11 Best Colors That Go With Gold [Home Design Combinations]

Gold is arguably one of the most popular and enduring colors of all time, dating back to as early as the 8th century. While it faded from popularity in home design towards the end of the 1990s and into the early 2000s, gold has made an enormous comeback when it comes to home decor.

In addition to being associated with wealth and riches, the color gold is extremely versatile and can add a warm and bright burst of color to any color scheme. Gold also complements many different design styles and room themes.

Whether the gold in your home is real or not, gold can sometimes be easily damaged with bumps and scratches. Gold is a luxurious color, so it can sometimes be a bit too ornate for some surroundings, especially if you are going for a more casual look.

Due in part to its relatively short drop in popularity, finding products in gold options can sometimes be difficult. It is a possibility that due to some of the reasons that we discussed, not everyone will be a fan of the color gold when it comes to home design and decor.

As with any other color, gold comes in several different shades and finishes. From dull to shiny, dark to light, and everything in between, there is sure to be a particular gold that fits perfectly into your surroundings.

Finding the perfect color or finish of gold for your space can be a challenge and may seem overwhelming. But we created a guide to bring you a glimpse into some of the best possible color companions to pair with tones of gold.

Green living room, corner, blue furniture sofa and classic wall concept, carpet vase of plant and coffee table, 11 Best Colors That Go With Gold [Home Design Combinations]

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1. White

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Golden sitting room interior with chair, lamp, decorations and plants

A color combination that can be dated back to Egyptian times, white is one of the oldest colors to be paired with gold. This color pairing is simple, crisp, and elegant, and this is shown in the example pictured above. 

White, being the ultimate in light neutrals, goes well with any shade or finish of gold depending on your style. The gold leaf decor pictured below can help you achieve a look similar to the one above in your own home.

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2. Black

Elegant living room interior with golden accents, painting on a black wall, plants and fur rug.

For a different option in a neutral color companion for gold, consider a black and gold combination for your home decor. Black, the opposite of white, is the ultimate in dark neutrals but will also pair beautifully with any shade or finish of gold. 

The majestic depth of black brings out the bright sparkle of gold, creating a sharp contrast that is eye-catching and distinguished. The bright natural wood flooring in the example above really highlights and accentuates this color scheme in addition to adding subtle warmth to the space. 

3. Grey

Stylish gray interior with a focus on the golden chair and the vase with a gold branch

If you love the dramatic contrast of black and gold but find black a bit too intense for your home decor, consider using grey instead of black. A lighter version of black, grey has the powerful feel of black with a little less intense color saturation. 

The deep grey pictured in the example above is combined with bright bursts of gold for a sophisticated color pairing that brings a moody ambiance to this space. A gold accent chair, such as the one pictured below, can help you bring a similar look to your home.

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4. Red

A living room with red and gold accents

Red and gold make a vibrant and dynamic color duo in any setting but make a statement in indoor spaces. Energetic and vivacious only begin to describe the pairing of these two very bright and dramatic colors. 

A plain black and gold painting, as shown in the example above, adds dimension and a dramatic flair to this fiery red wall. Similar wall art, such as the canvas art pictured below, can help you to achieve this look in your space.

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5. Burgundy

Gold leaf on copper table in sophisticated living room interior with striped carpet and violet sofa

If you love the stylish flair of a red and gold combination but wish to keep your color palette a bit more refined, consider a deeper version of red, or burgundy. Although burgundy may be a bit less exciting than red, it still brings a warm dramatic glow to any space, as shown in the example above.

Using different shades within the same color family is a great strategy to add dimension and depth to your space, giving any room an intriguing look. An eclectic lighting fixture such as the one pictured below can help you bring this look into your home. 

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6. Blue

A blue single herringbone tiled shower in a luxury home with gold hardware.

Vibrant and cool, blue joins forces with warm metallic gold in the example above for an impressive color combination that is eye-catching and classic. Blue's crisp tones pair with gold's brilliance for a contrasting look that is impressively trendy yet enduring. 

The blue tile in the blue and gold bathroom pictured is vivid and energetic, while the gold seems to ground the blue for a balanced look. Gold accent pieces and hardware accentuate the color scheme in this example for a detailed and ornate look.

7. Green

Elegant green and gold living room with comfortable brown sofa, coffee tables and golden chandelier

Jewel tones are colors that resemble natural gems like amethysts, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies. Just as gems pair beautifully with gold in jewelry design, jewel tones also make great color companions with gold in home decor, as shown in the example above. 

This deep emerald shade combines with gold accents in the space pictured above to create a lively and intriguing color scheme. The addition of live greenery to this room gives it a dimensional and vibrant look. 

8. Teal

Vintage bedroom with retro chair, blue and grey blankets, cushions, plants, white carpet and modern posters

Teal is a cool shade that results from a mixture of blue and green. The deep chic shade of teal pictured in the example above contrasts beautifully with warm metallic gold for a captivating look. 

The gold geometric artwork that adorns the wall in the above example adds a certain amount of class and sophistication. The wall art pictured below can help you replicate this look in your space.

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9. Purple

Purple living room with gold accents and furnitures

Another jewel tone that pairs with gold to make a beautiful decorative statement is purple. The dynamic shade of purple used in the example above is complemented beautifully by the gold couch and detailed gold framed wall art. 

The color of an amethyst gem, purple is a majestic color that will add a regal look and feel to your room. Adding an ornately-framed picture to your space, such as the one pictured below, can help you replicate this look.

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10. Wood Tones

Gorgeous oak kitchen with shiny wood flooring

Oak cabinets are accented with gold hardware in the kitchen pictured above for a contrasting look that is appealing and polished. Two very different materials, gold and wood tones combine in an unexpectedly striking color combination.  

Gold hardware is not only modern looking but can also brighten and warm your kitchen. For those who prefer an all-white kitchen, gold hardware and other accent pieces can add some subtle elegant color to your kitchen space. 

11. Pink

Framed sketch hanging above bed with dirty pink bedding and black cushion with golden pattern

Pink may not always be your first thought when considering home design colors, but it should be taken seriously as a top contender. The muted blush pink color used in the example above combines with the gold accents to add a soft, luxurious, and inviting color to this bedroom. 

Although it's not a popular color, pink is versatile and can create a soothing and inviting space. Gold accents such as the end table pictured below can be the perfect addition to your bedroom.

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Final thoughts

Gold is a versatile, dramatic, and elegant color that makes a big statement in any space. It can both brighten and warm your space with an inviting glow.

Gold accents are modern and stylish and can add spectacular contrast to any color that you can imagine. We hope that the above selection of color combinations to pair with gold has inspired your inner decorator. 

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