6 Best Chairs For Tall People

Being tall may get you on the runway or the court, but does it make seating a little more challenging? Taller people tend to need different seating types versus shorter people, and we are here to figure that out. We have looked into this and have found some excellent tall people chair options for you. Worry no more.

You do not have to give up on style and comfort with these chair options we have compiled into a list for you to check out. Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Meridian Furniture Karina Collection Matching Velvet Chairs
  2. Christopher Knight Home Brice Vintage Scroll Chair 
  3. Alpha Home Living Room Accent Chair
  4. Homcom Linen Fabric Tufted Tall Wingback Accent Chair 
  5. HomePop Parsons Classic Upholstered Accent Dining Chair 
  6. OSP Designs Papasan 360-Degree Swivel Chair

As we continue in this guide, we will provide you insight and tall chair inspiration for your space. Being tall does not have to limit your seating options but may end up expanding them. Let's get reading!

Modern living and dining room with red velvet high back chair, 6 Best Chairs For Tall People

The Ideal Chair For Taller People 

When we think of the ideal chair for a taller person to sit in, we believe in a longer style. Chairs with a longer or taller back will support a bigger person and allow for comfort while sitting. In the example above, you can see how these chairs have a deeper seat paired with a tall back for the taller person sitting in the chair.

The average height of a "tall" person will be anywhere from 5'7" to 6'3", respectfully, and can even go higher than that. You want your chair to be high enough for even the tallest members of your home. 

How Tall Should Your Chair Be?

When it comes down to the perfect chair's actual dimensions for taller people, the answer varies. The ideal chair depth for taller people should be around 2o inches and a height of at least 18 to 20 inches from what we have found.

Although your legs may still extend past the edge of your seat, it is super important to have depth in the chair you are sitting in to provide essential comfort. The height of a chair depends on the person sitting it, but we recommend a taller or higher back to support your body's frame. 

Our Chair Recommendations For Tall People

1. Meridian Furniture Karina Collection Matching Velvet Chairs

These taller style chairs are great for your dining table and measure 33.5 inches tall. The velvet upholstery on these chairs gives them an upscale look, too. Select from gold or chrome legs and 5 different colors. 

Click here to see these chairs on Amazon.

2. Christopher Knight Home Brice Vintage Scroll Chair 

Christopher Knight Home Store offers this beautiful vintage scroll-arm chair. This is a great accent chair option for taller people due to its depth and taller back. The polyester fabric makes this chair very durable. 

Click here to see this chair on Amazon.

3. Alpha Home Living Room Accent Chair 

This chair measures out at the height of 35 inches and has a deep seat. It's the perfect accent chair for a living or dining room and very suitable for a tall individual. 

Click here to see this chair on Amazon.

4. Homcom Linen Fabric Tufted Tall Wingback Accent Chair

This linen fabric tufted chair comes from the brand HOMCOM. This chair has a 17-inch back and a depth of 20.5 inches as well. This may be the perfect chair for a taller home and is a stylish and on-trend option. Its beige color and solid wooden legs make it suitable for a variety of home styles. 

Click here to see this chair on Amazon.

5. HomePop Parsons Classic Upholstered Accent Dining Chair

Moving to the dining room, we found these decorative tall back chairs from HomePop. These chairs utilize a taller back and a more comfortable seating option for tall (and shorter) dinner guests. The teal geometric pattern leans more toward contemporary or traditional, adding a stunning pattern to any dining room.

Follow this link to check these chairs out on Amazon.

6. OSP Designs Papasan 360-Degree Swivel Chair 

This final chair from the OSP Design Center is a 360-degree swivel option. This chair is intended for indoor use and is a really cool option to look into. There are even 10 color options for the cushion of the chair. 

Click here to see this chair on Amazon.

Now you have some wonderful chair options as a tall individual, but what about couches? Without a doubt, you'll want to read this post, too: 13 Fantastic Couches For Tall People.

What happens if your chair is too low?

If your chair turns out to be too low, we always recommend trying to return it before getting crafty. Low rise chairs are a lot like low rise jeans; we would like to erase them from our memories. Adding a pillow or seat cushion may end up giving you some height but will not fix this issue altogether. It is best to choose a chair that is at least 30 inches high as a tall person. 

We are unsure whether we should have put a trigger warning before this image because this is every tall person's nightmare. Low rise chair design has never been significantly used in homes but does have a pretty substantial resume in public and office spaces. 

Although nobody wants to whip one of these out in the office, you can place a seat cushion on a low rise chair. This may be a great fix to the somewhat awkward height chair you have in your home or office and help you reach your desk more comfortably.

Check this product out on Amazon by clicking here.

When sitting, should your knees be higher than your hips?

When seated, your knees should be at the same level or near each other to maximize comfort. Ergonomic chairs follow this guideline and provide an even more comfortable sitting experience for those using the chair.

You should follow this body positioning to have your back and posture be straighter and not end up hurting or damaging your back. Nothing is worse than having a bad back from the chair you were sitting in. 

Another piece of furniture that may give you the best of both worlds is an ottoman. These rounded leather or fabric cushions work as a footrest and provide essential comfort to someone who may want to kick their feet up. Ottomans come in various shapes and sizes, so it is always best to measure your chair before buying one. 

Sold on adding an ottoman to your home? Check this post out for more guidance: What Is the Best Height for an Ottoman? [by Function]

Here we have a rounded ottoman that has glowing reviews from verified buyers. This is an easy and movable option that may be precisely what you and your feet have been searching for.

Click here to check out this ottoman on Amazon.

How can you make your chair higher?

Making your chair higher can be easily achieved with a seat cushion or even a pillow for you to sit on. When it comes to your chair's actual height, you cannot do a whole lot at home. But if seating is your priority, this can be done.

Trying out an ergonomic cushion is a great way to remedy your chair's height issue while also providing comfort for you while you work or relax. The height or lack of height on your chair can cause you a lot more pain than you thought, so it is crucial to find a sweet spot. 

Try Out Decorative Seat Cushions 

Making your chair taller does not have to be a frumpy final look if you use some decorative cushioning. Trying out a seat cushion is a great way to add some height to your chair while also adding much-needed comfort. You can find this style of seat cushion at any major store, and they usually cost around 15 dollars per pillow. 

This style of cushion follows a bohemian vibe and will add some height to your current seating.

Follow this link to Amazon to check these cushions out.

Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect chair as a taller shopper can feel impossible sometimes. The chair you choose has got to be able to hold your width and height without taking away your much-needed comfort. Just because you are taller than the average person does not mean you have to choose a chair that lacks individuality and style. Try finding a plush or padded chair that will offer comfort and height.

If your chair at home lacks that essential length or height, we recommend trying out a seat cushion. You can go plain or choose a crazy colored pillow for your space. A little DIY project never hurt anybody (be careful, the previous claim is not valid). And when all else fails, an ottoman is waiting for you.

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