Curtains are an element of design that can make or break the look of a room. So, of course, it makes sense that you would want to purchase the correct curtain length for your ceiling height. We've researched to give you a simple answer to this question.

Curtain lengths for standard ceiling heights are as follows:

  • For 8-foot ceilings, you should hang curtains that are 7 feet or 84 inches long.
  • For 9-foot ceilings, you should hang curtains that are 8 feet or 96 inches long.
  • For 10-foot ceilings, you should hang curtains that are 9 feet or 108 inches long.

So now you know which curtain length is best for your space, but you may have other questions. Perhaps you're wondering what to do if you have an area of the home with especially short ceilings. Or maybe you want to know how to use your curtains to make the most out of your room. Keep reading to learn more.


Curtain Length And Ceiling Height

A beautiful, straight-lined, or billowy curtain adds simplistic coziness and elegance to a space with minimal effort and no clutter. However, if you choose the wrong curtain length, it can do the opposite.

Thankfully, interior design experts have some easy rules to follow regarding curtain lengths. We'll discuss this and give you further instructions here.

Curtain Length For 8 Foot Ceiling

A simple way to think about curtains concerning your ceiling height is that the curtain should typically be a foot shorter than your ceiling. So, for an 8-foot ceiling, you will need a curtain that is 7 feet or 84 inches long.

Modern living room interior with beautiful curtains on window

Curtains at this length can be used to either hover above, brush, or lightly puddle against the floor, as is seen in this photo. 8-foot ceilings are a standard in many homes, but they aren't as grand as 10-foot ceilings.

So you have a real opportunity to draw the eye upward and add a grand elegance to the room with the correct length of curtains.

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Curtain Length For 9 Foot Ceiling

Using the same rule, you can assume that for a 9-foot ceiling, you will need a curtain that is 8 feet or 96 inches long. Once again, this is so that your curtains will lightly touch the room's flooring.

Classic styled living room interior

9-foot ceilings can feel quite tall to someone of average height who enters the room, but curtains can put this on display and make the room feel taller and wider.

Making the right choice in curtain lengths is a big part of this.

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Curtain Length For 10 Foot Ceiling

10-foot ceilings are the highest of the standards. Some homes display this luxury in their living areas or master bedrooms, making the home feel more opulent and upscale.

The correct curtain length to pair with 10-foot ceilings would be 9 feet or 108 inches.

Empty room with long curtains on the windows

Maybe it feels needless to make this room feel taller. But if you have a ceiling this high, you may as well flaunt it and use it to make your home that much more beautiful, with curtains!

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Curtain Length From A Design Standpoint

Now, let's talk about why this is so important to the look of your room. Contrary to popular belief, curtains aren't just a window covering for shade and privacy. They are an essential design element.

They can make your home feel comfortable, elegant, and bright or make your home feel uninviting, dark, and sloppy.

What matters more than the color, rod style, or material of your curtains is the length of the panels. If your panels are too short, it will cut the room visually. It may make the room feel shorter.

They may also hang at an awkward length, too far from the floor and the windowpane to be visually appealing. If the panels are too long, they may slump against the floor and billow awkwardly at the middle or top of the panel.

When the curtain panels are the correct length and are hung correctly, they will create a straight line for the eye to follow to the ceiling. This gives the visual impression that there is continuity between the floors and the ceiling, thus making the walls seem taller.

Of course, this adds a grandness to the room's look that wouldn't otherwise be there. In addition, it makes the room feel wider, and this is important because it adds brightness and airiness.

How To Measure For Curtains

When measuring for curtains, you first want to measure the vertical area you would like to cover. This is the room's ceiling height, so measure from the floor to the top of the ceiling and jot it down.

Once you've done that, you will also want to measure the window's width. Do this by measuring from one side of the outer edge of the window frame to the other. Also, write this measurement down.

This is the point in time that you may also want to decide how wide you want to mount the hardware. You will need to hang the curtains 5-10 inches from the outer edge of each side of the window frame.

Begin looking for curtains that are one foot shorter than the room's ceiling height. You will want to surmise that the curtain panel width will cover 20 inches less area than the actual width of the panel.

For example, a 60-inch curtain panel will cover approximately 40 inches.

So let's use these instructions in a practical way. Imagine that you have 8-foot ceilings and a window that is 100 inches wide. Maybe you have decided that you want to hang the curtains 10 inches from each edge of the window frame.

This adds 20 inches, making the total width that you must cover 120 inches.

Using these measurements, you will need 7 feet or 84 inches long curtains. If the curtain panels are 60 inches wide, you will need approximately six curtain panels.

Other Curtains Lengths

Now that we've discussed the standards for curtain lengths let's talk about the less common curtain lengths that you may need information about.

Short Curtains

Short curtains tend to be less desirable to most, as they tend to cut the room visually, but this is all about you and what's best for your home. Maybe you have children who like to pull on the curtains or worry about pets clawing them.

In this case, perhaps short curtains are for you. Usually, these can be found in 45-inch, 52-inch, or 63-inch lengths. And rather than ceiling height, it will depend on the window height to determine which is best for you.

It's best to hang the curtains so that their hem lays on an already existing line. Usually, this is the window sill.

Closeup of small short lace white window curtains blinds in bright room interior indoors with pattern design decoration

When measuring for short curtains, measure from the top of the window sill to the top of the window frame. Add 5-10 inches to this measurement, depending on how high you want the curtains to be hung above the window frame.

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Puddled Curtains

Another desired look is puddled curtains. This is an interior design style that comes from France, and you can see the regalness in the look. It makes a room appear as if it belongs in Versaille.

This is accomplished with incredibly long curtains and exceptionally high-quality fabric that will flawlessly billow at the bottom of the panel while leaving straight lines at the top of the panel.

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How Long Should Curtains Be To Get A Puddle Look?

stunning curtain scenes in the interior with decor

Puddled curtains should be 6-18 inches longer than the standard for your ceiling height. So, let's imagine you have 10-foot ceilings in your space, but you desire your curtains to puddle at the bottom. Usually, your curtain length should be 9 feet or 108 inches.

In this case, you will want your curtain to be 6-16 inches longer than the standard measurement. So you will be shopping for curtains that are 114-124 inches in length.

In Conclusion

Curtains are a great way to bring out what's best about your space and draw the eye away from its flaws. You can use them to make a room feel light and welcoming, but you have to choose the right curtain length.

We answered your question by listing the correct curtain lengths for each standard ceiling height. We also gave you more instructions on measuring the area for the window coverings.

We hope that this information is insightful and that we have helped you build a beautiful space for you to live and entertain in.

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