4 Best Bedroom Wall Colors For Couples

At one point in most peoples' lives, they will find a special someone and move in with them. Maybe they will buy a house! If they do, then they get to deck out every room as they see fit. One of the biggest focal points, of course for couples, is the bedroom. Designing this room means that you need to balance out both partners' tastes (typically, both masculine and feminine touches) and also add an air of intimacy to the place.

When picking a bedroom wall color for a couple, it's often better to stick to neutrals, or at the very least, gender-neutral colors. The best bedroom wall colors for couples include:

  1. White 
  2. Blue
  3. Beige
  4. Gray

Trying to find a way to make your bedroom's walls work with your designs isn't easy. We took a look at the top four and also did some research regarding bedroom design. Check out our picks below!

Scandinavian style loft empty bedroom interior, 4 Best Bedroom Wall Colors For Couples

1. White

Bedroom interior with wooden furniture

White is one of the most popular neutral color paints for any room, and rightfully so. Along with making a room bigger, white also happens to be a color that works well with virtually any decoration style. Whether you're looking for an industrial look, a coastal look, a modern look, or a traditional-contemporary look, white will make it work. 

Having a white room is one of the most common ways to make sure that you don't end up squabbling over wall colors. Everyone loves a white bedroom, and it can turn into a surprisingly intimate color when paired with mood lighting. 

2. Blue

Modern teen loft bedroom with gray carpet and blue wall

While it is a traditionally masculine color, blue is one of those colors that walks a fine line between the masculine and feminine. If you have a macho partner, they won't mind sleeping on flannel sheets in a blue room. However, it still has a delicate vibe that makes it great for more feminine styles too. 

Blue is incredibly popular for bedrooms, especially when it comes to people prone to insomnia. This is one color that is noted for promoting relaxation and calmness. So, it's a safe bet!

3. Beige

Bedroom interior with beige tones design wall

When you're at a loss on how to match your decorations to your walls' color, it's always smart to choose a neutral color. And, when you want a room to look extra cozy, it's good to choose a brownish hue. These two little guidelines are what make beige such a smart color to pick for a bedroom. It's intimate, neutral, and absolutely elegant. 

Beige is one of those colors with a low-key air of sophistication, all while keeping things inviting. You and your partner will adore this look. 

4. Grays

Modern bright bedroom interior with gray walls

Gray's uniquely cool, elegant sheen has started to gain a serious following. To a point, it's become the go-to neutral color for people who want to make their home feel modern and sophisticated. When it's a light gray, you get an airy, room-opening vibe that is ideal for European country homes and Scandinavian homes alike.

When it's darker, it can transform your bedroom into a dramatic, luxurious, edgy look. However, it's important to make sure that you have the lighting and decoration for a darker gray bedroom. Otherwise, it can be too much to handle. Like other neutrals, gray is one of those colors that can be matched in almost any color scheme. So what you want to do with your room will always be doable. 

Important Questions To Ask About Choosing A Wall Color For A Bedroom

Wall colors can make or break a room's ambiance, which is why it's smart to ask questions before you grab a paintbrush. The questions below are the most important ones to consider.

Are Dark Colors Bad For A Bedroom?

Dark colors aren't necessarily bad for a bedroom, but they can be very tricky to pull off. Dark wall colors can make a room look smaller than it really is or make it feel too dark for comfort. This is why people are leery of using darker shades in their room. However, they shouldn't be universally panned. When done right, darker colors can add luxury and intimacy to your bedroom's ambiance. 

What Does Your Bedroom Color Say About You?

The colors that you choose from your bedroom are all related to your overall vibe. Neutral colors suggest that you are practical and maybe a little bit traditional. Fiery reds and oranges suggest passion, while blues and lavenders tend to be seen as a calming color. Darker colors tend to be seen as more masculine, while pinks are more feminine.

What Is The Most Relaxing Color To Paint A Bedroom?

Believe it or not, scientists studied the colors of a bedroom and how they impact a person's mood. Blue came out on top, which makes sense since it's always seen as a calming color. Light blues, in particular, are said to be very calming. If blue isn't your thing, other colors deemed to be relaxing include light greens and purples. 

What Colors Are Romantic?

Romance is in the eye of the beholder, but there are always some bedroom wall colors that seem to ignite the spark of passion in people. Believe it or not, white can be a romantic color if you have the right mood lighting. Red is another clear winner, though it can be tough to make your bedroom feel relaxing when you have such a bold color.

If you are going to go for a color as bold as red, we suggest that you look up some cool bedroom decor ideas that can help offset the wall color's striking grip. Even something along the lines of a neutral rug can help enhance the mood without making it too heavy-handed a color.

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What Color Should You Not Paint Your Bedroom?

Cute and lovely bedroom interior scene

There are no colors that are entirely off the table when it comes to bedrooms since any color can be made to work with a room as long as you do it skillfully. However, some colors are far more difficult to work with than others. The worst colors for couples bedrooms include:

  • Black - It's too dark and may make your room look gloomy.
  • Dark Gray - It can shrink a room and feel sterile rather than sexy.
  • Hot Pink - Many adults won't want a pink room, period.
  • Orange - This color tends to be too bold for most peoples' taste and can make it hard to relax.
  • Dark Brown - Much like dark grays, this can easily make your room feel cramped and sullen.
  • Gold - A gold wall is often too extreme for most rooms. 


If you were hoping for a quick and easy choice on bedroom wall color, the chances are that you've already noticed how difficult a decision it truly is. There are a lot of different ways to spin bedroom colors, many of which would impress even the biggest stickler for design. If you want to stick to pleasant,  safe colors, choosing blues or neutral colors is a good way to color your bedroom wall. 

On the other hand, it's possible to use a bolder color with serious success. It's all about the decorations that you're working with. So, before deciding, it's best to take a step back and look at what kind of plans you have for your bedroom. With a little communication and brainstorming, you will be able to find a perfect match. 

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