What’s The Best Color For Patio Cushions?

Redesigning the patio will give you lots of insight into what your priorities are when using the space to relax, dine, or entertain. It will give you the opportunity to mix and match textures, too, to set the right mood. Because of this, you must be asking yourself what color should your cushions be? We have found the best color options to help you decide.

There are no definite rules about the colors you should choose for patio cushions. However, creating a refreshing vibe is most likely your top priority, and some colors evoke that atmosphere better than others. Here are cushion colors to try:

  • Sage Green
  • Yellow
  • Cream
  • Sea Foam Blue
  • Brown
  • Tan
  • Grey & Yellow
  • Burgundy & Cream
  • Blush Pink & Brown
  • Patterned Neutrals
  • Grey & Blue

Choosing the right color scheme for your outdoor space can be a challenge, especially if you want it to match the seasons. However, the key to making it effortlessly lovely is to have the colors balance each other out and to make it aesthetically versatile. If you want to learn more about designing your patio, keep reading below!

An apartment outdoor patio with a couch and table, What's The Best Color For Patio Cushions?

What's The Best Color For Patio Cushions?

Vibrant colors are always welcome in an outdoor space. However, you still want the colors to look visually refreshing, and that there is a balancing element that ties them all together.

A visually relaxing patio will set the tone of how your activities will play out. It will also affect curb appeal, so you want it to complement the surroundings.

Going for natural colors is always an excellent design solution as it injects a burst of energy into the outdoor space. If you have a lot of greenery, the colors will blend right in with the theme.

However, don’t discredit the ability of neutral colors to brighten up a place! Utilize them to create a more cohesive palette and a visually refreshing space. Here are the most ideal colors and color combinations that will elevate your patio!

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Sage Green

Sage green is a calming and visually relaxing color that can blend with your outdoor scape seamlessly. This hue has a modern appeal, making your patio look effortlessly chic.

Its muted and soft shade will also complement any aesthetic you may want to achieve. For example, if you want to switch up your style in the middle of the year, your sage green cushions will still fit right in!

Consider adding warm accents on the cushion to add depth to the design of the cushions.


Photo of an armchair, pouf as a table and wicker couch on a terrace

Make your outdoor scape as bright as the sunshine by turning your patio cushions yellow. Yellow will instantly brighten up your and your guests’ mood, setting the tone for your small gatherings.

Pair the yellow cushions with white throws to balance the vibrance, or you can go monochrome and get yellow in different shades! Either of these will make your patio look effortlessly elegant and instantly make you feel like you’re on a vacation.

Choose pastel yellow for a softer color palette, or go with a rich yellow hue for a more zesty combination!

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Neutral-colored cushions will always be a safe bet. They are easier to style, they are more aesthetically versatile, and they fit any season and occasion.

Cream cushions have a warm appeal that can make your patio look welcoming. You can layer it with thick throws and novelty pillows for texture and visual stimulation.

This is an ideal option if you want to highlight the scenery instead of the patio. The cushions will fit in with the scenery, and it makes for a cozy outdoor space.

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Sea foam blue

Long brown wicker sofa and blue cushions and cushions placed on the lawn

Blue is a natural color that will seamlessly blend with the greenery around your patio. It has a refreshing appeal that reminds you of the beach, instantly putting you and your guests in a tranquil mood.

Blue is generally a low-maintenance color. It is not as vibrant as yellow, and not as bright as white and cream so it won’t be showing small food stains easily.

This is ideal if you’re planning to host barbecue parties on the patio and you don’t want to deal with dirty aftermath. However, as always, you need to maintain the cushions so they’ll stay fresh.

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An apartment's outdoor patio with a couch and blue and yellow pillows

Lean into a rustic escape by putting rich, brown cushions on your patio. It is a natural color so it will blend well if you have a lot of plants around you, and it will have a timeless appeal that will look good in every season.

Having brown cushions is also ideal if your patio has a wooden deck. However, make sure that the colors won’t match too closely that the cushion becomes visually lost.

If you’re going for brown cushions and you have vibrant-toned wooden decks, go for a light-colored chair to go with it so the cushions will have visual appeal.


Well landscaped pool area and relaxing seats

Tan cushions are a great way to incorporate them into your patio. It has an earthy tone that will add warmth to your space, especially when paired with other rustic elements.

For added coziness, layer the tan cushions with neutral throws. Put the cushions in a dark-colored rattan or wooden chair to lean into a chic farmhouse design.

Tan is also an ideal color if you want a low-maintenance color. They don’t show dirt easily, so it will look pristine all throughout your gathering. Of course, you need to wash it even if it hides dirt well. Making your patio a refreshing space involves maintaining its neatness!

Grey & Yellow

Soft pillow cushion attange on sofa at garden patio hotel area

Match yellow cushions with other grey cushions to create a visual structure to the space. Grey will tone down the rich tones of the yellow cushions, and it can tie up the entire design since it’s a neutral color.

Whether you have a pool or a garden surrounding the patio, yellow and grey will fit right into your outdoor scape.

The color combination is also versatile, so it can stay in style all year round. All you’ll have to think about are the decorations!

Burgundy & Cream

If you want your cushions to have a warmer look without being visually overwhelming, go with burgundy and cream. The combination has a homey vibe, and they fit in with any occasion. Cushions with this color combination will have an elegant yet rugged look.

This can transform your patio into an effortlessly chic space, especially if you already have flowering plants to complement the cushion’s rich hue.

Both burgundy and cream have warm undertones, but one is more toned down making it a balancing element. Don’t layer the cushions heavily with throws since it can be visually chaotic.

With these colors at play, less is more.

Blush Pink & Brown

Patio chairs in sheltered summer garden
Patio Chairs in Sheltered Summer Garden

For a softer color palette that still has a bit of structure, go with blush pink and brown cushions. The color combination has a whimsical appeal, but brown will be the grounding element that will make it blend with your area.

If you are more inclined to have a softer color palette, go with lighter shades of brown. The colors will still be cohesive with the surroundings, and it will look lovely regardless of the season because of their versatility.

Patterned Neutrals

Comfy garden furniture and geometrical rug on a terrace in spa resort

If you want to lean into neutral colors, choose cushions that can inject visual stimulation into the area. Although neutrals are a timeless design solution, you don’t want to make the design itself too plain. After all, this is the place you’ll be entertaining guests later on.

Explore other patterns and textures that can add depth to the patio’s design to make it look more welcoming.

Neutral color palettes can still be engaging if you choose materials with great design. For example, you can go for velvet-lined cushions, or choose ones with a floral design. Top it all off with patterned novelty pillows and fluffy blankets for a cozy vibe.

Grey & Blue

Long brown wicker sofa and blue cushions and cushions placed on the balcony

Grey and blue cushions are a refreshing color combination that can highlight your patio’s natural surroundings.

This is also an ideal color scheme if you have a pool next to the patio since they match effortlessly.

Go with teal blue or baby blue to go with deep grey cushions. This will brighten up your outdoor space, and the grey cushions will add visual structure to the arrangement.

Final Thoughts

When redesigning your patio, start with the biggest furniture first before working your way to the decorations and details. This will make your design process easier, and you have the best chance of building a more cohesive look.

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