15 Best Carpet Colors By Room

Carpeting isn't just something to protect your feet from the cold floor on a winter day. It's one of the main foundations of a room's decoration, not to mention one of the largest sources of color for your room. It makes a ton of sense to take care when you are trying to find a great carpet for your home. Choosing the right color for your carpet depends on the room that you're trying to decorate. So, what are the best carpet colors, and how do you make them work in each room?

The 15 best carpet colors are as follows:

  • Beige
  • Grey
  • Black
  • Navy blue
  • Bright yellow
  • Deep brown
  • Sage green
  • Bright red
  • Taupe
  • Bright orange
  • Turquoise
  • Dusty pink
  • Rust
  • Mustard yellow
  • Light blue

Our guide offers up all the details you would ever need to make this work for you. Keep reading to check out the details of our choices for the best carpet colors for every room.

Light blue carpet in a bright and cozy living room, 15 Best Carpet Colors By Room

How Do You Choose A Carpet Color?

Choosing a carpet color is one of those things that you need to take on a holistic level. When choosing your carpet, make sure that you take your furniture picks, your textiles, and the colors of the wall into account. The room type alone won't be able to tell you enough for you to make a decision. Let's look more in depth into the 15 best carpet colors.


Chalet living room with beige carpet color, evening setting

Beige carpets are one of the best carpet colors for any room. Because it's a neutral color, beige won't clash with any colors you choose. Beige gives you the ability to make people focus on your decor around your walls and furniture rather than the floor. It can be turned into a coastal look, a farmhouse look, or even a modern look. 

Oh, beige also hides dirt pretty well, so there's that bonus, too.

Best For: Living rooms, bedrooms, foyers, dining rooms, and walk-in closets


Grey rug in a living room with a big window and a cozy sofa

Grey is not quite as warm as beige, which makes it ideal for modern rooms with cool-colored walls. A truly contemporary and trendy pick, this neutral color also has a tendency of working well with almost every color. With that said, most greys that you'll find on the market are slightly blueish in hue. This means they work best with cool colors. 

Grey, like beige, has a tendency of hiding dirt and messes. So while it's a fairly mellow carpet color, it packs a powerful punch at decreasing chores.

Best For: Living rooms, bedrooms, foyers, dining rooms, and walk-in closets


Black classic interior with armchair, moldings, fireplace, floor lamp, carpet, books, coffee table and decor

Bold, serious, and a little mysterious, black is a color that can work with a wide range of colors thanks to its neutral status. However, this is one of those colors that can make or break a room. Rooms that involve bold reds, blues, and yellows tend to do very well with black. The same can be said of woody-themed rooms with lots of light.

Black swallows up stains pretty well, so you won't have to worry about stains. This color also works with black leather couches. However, the sheer boldness of this color can overwhelm smaller rooms and make bedrooms look a little depressing. It's best to go for a more calming color in these rooms.

Best For: Living rooms, foyers, game rooms, and walk-in closets

Navy Blue

Blue stylish elegant retro living room with sofa and navy blue carpet

Navy blue is one of those colors that everyone has seen in a home at least once, and its popularity is even bigger among coastal homes. This nautical color gives your home a seafaring vibe, but also adds a little touch of drama depending on the decorations that you choose to add. While this isn't always a good option for people with warm color palettes, it's great for cool colors. 

This carpet color is another good stain hider, so if you are worried about having a carpet that's filled with spots, this is a great choice. It's worth noting, though, that blues and blacks are seen as appetite-suppressing colors. 

Best For: Living rooms, foyers, and bedrooms

Bright Yellow

White walled living room with bright yellow sofa and white rectangular coffee table on yellow carpet with black leaves design

Seeing a yellow carpet is a lot like getting a good dose of sunshine in your life. This is an excellent color for people who want to add California charm to their homes. An ideal way to warm up a room, open up your space, and also get your room to feel a little more golden, yellow carpets are always in style. 

If you are looking for a low maintenance color that still stands out as unique, yellow is a great choice. Yellow can also work well with green walls and white walls. It's up to you to decide how to spin this golden choice!

Best For: Living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms

Deep Brown

Wooden Interior with Furniture and Fireplace with deep brown carpet

If you're looking for a color that definitely deserves more love than it typically gets, look no further than brown. Brown carpeting and rugs add a rustic flair to almost any home that you could imagine. Since brown is a neutral color, it also works with a wider range of colors than most other carpets would. 

Since it's already a deep color, you don't have to worry about stains as much as you typically would. Moreover, brown matches with almost any shade of wood you might want to add to your home. 

Best For: Living rooms, dining rooms, dens, and sunrooms

Sage Green

Green and gold concept living room with sage green carpet

Green is one of those colors that people tend to forget about when they go carpet shopping, but they really shouldn't. Sage green is a calming color that has a lot to offer people who want an earthy, sometimes ethereal, look. This green adds a great touch to your home, especially if you have a "country cottage" type of feel. 

This green is a good pick if you want to pair it with pink, blue, white, or cream

Best For: Living rooms, patios, and sunrooms.

Bright Red

Brown sofa in a white walled room with bright red carpet

Red is a color that people always seem to love seeing as a carpet, especially when it's a part of an elegant pattern. It's easy to see why, too. Red is one of the few colors that is scientifically proven to increase appetite. It's bold, yet inviting. It also happens to be a traditional color for carpets worldwide, not to mention a color associated with passion. 

Red carpeting is a great pick for any room that you want to add heat to, or add an air of intimacy to. This fiery color also happens to be pretty resilient against staining, making it a great pick for people in search of a low-maintenance room choice. 

