What Are The Best Colors For Patio Umbrellas? [9 Stylish Choices]

Spending time outdoors helps us recharge and revel in the beauty of nature. And if you have a patio or deck, chances are you have a patio umbrella.

But have you wondered about the perfect colors for this unique outdoor cover? No worries, we have done our research and have some ideas to share!

Dress your outdoor space style, and be ready for barbeques, lounging poolside, or relaxing under the sun. Consider the following colors for your patio umbrella:

  1. White
  2. Cream
  3. Tan
  4. Black
  5. Red
  6. Yellow
  7. Blue
  8. Green
  9. Brown

Patio umbrellas are not only practical but add a touch of color and class to your patio or deck. So, if you are curious about dazzling colors to tie together your backyard oasis, keep reading to learn more.

We will also cover related questions about patio umbrellas and outdoor decor too.

Summer afternoon red sunshade umbrella, What Are The Best Colors For Patio Umbrellas? [9 Stylish Choices]

Pairing Patio Umbrellas With Your Outdoor Space

Beautiful and lush summertime Mediterranean style courtyard garden with wooden table and chairs and white market umbrella.

A patio umbrella helps set the mood in your outdoor space and provides a canopy of protection from the sun's heat and UV rays.

However, specific colors may offer more protection from the sun or resist fading longer than others. Or, particular hues will better complement your outdoor furniture and home's exterior.

We have more than a few excellent color suggestions with inspirational photo examples.

No matter what color you choose, your patio umbrella must fit your sense of aesthetics and budget.

You can opt for one of the colors below or forge your path and choose a pattern, muted pastel, or vibrant color instead.

1. White

Secluded patio surrounded by flower gardens.

Stick to a neutral color and opt for a bright or off-white color that reflects the sun's rays. White compliments most colors and doesn't immediately steal the show visually.

2. Cream

a luxurious lounge on the poolside of a beautiful big pool

Find more time to lounge and entertain outdoors under the cooling shade of a cream-colored patio umbrella.

It's not quite white, isn't venturing into tan, brown, or beige, and creates a touch of subtle visual interest.

3. Tan

Patio Umbrella under palm trees at a resort hotel

Get away from it all and spend more time outdoors in your backyard with a tan patio umbrella.

Tan is a decent compromise between settling for white, cream, or an earthy brown. It's light enough to reflect the sun's rays but still adds visual interest to your yard.

4. Black

[PIN id="485192559852101911" size="large"] [/PIN]

Indulge in the sense of luxury with a visually striking black patio umbrella. Imagine stretching out under a matching chaise lounge, sipping on tropical concoctions while keeping the sun's UV rays at bay.

Black may seem like an odd color choice for sun protection, but it's effective at protecting you from heat and light.

5. Red

red sunshade in front of blue sky

Red is a wonderfully bright and cheery color appropriate for summer and fall. Unlike lighter colors that will reflect light, red absorbs the sun's heat and light.

6. Yellow

outdoor cafe with yellow sun umbrellas tables and chairs

Choose yellow if you are looking for a vibrant, sunny, and cheerful color off the beaten path.

It's not as dark as navy blue or cherry red, but it reflects a bit more light and complements spring and summer weather.

7. Blue

top of a closed beach umbrella

Embrace the colors of the sky, sea, and sapphire gems with a blue patio umbrella. Opt for a darker navy blue, a brilliant teal, or a pastel robin's egg blue.

Depending on your hue, you get a range of sun protection and cooling shade.

8. Green 

Backyard garden with beautiful landscape. Patio area with umbrella, table and chairs

Mimic the cool canopy of treetops, and embrace an earthy jewel-tone green for your pool or deck. Enjoy a respite under a patio umbrella that is a peridot, grass, or lime color for a festive mood.

9. Brown

Brown square umbrella on sky

Draw inspiration from earthy tones of brown for a cohesive look for your outdoor escape. Choose a shade of brown closer to sand or rich chocolate for a nice look for your patio or deck.

What Color Umbrella Is Best For UV Protection?

Although you might think white is the best color for UV protection, darker colors are a better choice. Namely, you want to opt for black, red, or navy blue.

It might come as a surprise, but these darker colors absorb more UV rays, blocking them from reaching your skin.

Despite appearances, black is the best color for a patio umbrella if you want UV protection. Black blocks out up to 90% of UV rays and absorbs plenty of heat.

Also, remember that the brighter or darker the color, the more protection it offers. So, as chic as they may look, avoid pastel hues if you want UV protection.

See this UV-proof umbrella on Amazon.

What Umbrella Colors Absorb Heat Best?

Darker colors naturally absorb heat the most, so if you have a patio umbrella that is black, dark brown, or dark blue, it will trap more warmth.

In the summer, these might be colors you want to avoid if you want to stay cool. However, you might appreciate having a darker-colored patio umbrella to gather under in cooler months.

What Colors Reflect The Most Light?

If you are looking for colors that reflect the most light, you will want to stick to lighter colors such as white, cream, or tan.

Also, pastel shades, or any hues closer to white or light in color, will reflect more light than darker colors.

Does Sunbrella Fabric Block UV Rays?

Yes, Sunbrella fabric blocks up to 98% of UV rays. So, you can enjoy a chic patio umbrella in a rainbow of colors while enjoying sufficient UV protection.

See this Sunbrella patio umbrella on Amazon.

Will A Black Umbrella Protect You From The Sun?

Yes, if you want more protection from the sun, opt for a sophisticated-looking black umbrella. Because of the properties of the color black, it absorbs rather than reflects the heat, light, and UV rays of the sun.

According to various reports, black is the best at blocking sun exposure and protecting your skin and health. Also, try to find a patio umbrella in black and made from treated fabric that resists UV rays.

View this black umbrella on Amazon.

What Color Is Coolest In The Sun?

If you are trying to beat the heat, stick to colors like white and silver. Also, lighter colors do a better job of staying cool in the sun rather than darker hues.

How Do You Pick An Umbrella Color?

The best way to choose an umbrella color is to stick to what you like most. Choose a color that suits your fancy and preferably complements, contrasts, or matches your outdoor furniture and decor.

If you feel stumped, white, cream, and similar hues are popular for backyards, pools, and other outdoor spaces. Also, be aware that lighter colors may show more dirt and debris.

Darker colors may fade faster in the sun. However, certain patio umbrella companies treat their products to resist fading, UV rays, and damage from the elements.

Should My Patio Umbrellas Match?

Ideally, most people like their outdoor furniture and patio umbrellas to match. So, it's common to stick to the same color theme and keep everything within a few shades of one another to avoid garish clashes.

However, if you yearn to create a visually stunning space, follow your bliss and go off the beaten path. You don't have to match your patio umbrella color with outdoor furniture and decor.

But, it's best to create a cohesive look that is visually harmonic and balanced rather than competing for attention.

Decorate your space using colors that fit your preference, style, and personality. There are no hard-fast rules to follow.

What Is The Most Popular Patio Umbrella Color?

For many, a patio umbrella that is a cream or white color is the most popular choice.

However, some people love bright jewel tones, sticking to earthy beiges, grays, tan, or even opt for a black umbrella.

Lighter colors win out for their reflectiveness and easy styling when curating an outdoor space.

Our Final Thoughts

Before you go, let's recap about patio umbrellas' colors. First, follow your bliss and choose a color that complements your outdoor space and home's exterior.

The best options for your patio umbrella are white, black, or jewel-tone colors. Focus on choosing a color that will better reflect the sun's heat, keep you cool, or deflect UV rays.

Ultimately, your chosen color should match your home's style and make you feel good about your outdoor space.

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