What Are The Best Blinds For Sliding Windows And Doors

Having gorgeous windows brightens up a room, but having blinds that complement them can transform their look entirely. You can make your sliding windows and doors reflect your style by installing blinds that not only look beautiful but are highly functional as well. So how do you know which ones to choose? We have gathered suggestions for you.

Here are blinds that will go well with your sliding windows and doors

  • Vertical Blinds
  • Linked Roller Blinds
  • Sliding Shutters
  • Sliding Panel Blinds
  • Roman Blinds
  • Honeycomb Blinds

We understand if you have reservations about using blinds. You may think they're too expensive, that it may be difficult to maintain them, or that you don't have too many design options. But over the years, their quality has increased, and it can be beneficial if you look into them first. Keep reading below to learn more about blinds for sliding windows and doors!

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Best Blinds for Sliding Windows and Doors

Blinds are an affordable window treatment that allows for better light control, added insulation, and visual appeal. Blinds are also more resistant to moisture, which means you have more agency as to where you can put them. 

The right blinds should provide you with maximum privacy and give you adequate light control whenever you need it. It should also be easy to adjust--there are even smart blinds that you can control through an app, saving you the hassle of standing up and adjusting it yourself!

Vertical Blinds

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Vertical blinds are a more modern window treatment compared to horizontal slats. Sliding windows and doors benefit more from vertical blinds since they open and close the same way, so they can be easier for you to operate.

The slats of vertical blinds are also thicker, enabling them to block more sunlight and have better light control. They also provide the best privacy, so you won't have to worry about anyone peeking into your space amid busy streets. 

Aesthetically, vertical blinds give the illusion of wider windows. They look more elegant and polished since they span the entire window length. There are a variety of designs available on the market, so you can choose one that fits your aesthetic best.

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Linked Roller blinds

Woman is opening blinds in the morning in her modern apartment. She is looking at window with panoramic city view, sunlight

Roller blinds are a set of sheets that can be rolled down to cover your window. They are affordable with their practical design, which adapts to the height of your windows. They provide an adequate amount of privacy, except it doesn't have a completely opaque surface.

Roller blinds have a more translucent look, especially when the sun is shining brightest. This makes insulation a bit more difficult, but you can improve it by installing a thick curtain underneath.

Note that these roller blinds are not fit for irregularly-shaped windows except if you have them specifically custom-fitted. 

Sliding Shutters

Wood shutters and sliding door to modern bedroom

Sliding shutters are an excellent window treatment if you want something more heavy-duty than simply having thin slats. Sliding shutters are more durable since they come in heavier materials, and they add insulation to your home. 

Simply slide or fold them if you want to let in light; shut them completely if you want some privacy.

A disadvantage of sliding shutters that make them a less popular option is you have less light control. The entire panel will need to be completely moved; you don't have many options over the amount of light you want in your space.

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Sliding panel blinds

Sliding panel blinds are a modern version of vertical blinds for sliding glass doors or windows. They have a sleek design that can modernize your space and look more sophisticated.

They have a range of opacity; you can choose which one fits your lifestyle best. They have panels that filter in a small amount of light, while others are completely opaque, offering maximum privacy but almost no light.

These panels are not as flexible in their function compared to other window treatments. Much like sliding shutters, they offer almost no light control since you will need to move an entire panel to either shut off or allow light in.

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Roman blinds

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Full roman blinds give off a luxurious appeal. However, traditional blinds have large folds that can look dated, so you may want to go for more modern styles for their sleek look. 

These blinds offer excellent privacy and light blocking. If you want blinds that completely shut out light, you can look for roman blinds with blackout fabrics. 

Since these blinds use thick fabric, it is recommended to avoid installing them in moisture-rich areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. The moisture can collect on the surface and trap mold, mildew, and odor. 

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Honeycomb blinds

Honeycomb blinds have a slim structure that doesn't create a thick stack when pulled up. This makes them look more modern, fitting cosmopolitan-looking spaces.

These blinds are popular for having an energy-efficient component. The blinds are equipped with insulating fabric that retains your room's cool temperature during the summer and blocks out the cold during winter.

They also have noise-canceling technology as it absorbs the noise outside. This can make your nights more peaceful, making you rest and wind down better. 

Note that these blinds are more of an investment in comfort since they don't come cheap. If you feel this is best for your lifestyle, go for these blinds!

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How much do blinds cost?

The cost of blinds depends on how large your sliding glass doors or windows are. It also depends on the material and the type of blinds you choose. 

On average, vertical blinds will cost you anywhere between $50 to $115 per window. Slat blinds have cheaper options, with prices varying between $11 to $215. You will need to consider labor costs as well since blinds can be challenging to install.

In total, you will have to be prepared to shell out around $200-$1,880, labor costs and materials included. 

There are also smart blinds on the market, which could cost you between $300 to $500, excluding labor costs and materials. There are cheap ones, approximately $113, but you need to inspect their quality first. 

Off course, you can always try installing it yourself to save on labor costs. 

Are Blinds Difficult to Clean?

Venetian blinds cleaning

Generally, blinds shouldn't be too challenging to clean. However, it still depends on the kind of blinds you have since some blinds are easier to maintain than others.

Vertical blinds are arguably the easiest to clean since they have bigger slats that you just have to wipe from the top down. They also collect less dust since gravity causes them to fall to the floor.

Roller blinds and honeycomb blinds are also easy to clean since they have a sturdy and dust-resistant fabric. All you'll need to do is to vacuum and brush their surface every week. 

How To Maintain your Blinds

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Maintaining your blinds is essential to retain their function and aesthetic appeal. Here are ways you can take care of your blinds.

Close the blinds and dust them

You need to close them so you can wipe each slat more effectively, whether they are horizontal or vertical. Dust the surface. Flip your blinds close to the other side to clean them as well.

Wipe with a damp fiber cloth

If the gunk is too much, you need to run your fiber cloth on water and wipe them on the slats. Use a specific cleaner for blinds if necessary. 

Submerge in a tub with soap, water, and baking soda

If you've neglected your blinds for too long, they might need to be submerged in a tub. Fill the tub with soap, water, and 1-cup of baking soda. remove the blinds from their position, and let them soak in the solution for 1-hour.

Lightly scrub the slats with a fiber cloth, then rinse. Let it air dry, then reinstall them. 

Are Vertical Blinds Good for Sliding Windows and Doors?

White vertical slat blinds hanging in front of a window as the sun is setting turning the light golden.

Vertical blinds offer better coverage for sliding windows and doors. Wider windows require larger slats, and larger slats arguably look better with vertical blinds. 

These blinds give your room a wider appeal since vertical lines naturally lead the eye upward. Because of this, vertical lines give an illusion of height. Consider this when choosing the window treatment for your space.

Final Thoughts

Western Red Cedar Plantation Shutters in the open position.

You can improve your room's comfort level and visual appeal by installing blinds over your sliding doors and windows. Choose the blinds that will contribute best to your lifestyle and fit your preference the most.

As with any home fixture, make sure it adds value to your daily life!

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