Benjamin Moore Vs Valspar: Pros, Cons, & Differences

Choosing the best paint for your project is important. If you're torn between using Benjamin Moore and Valspar paints, we will help you with the decision. We gathered all the details you need to understand the differences and the pros and cons of these two brands. Keep reading to find out more.

Widely sold in paint stores, Benjamin Moore is one of the most popular paint brands. It is known for its full coverage and durability. It also offers a variety of colors and types for you to choose from.

Valspar is also a well-known paint brand. It's easy to apply and requires less drying time. Valspar paint is perfect for anyone with a tight budget because it is less expensive than Benjamin Moore.

This is just a short comparison of Benjamin Moore and Valspar paints. Continue reading as we contrast them in more detail. In this post, we will also answer some frequently asked questions. Let's start!

Benjamin Moore paint store on the corner of the street in town, Valspar paint store on the town near the street, Benjamin Moore Vs Valspar: Pros, Cons, & Differences

Benjamin Moore Vs. Valspar

Benjamin Moore and Valspar are both well-known paint brands. Their products come in various types and colors for to choose from. They offer different paint types for both interior and exterior use.

Since both are good paints, you might have trouble deciding what's suitable for your home. Here are some comparisons that may help you with the decision.


One crucial factor when choosing the right paint is coverage. If the paint has full coverage on the wall, you will spend less on paint.

Both Benjamin Moore and Valspar offer great coverage for indoor and outdoor areas. However, Benjamin Moore has the most area coverage.

Depending on how you apply it, a gallon of Benjamin Moore paint can cover about 400-450 square feet, while Valspar can cover 350-400 square feet per gallon.


Another important factor in painting is durability, especially when it comes to a house's interior. Benjamin Moore's paints are designed to last long. The company produces durable paints for both interior and exterior walls. With proper care and maintenance, their paints can last up to six years.

Although Valspar paints can resist damage caused by rain and moisture, they are less durable, with a lifespan of four years.

Drying Time

Most homeowners look for paint with a quick drying time. Waiting for the paint to dry before applying another coat will ensure that the paint doesn't peel. Benjamin Moore needs to dry for one to two hours before you can apply another coat, while Valspar paints need at least two hours of drying time.

Curing Time

During curing time, you are not allowed to wash the walls. Benjamin Moore can take two to three hours to cure for maximum performance. Valspar takes longer, with a curing time of seven days.


You need to sand and prime the surface you're painting before application. Although both Benjamin Moore and Valspar are high-quality paints, the ease of application is different. Benjamin Moore offers an easier application than Valspar.


Benjamin Moore and Valspar come in various colors you can choose from. They have all the colors to fit your preference and needs. However, the hard part when it comes to choosing the right color is mixing and matching.

Luckily, both brands have paint color viewers to help you visualize the space when you use a specific color. When choosing a color, remember that every hue differs with each brand. Although some colors may have similar names, there are instances when one brand has a lighter shade than the other.


One of the most critical factors that most homeowners consider is the cost of the paint. Generally, Benjamin Moore paints are more expensive than Valspar. One gallon of Benjamin Moore costs around $70-$75, while one gallon of Valspar only costs $30-$35.

Although Valspar is a high-quality paint, Benjamin Moore's higher price is justified by better performance and coverage.

Check out this article, "How Much Is A Gallon Of Benjamin Moore Paint? [A Cost Breakdown By Type Of Paint]" to learn more about Benjamin Moore prices.

Do Benjamin Moore And Valspar Paints Need Primer?

hand rolling white house paint primer on

With most painting projects, you should apply primer before painting. This is because the primer will create a bond between the wall and the paint, making it last longer. This is the case for Benjamin Moore and Valspar paints. However, some paint types made by these two brands already have primers.

If you need a separate primer, you should choose one made by the paint brand you're using.

Does It Matter What Brand Of Paint I Use?

Valspar paint store on the town near the street

Technically, yes. Paint brands are not created equal. Some paints might be suitable for a wall but may not look as good in other areas of your home.

It is essential to choose the right paint brand to avoid inconvenience in painting. Also, some paint types can be similar but still have a different mix that can differ from other brands.

Is Benjamin Moore Worth The Money?

Benjamin Moore paint store on the corner of the street in town

You already know that Benjamin Moore is more expensive than Valspar, so the next question will probably be if it is worth the money. The short answer is yes. Benjamin Moore offers high-quality paints that you will not regret using. The paint's full coverage and easy application are just some of its many benefits.

Additionally, this paint brand has almost all the hues you will want to see today or in your future repainting projects. They are also durable and long-lasting.

Can You Buy Benjamin Moore Paint At Home Depot?

Home Depot is a one-stop shop where you can buy almost everything. However, they do not always sell all brands in their store. So, the question is, do they sell Benjamin Moore paint?

Home Depot does not sell Benjamin Moore. This is because Benjamin Moore prefers selling their paints with independent retailers. They have a list of authorized retailers on their website where you can buy their paints. They don't sell their paints to huge retailers because their company gives importance and value to independent retailers.

Where Can You Buy Valspar Paint?

You can purchase Valspar paint at Lowe's and other independent authorized retailers. Just like Benjamin Moore, Valspar paint is not carried by Home Depot. 

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Can You Match Paint Colors From One Brand With Another Brand?

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If you're in the middle of painting your house and suddenly run out of paint, then you might wonder if you can match one brand's paint color to another.

Although a few colors could match the color you're using, it is not recommended to do so. This is because the two versions of a certain color may not match. There are instances when the shade from one brand is darker or lighter than another, even though their colors are the same.

So, if you choose a paint brand for your house, make sure to buy the exact amount of paint you will need to avoid having to use different shades from another brand. This also ensures that your painting project will be smooth and uniform.

Wrapping Things UpBenjamin Moore paint store on the corner of the street in town, Valspar paint store on the town near the street


Painting the interior or exterior of your home is very satisfying, but it can also give you a headache when it's time to choose what paint brand and colors to use. If you're torn between choosing Benjamin Moore or Valspar for your paint brand, it is important to know their differences to help you decide.

The comparison offered in this post may be a big factor in your decision, but you should choose the paint that will best suit your preference and needs.

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