What Is The Best Color For Bedroom Carpet?

Carpets are popularly used in bedrooms because they offer plenty of warmth and have very flexible styles. However, some colors may be more effective than others. This can be determined by both function and the overall style of your home. It can take a lot of effort to restyle the carpet in all your bedrooms. So, we have carefully put together a guide on which colors are best for you.

The best color for your bedroom carpet will be practical and coordinate with the desired style. In other words, you should consider the size of your bedroom and the interior design of the home. Different colors will be appropriate depending on your own home:

  • Grey or black
  • Brown
  • Blue or green
  • Rose

Selecting the right color for your carpet can be subjective, so you can choose any color that pleases you. But you can keep reading to learn about how different colors can achieve various styles, and how you can use them to make the size of your room appear to change.

light gray master bedroom with blue bed and headboard, gray full carpet. What Is The Best Color For Bedroom Carpet

Should carpet be darker or lighter than walls?

It is important to understand the relationship between carpeting and walls because it can determine how balanced your room looks. You can read the post, Should Carpet Be Lighter Or Darker Than Walls?, for complete details about how they work together.

Usually, it is best for a carpet to be darker than the walls. Most rooms are styled with a darker floor and use brighter colors leading up to the ceiling. This is because a darker floor of any material will help ground the area.

Walls that are darker than the floor will be emphasized over the carpeting. This can make the walls appear to be floating without a proper foundation. It is difficult to balance walls that are darker than the carpet and only works in specific circumstances. That can require a lot of trial and error.

This is why you should choose the desired color of the carpet first, and then focus on the walls afterward. Ideally, the walls should remain within two to three shades of the carpet. That will maintain a sense of consistency, whether you choose lighter or darker walls.

Now let's get into these bedroom carpet colors.

Grey or Black

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Grey bedroom interior with mirror

These two options are always very popular for bedroom carpeting. That is largely because they are neutrals. This means they are able to work with any other color. That makes it easy to incorporate them into most interior designs. And any time that you want to restyle, you will likely not have to change the carpeting again.

Grey and black are commonly used to create a minimalist interior design. These scenes are based on smooth, open surfaces. But darker colors can help soften the look of the carpet pile. This way, the bedroom can still have a minimalist style. And you would not have to sacrifice the warmth of the carpet.

Also, grey and black are neutrals with very cool temperatures. This means that they will be able to hide dirt more effectively than other colors or neutrals. This is why brighter carpets are avoided most of the time.

What color carpet hides dirt best?

White is often used to brighten up rooms because of its high temperature. It is also neutral, which means it is still able to work with any other color, just like grey and black. But white carpets will showcase their dirt, stains, and damage.

You will not have to keep up with every stain on a grey or black carpet. And any damage to the carpet pile will largely go unnoticed. This is particularly useful for bedrooms with children or pets. They can get carried away and cause damage. However, dark carpets can also be useful for any bedroom with frequent foot traffic.

If you do not necessarily want a dark carpet, there is another option. You can purchase “flecked” carpets. A flecked design means that the carpet is made of more than one color. You can mix and match any two colors. This visual noise can successfully create depth and make it harder to notice dirt.

Does a dark carpet make a room look smaller?

A dark carpet like grey or black can potentially make the room look smaller than it actually is. That is because dark colors and neutrals tend to absorb color. But this is still often used on purpose to make the room appear cozier. Brighter colors are more reflective and are therefore usually used to make a room seem larger.


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Black and Blue Master Bedroom with brown floor carpet

Brown is one of the most ideal colors for a bedroom because it is considered to be “near neutral." That means a brown carpet will partner well with other colors, just like pure neutrals. It naturally has more warmth than grey or black. But it won’t show filth or damage the way that white would.

There are many different forms of brown for all occasions, such as tan. Usually, brown is associated with nature and has a wooden look. So, brown is often used for interior designs that emphasize nature. This may not be ideal for rooms that are intended to look more modern.

Blue or Green

Modern, cobalt blue bedroom with double bed, gray bedding, carpet and window

Blue has a naturally cool temperature, no matter how bright the shade is. This makes it possible to both include more color in the room and continue to successfully hide dirt. You will have the freedom to use either light or dark shades. This is why blue will appear in many interior designs.

Green may also be used in the same way. But even darker shades of green will have more warmth than blue. Also, green is a bolder color that may not be useful in most interior designs. But it remains a useful way to introduce both color and warmth into the bedroom.


Bright spacious teenage girl room interior with metal bed, pink drapes and soft carpet on the floor

It is sometimes possible to use rose for your carpeting because it is a softer form of pink or red. A rose carpet does not have as sharp of a temperature.

As such, the color rose is one of the brightest options that will not reveal as much dirt as white carpeting. Also, you can easily mix the color rose into a flecked carpet. It can successfully serve as either the primary or secondary color in the mix.

Which carpet is the best for bedrooms?

Once you have decided on the ideal color for the bedroom, it is important to consider the pile type. The “pile” refers to the material and style of the carpet fibers. The ideal carpet for a bedroom is nylon or polyester.

That is because polyester is known to be inexpensive, which is useful for installing new carpeting in multiple bedrooms. Most of the time, bedrooms should match throughout the home to create consistency. Also, polyester is a synthetic fiber type that will be able to resist water and damage more than most natural fibers.

If you are working with a higher budget, you can choose nylon instead of polyester for more durability. Nylon has all of the same advantages as polyester. But a nylon carpet will also be easier to clean.

It is best to choose a low pile carpet for easy maintenance. This means that the fibers are shorter. But they may not offer as much comfort as taller and thicker pile types.

What carpets are trending for 2021?

The most noticeable trends are including more risks and personality. This often results in the purchase of carpet tiles. That is because carpet tiles are not as difficult to install or replace. They generally do not require you to hire someone for the job, compared to ordinary carpet rolls.

Those rolls can require tack strips and nails. You can also read the post, Does Carpet Installation Include Removal Of Old Carpet?, to learn about the other challenges of installing a new carpet.

Click here to find these gray peel and stick carpet tiles on Amazon.

Carpet tiles are also known as carpet squares because they are applied one square at a time. Sometimes, they need to be glued down. Others are self-adhesive. This means you would only need to peel and stick each square. As such, carpet tiles will allow you more freedom to restyle and make bold choices.




It is possible to use many different colors for carpeting, unlike solid or engineered wood. This makes carpeting very popular for homes, and the warmth is particularly useful in bedrooms. Now that you understand the effects of different colors, you can use this information to successfully begin creating the desired room.

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