Can Benjamin Moore Match Farrow And Ball?

Choosing between paint brands can be challenging, especially if one is out of your budget after finding a specific color you want available with them. Fortunately, you can color-match them with other affordable brands.

However, can reputable but accessible brands like Benjamin Moore match Farrow & Ball? We have done plenty of research and have the answer for you!

You can bring the color chart from Farrow & Ball to Benjamin Moore and color match. The colors would be nearly identical, and an untrained eye couldn’t tell the slight difference. That way, you’d get the color you want without spending too much for Farrow & Ball.

Color-matching is a great way save money while getting the look and level of quality you want. However, there are some differences between the two brands, and knowing them would help you weigh your choices. Read below to learn more about color-matching Benjamin Moore and Farrow & Ball!

Benjamin Moore Vs. Farrow & Ball: What’s The Difference?

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Although both are reputable paint brands, they have distinct qualities that some designers prefer over others. Of course, you will need to tailor everything according to your needs and priorities.

One of their main differences is that Farrow & Ball is a more high-end brand since it caters to a market with specific preferences.

For instance, F&B has a natural pigmentation, which means they do not have synthetic fillers, which results in a deep and vibrant color. If this is your preference, and you have a sharp eye, go for Farrow & Ball.

On the other hand, Benjamin Moore has proven its high quality of paint over the years, so it has become a go-to of most homeowners, which is not a surprise since BM has a lot of paint lines that cater to different needs.

Below are some of their most notable differences:


Both Benjamin Moore and Farrow & Ball offer good coverage. F&B paints have a thicker consistency, so they may be a bit more challenging to apply than Benjamin Moore.

However, F&B has slightly higher coverage. For instance, one gallon of Farrow & Ball’s Estate Emulsion paint covers up to 570 square feet.

In contrast, F&B paint’s lowest coverage range can still go up to 480 square feet.

Benjamin Moore could only cover up to 450 sq. ft., which would still depend on the number of coats you need.

VOC Concentration

One of the essential things to compare as well would be each paint’s VOC concentration.

A high concentration would harm your health, as it contains carcinogens and volatile compounds that can cause headaches, nausea, nose and throat irritation, or kidney and liver problems.

F&B is better in this regard, as it is categorized as having zero VOC. This is because their VOC content is less than five g/l, except for its high gloss paint, which is only considered low-VOC (VOC content lower than 50 g/l).

BM paints are generally considered low VOC, except for Ben, which is regarded as zero VOC because it has 0 g/l of concentration.

Color Options

Compared to Farrow & Ball’s 132 color options, Benjamin Moore offers a much wider selection with its 3,500 color offerings.

This is because Farrow & Ball’s creative team believes each color has to have its own story and earn its place in their selection, giving it an air of exclusivity.

Since Benjamin Moore has a lot of color options, you can easily find a Farrow & Ball paint color alternative from Benjamin Moore. Although the level of vibrancy will not match 100%, the difference is minuscule, and no one will notice.

Price Points

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Farrow and ball luxury paint brand sample pots, Can Benjamin Moore Match Farrow And Ball?

Regarding price points, Benjamin Moore paints are more affordable and accessible. It’s a mid-range brand with paint lines that cater to all budget categories.

A gallon of Farrow & Ball paint would already cost you around $120, and that’s already their “cheapest” gallon.

More expensive finishes go up to $150, so you need to determine if the color and finish you want should exclusively come from this brand or if you can look for a Benjamine Moore alternative.

Benjamin Moore paints have affordable lines ranging from $50 to $89. On the other hand, their more expensive finishes range from $120 to $150.

Why Should You Buy Benjamin Moore?

One major reason you should buy Benjamin Moore as an alternative to Farrow and Ball is that it’s more accessible and affordable. Benjamin Moore has a lot of color options, and you can color match any of them with Farrow and Ball’s 132 colors.

According to design experts, people won’t be able to tell the difference if you use BM or F&B.

Most contractors even prefer working with BM because it’s easier to apply, unlike F&B paints with a thick consistency, making it challenging to use on surfaces.

If you buy their mid-priced paints, you’d still be reassured of the quality.

The paints have durable finishes and offer sheens that protect your interior or exterior surfaces. You’ll get reliable quality without wasting a lot of money on it.

Why Should You Buy Farrow & Ball?

Farrow and Ball

As a specialty brand made by a boutique company, Farrow & Ball caters to people with a sharp eye for color. They keep their color archive exclusive, undergoing strict quality checks to ensure each one satisfies their criteria.

As a result, their colors have a strong pigmentation that can’t be easily replicated, although brands such as Benjamin Moore come close.

Although you can find an alternative, buying from Farrow & Ball is ideal if you want to support a company that positions itself as vegan and sustainable.

Their paints do not have synthetic fillers, and it has not been tested on animals.

Color-Matching Benjamin Moore And Farrow & Ball

Farrow and Ball paint chart on a wall in a painting and decorating shop

Color matching can be challenging, especially if there are a lot of alternatives that seem close enough. You want to get which one looks closest, but it can be difficult to tell if you don’t have a trained eye.

One of the best ways to determine which one looks closest is to put the swatches under natural light, then test them under different lighting conditions. That way, you’ll know how the paint would look on your home.

Here are some F&B paint colors that match Benjamin Moore that you can use for reference.

F&B Wimborne White And BM Mountain Peak White

[PIN id=”18155204739811808″ size=”large”]


Wimborne White and Mountain Peak White have warm undertones that can act as a neutral base for your interior. It’s a classic color, so you can’t go wrong with it.

[PIN id=”3518505950580360″ size=”large”]


The color is aesthetically versatile, and you can design your room however you want. The soft, warm white surfaces will keep the interior looking pristine.

If you’re unsure whether they match, bring the color chart from Farrow and Ball and compare it to Benjamin Moore’s swatches.

F&B Pigeon And BM Heather Gray

[PIN id=”435230751503106755″ size=”large”]


F&B Pigeon has a greige color that makes a room look cozy. The muted tone can make your interior feel intimate, especially when accentuated with soft and warm white walls.

[PIN id=”AbVSV-JLsMNXrA62oA98RCGT859cccvZhLSHbME0-fN1n3nQELP_u1U” size=”large”]


However, the color looks excellently close to Benjamine Moore’s Heather Gray.

It’s an excellent alternative because it exudes the same atmosphere as Farrow & Ball’s Pigeon and can also make your interior feel tranquil.

The color also works with various room sizes. It won’t cramp up the room despite its slightly dark tone; instead, it makes the room feel more welcoming.

F&B Lamp Room Gray And BM Sea Haze

[PIN id=”25332816642203426″ size=”large”]


F&B’s Lamp Room Grey offers an elegant twist to the interior.

The muted green is a great way to inject a sense of tranquility into the space, and the color remains aesthetically versatile in that it can cater to your artistic whims.

It’s a great color choice if you want your space to consistently look put-together, even if you decorate it with an array of colors.

[PIN id=”480900066473371373″ size=”large”]


A great alternative to Lamp Room Gray is Benjamin Moore’s Sea haze. They have similar shades and undertones, so no one will be able to tell the difference.

Our Final Thoughts

Color matching is challenging but rewarding, mainly if you operate within a budget. Farrow & Ball is sometimes inaccessible since they only distribute to design studios, so Benjamin Moore is a great alternative.

Test the color charts and swatches under different lighting to get the closest shade possible.

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