Best For: Living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms


Taupe carpet in living room with light brown sofa

Not to be mistaken for beige, which is a lighter shade, taupe is its own neutral pick that makes designing a breeze. This is one of the few neutral colors that actually started to get in on the trending world. In other words, taupe is the fashionable, slightly more dramatic version of beige. 

Taupe is a great shade of carpet for high traffic areas, simply because it hides dirt and grit of all types. Since it's a more stain-resistant shade, you might be able to cut back on your cleaning from time to time. Oh, and it also works well in patterns, too. 

Best For: Living rooms, bedrooms, walk-in closets, hallways, patios, sunrooms, and dining rooms

Bright Orange

Modern living room with nearby kitchen bar and bright orange carpet with couch in the living area

Many home designers love the look of red, but often wish that there was a way to get a subtle way to tone down the look. Orange is a good way to accomplish that goal. Unlike red, which can sometimes act as an "in your face" color, orange is slightly more subdued. It's still fiery, and still adds that warm glow to any home. However, it's less likely to overwhelm you. 

Fans of autumn decor will love this color of carpet. The same can be said for people who have a lot of pinks, yellows, reds, and tans in their homes. 

Best For: Living rooms, bedrooms, walk-in closets, hallways, and dining rooms


Apartment interior living room with large LED TV screen on the brick wall. modern sofa with pillows, turquoise carpet, large windows

Do you have a home that is based along the coast? Or maybe a home where you love showing a love of Southwestern flair? If so, then you understand why the aquatic charm of turquoise works well as a carpet color. Unlike most of the other carpet colors on this list, turquoise is a color that begs for attention. This is a "statement color" at its finest. 

Due to the lighter color of this carpet, it usually doesn't bode well with stains. 

Best For: Living rooms and bedrooms

Dusty Pink

Leather couch with pillows and dusty pink carpet in white flat interior with plants and floor lamp

Also known as "Millennial Pink," dusty pink has the warmth that people enjoy with a lot less attention-grabbing than a typical pink hue would offer. A great choice to pair with pearl, gold, grey, or wood accents, this shade only recently got its time in the sun in the design world. While trendy, it's also timeless. You can't go wrong with this statement color.

One issue that you may have with dusty pink is that you may have a hard time keeping it clean. It also can be challenging to match unless you have a modern aesthetic. 

Best For: Living rooms, patios, and bedrooms


Dark stained wood stained home office with warm rust desert color with wood furniture, desk, lamp and oriental rug

Not quite orange, not quite brown, rust is one of those colors that walks a fine line between a lot of different moods and styles. Rust is a perfect color for people who want a traditional home, yet it also works well with extremely modern, industrial atmospheres. The versatility in this is what makes rust an amazing choice for virtually any home. 

If you want to bring out the metallic charm, do so by adding metal and iron accents into the mix. Want to dial up the spa vibe? Stick to greens and tons of wood nearby. 

Best For: Living rooms, dining rooms, patios, and bedrooms

Mustard Yellow

Living room with furniture, ornate curtains and carpet in mustard yellow

Mustard yellow is a little unique in its style. It remains bold but still is somewhat muted compared to a typical bright yellow. Its golden hue is one of the most noticeable out there, but still gives your furniture a way to make its own statement. While it's stylish, it's not crazy enough to be an attention grabber. 

Like many other carpet colors, mustard adds a nice warm glow to a home while keeping things organic. It's spa-like, yes, but at the same time, is often considered to be better for dining areas.

Best For: Living rooms and dining rooms

Light Blue

Interior of apartment, living room with sofa on a light blue and white patterned carpet

We couldn't end a list of the best carpet colors for homes without including one of the most popular non-neutrals on the market. Light blue remains a visually pleasing, calming color that helps keep people feeling mellow. Since it's so light, it's great for opening up a room and bringing light in. It also has a spa-like vibe that is perfect for any room involving relaxation. 

Best For: Bedrooms, living rooms, patios, foyers, sunrooms, and nurseries

Important Questions To Ask (About Your Carpet)

Carpet choices run in the hundreds, and choosing the right shade can still be tricky. If the information above didn't help enough, consider the answers to these questions below while you search. 

What Is The Most Popular Carpet Color?

If you are one of those people who loves the idea of going with the most popular option, stick to beige, tan, cream, and taupe carpets. These sandy, light brown-ish colors are the most frequently asked for in homes. They are also considered to be the most versatile, which means that you can count on a great resell price if you add it in.

What Are The Safest Colors For A Room?

Feeling lost and unsure how to decorate your home? Not a problem. It actually is a fairly easy issue to handle. If you are unsure of the best color for your home, it's often better to stick to a light neutral color like taupe, beige, or grey. These colors work with all the decorations you have reasonably well, and also can make your room look more spacious.

What Color Carpet Makes A Room Look Bigger?

This isn't a single-color answer, honestly. The truth is that most carpets that are light in color will open up a room fast, and also make your home look more well-lit. If you have a petite room that you want to add a rug or a carpet to, any of the shades below will help make your room appear bigger:

  • Beige
  • Light Brown
  • Light Grey
  • Light Blue
  • White (Note: This is notoriously difficult to keep clean, which is why we do not advise it unless you have a good cleaning budget.)

In Closing

Choosing the right color for your carpet isn't ever easy, though there are ways to help figure out which colors won't work. A good way to figure out which color works in your home is to match your carpet with the decoration. Of course, you can always find a guide on how to match your walls, decor, or furniture to your carpet. 

At the end of the day, we can't tell you which carpet is going to be the best for your specific room. It'll take your own judgment to determine which shade will make your heart sing. But most of all, have fun with the process!

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