray Owl. We will answer all of these questions and discuss other closely related topics, just keep reading!

A light white colored sofa inside a light gray painted living room with plants on the back and on the coffee table, Benjamin Moore Gray Owl: 9 Complementary Colors

Colors That Complement Gray Owl

1. Charcoal Gray

Gray Owl is a medium to light gray neutral shade with slightly warm undertones that is hugely popular in gray paint options. Pairing this shade with deeper shades of cool neutral gray, like charcoal gray, adds some depth and definition to your space. 

This color pairing creates a cool modern look that adds an inviting elegance to your home. White accents help to define these colors and add a pop of brilliant crisp color to this color scheme.

Natural Gray Stone

Add a tranquil feel to your space by using accent items inspired by nature. Using stone as a companion to your Gray Owl walls is a great way to bring in some deep gray color and a modern textured look.

A stone accent wall or fireplace can create a cohesive look within your space by bringing together several shades of gray. 

2. Black

For a sleek modern look, black pairs elegantly with Gray Owl. Black is classic, fashionable, and timeless. 

A light-colored rug and a warm-colored hardwood floor soften this look and add a sense of balance. Add some low-key texture with patterned throw pillows. 

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3. Beige

Zigzag patterned flooring with white painted walls and white sofas with plants scattered in the living room

Beige makes the perfect complementary color to many different shades, including many shades of gray. Subtle warm beige tones create a sense of balance when paired with cool neutral shades of gray.

Different beige hues will bring out even the slightest of warm undertones that exist in any particular gray color. The combination of beige and Gray Owl is no exception to this rule. 

Natural Wood

A gorgeous gray sofa with gray throw pillows with a matching throw

Light shades of natural wood may be the perfect way to add some warm beige color to your space. The beige hue in natural wood brings a warm brightness and subtle texture into your unmatched color palette. 

Splashes of this muted neutral shade can be added to your room using furniture accents. Use crisp white shades to add detail and definition to this look. 

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4. Yellow

A gorgeous living room with hanging lamps, gray painted walls and a black sofa with dark and bright throw pillows

Bright shades of yellow make the perfect cheery color companions to shades of gray, such as Gray Owl. Inspired by the brightest objects in nature, yellow brings a warm glow to your room that can't be replicated. 

As you would guess, yellow usually takes center stage in any color scheme. Your Gray Owl walls will fade seamlessly into the background when paired with brilliant shades of yellow. 

Yellow Alternative

Gold tones are a metallic mixture of moody and brilliant shades of deep yellows. Deep shades of yellow can easily cross over into shades of gold and vice versa.

Gold accents can easily replace or even accompany yellow for some bright metallic warmth in your space. Just as deep shades of yellow pair perfectly with gray, gold is also a dazzling color companion for your Gray Owl space. 

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5. Orange

Gorgeous gray painted walls and a matching gray sofa with orange pillows and wooden furniture's

Orange is another warm shade that pairs well with different shades of gray. This brilliant citrusy color is sure to bring out the warmer undertones of Gray Owl while adding a cheery vibrant color to your space.

This color combination is fun and contemporary and will turn heads in any space in your home. Crisp clean shades of white will add some bright detail to this vivid color palette. 

6. Red

Gray colored bedroom wall with a three bulb hanging lamp with red colored beddings and plants all over the room

For an energetic and inviting color pairing for your Gray Owl space, red may be just what you are looking for. Red tones combine with Gray Owl for a powerful color duo that will add a striking look to any space. 

Red shades bring out the warmer undertones in Gray Owl and add a traditional yet fun ambiance to any room in your home. Fun patterns bring some texture and add a detailed look to this room. 

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7. Pink

Gray painted walls of a living room with plants and matching gray sofas

Pairing Gray Owl paint with subtle pastel colors can bring an incomparable look to your space. For a unique ambiance, pink brings a soft cozy warmth to your home. 

Pink, much like red, highlights the warm undertones in Gray Owl. Light natural-colored wood furniture only adds to this warmth and creates a muted brightness that is unmatched. 

8. Blue

Even small accent pieces can accentuate certain undertones of Gray Owl paint. Small amounts of blue color added to this space bring out the cool blue undertones in this paint color. 

Crisp contrasts of white allow the gray and blue tones to be the focal point of your space while adding subtle but luminous contrast to this space. 

9. Green

Scandinavian inspired living room with gray painted walls and matching wooden furniture's

Inspired by nature, green is a fantastic color to pair with your Gray Owl painted space. Cool shades of green will emphasize the cool undertones of this paint color. 

For an organic accent in your space, bring in some natural greenery to pair with other green decorative items and furniture. To add detail and dimension to your space, black is a great color to bring into this green and gray color scheme. 

Is Gray Owl Cool Or Warm?

Gray Owl is an adaptive color that can be made to look warm or cool depending on your room decor and the accent colors that you choose. This shade can look warmer when accented with warm tones like red, brown, and yellow colors.

Pairing Gray Owl with cool colors such as blue or green can help to bring out cooler undertones within this shade. While Gray Owl has some slight warm undertones, it appears much cooler when painted on walls and exposed to natural light.

Is Gray Owl Darker Or Lighter Than Repose Gray?

Repose Gray is a Sherwin Williams color that is comparable to Benjamin Moore's Gray Owl. Although these colors are close, Gray Owl is slightly lighter than Repose Gray. 

Repose Gray has slightly warmer undertones than Gray Owl, but these two colors look very similar when painted on a wall. Both colors are popular and beautiful.

What White Goes With Gray Owl?

While you may think that white is white, you might be surprised by how many options exist with this color. Some professionals in this field suggest using Benjamin Moore's Super White or Chantilly Lace to pair with Gray Owl.

White tones add dimension, making them perfect for use as a trim and accent color. These shades are crisp and brilliant, making them the perfect white shades to pair with Gray Owl for a subtle but striking contrast. 

What Shade Is Lighter Than Gray Owl?

Gray Owl is a medium to a light shade of gray. Classic Gray is another Benjamin Moore color that is lighter than Gray Owl with warmer undertones.

Classic Gray can easily be classified as greige, a mixture of beige and gray. 

Final Thoughts

A light white colored sofa inside a light gray painted living room with plants on the back and on the coffee table

Although Gray Owl is a very popular color, your space will always look original with the right accent colors. Complementary accent colors will create distinct looks for your particular shade of gray. 

Gray Owl can be the perfect paint in any room of your home. We hope that this article has helped you choose the perfect complementary colors for your Gray Owl space. 

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