6 Best Egyptian Cotton Towels [And How To Choose Yours]

A quality bath towel can be one of the most important personal items that you can purchase. And it’s no secret that most bath towels are made from cotton. Egyptian cotton popped into the marketplace several years back and has become one of the most sought-after materials for both bedding and bath towels. But with all of the brands available, which ones are the best? We’ve done a bit of online research to answer this for you.

Here are the best Egyptian cotton bath towels you can purchase:

  1. Superior Solid Egyptian Cotton Towel Set
  2. Calla Angel Superior Egyptian Cotton
  3. Cotton Club Egyptian Cotton
  4. Pinzon Egyptian Cotton Towel Set
  5. Haven Cotton Cotton Washcloth Towel Set
  6. Casa Copenhagen Denmark Egyptian Cotton Towel Set

Interestingly enough, Egyptian cotton didn’t originate from Egypt but from the native North American cotton plant. However, Egypt’s climate has perfect conditions (temperature and relative humidity) to grow this cotton plant. Quality Egyptian cotton products have longer and softer fibers–which is why consumers flock to them. Let’s discuss a few things to look for when purchasing Egyptian cotton towels. We’ll also review each suggested product and link you to that towel on Amazon.

A stack of clean soft colorful towels, 6 Best Egyptian Cotton Towels [And how to choose yours]

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What To Look For When Purchasing Egyptian Cotton Towels?

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Stack of clean towels

Below are a few things to take into consideration before buying a new set of Egyptian towels.

Towel Size

Most Egyptian cotton brands will bundle their towels in a variety of ways. However, the most common bundle typically includes two washcloths, two hand towels, and two bath towels. Be wary of brands that only offer one towel size–as quality manufacturers typically produce them in varying sizes (which makes sense, as people use four different types of grooming). And in most cases, you may be better off purchasing a bundle as opposed to a single towel, as you typically will end up paying more for this towel material.

Towel Stitching

Ideally, you want Egyptian cotton towels that are double-ply (meaning the towels have two layers of woven thread) and have edges that are reinforced with quality stitching. Why is this important? Because sub-par stitching and single-ply towels typically don’t hold up as well or as long- which means you may need to replace them faster than you would towels of a higher quality. Bath towels with quality stitching can last over two to three years (depending on the frequency with which you use them).


GSM (or grams per square meter) is a weight measurement used to determine the fabric quality. It measures the bath towel’s density, with heavier towels having a higher GSM and thinner towels having a lower one. The GSM of a bath towel can range anywhere from 300 to 900. Luxury or premium Egyptian cotton towels will have a GSM anywhere from 600 to 900–which means they’re super-absorbent. If they have less, it just means that the towels will be thinner and not necessarily lacking in quality.

Towel Price

The price that you’ll pay for Egyptian towels will vary by brand. Considered a luxury item, single towels can often cost more than a complete set, so it’s best to shop around before making a purchase. Egyptian cotton towels often come in six-piece sets, ranging in price from $30 to well over $100.

The 6 Best Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels 

1. Superior Egyptian Cotton Towel Set

This Superior Egyptian towel set is a great option if you’re looking for luxury towels at a decent price. The set is also machine washable and contains colorfast properties. It comes in a convenient wide variety of colors, including white, brown, beige, and charcoal. Rope borders and quality-stitched seams add more durability to these towels. The towel set is also OEKO-TEX Certified, which means that they are free of harmful chemicals. They’re machine-washable and can be placed in the dryer to help maintain their soft, absorbent texture.

Check out the Superior towel set on Amazon.

2. Calla Angel Superior Egyptian Cotton

The Calla Angel Egyptian cotton towel is another great purchase that you’ll find on Amazon. These towels are made with extra-long (and very fine) Egyptian cotton, making them very soft to the touch and exceptionally durable. They’re also chemical and pesticide-free and contain no color dyes (a plus for allergy sufferers or consumers with sensitive skin). Also, the towels are machine-washable and can quickly be thrown in the dryer for simple and easy care.

Check out the Calla Angel Superior towel set on Amazon.

3. Cotton Club Egyptian Cotton

The Cotton Club towel set is also worth looking at if you’re in the market for quality Egyptian towels. These towels are available in a variety of sizes and colors to suit almost any decor. They have an impressive GSM of 700, making them an excellent choice and a highly-absorbent towel option. It also means that they will be delicate and soft to the touch, which is definitely a benefit for bath towels. The Cotton Club Egyptian towel set is machine-washable and OEKO-TEX Certified.

Check out the Cotton Club towel set on Amazon.

4. Pinzon Egyptian Cotton Towel Set

If you are looking for a luxury towel set without having to break the bank, the Pinzon Egyptian cotton towel set could be the right pick for you. These towels are ringspun with ultra-smooth yarn, which gives them a polished appearance and sleek finish. They have a GSM of 600 (a medium density), which is pretty impressive considering their price. They’re also OEKO-TEX Certified and can be thrown in the washer and dryer for easy cleaning.

Check out this Pinzon cotton towel set on Amazon.

5. Trident White Collection

The Trident White Collection also offers hotel-quality luxury towels for a reasonable price (though on the higher end when compared to other towel sets in our review). They boast an impressive 625 GSM, which means that they are not only super soft but have quality water-absorbing capability. This classy towel set is available in various colors, including teal, silver, white, crimson, and charcoal. And of course, it’s also OEKO-TEX certified and can easily be cleaned with a quick toss in a machine washer and dryer.

Check out the Trident Collection towel set on Amazon.

6. Casa Copenhagen Denmark Egyptian Cotton Towel Set

The Casa Copenhagen collection is one of the highest selling brands on Amazon. This particular towel set has a GSM of 600 and consists of twisted-cotton ringspun to add extra softness quick-drying capabilities to the towels. Another cool thing about this towel set is that it’s available in various cool colors, including pink, light blue, lime, purple, buttercup, and white. These towels are said to be extremely fluffy and very durable, making for a luxurious bathing experience. This premium collection is OEKO-TEX certified and is machine-washable (with recommended special care instructions).

Check out the Casa Copenhagen Egyptian towel set on Amazon.

What’s The Difference Between Egyptian Cotton And Turkish Cotton?

Three rolls of white towels

The main difference between the two is the thickness of their fibers. Egyptian cotton threads are known for their fluffiness and superb thickness. This density gives Egyptian cotton such a plush and luxurious feel to the touch–it also means that it can wick moisture very fast.

Egyptian cotton is a very absorbent material, which is one reason it’s become so popular over the years. Turkish cotton is made with extra-long cotton fibers, which have a medium-absorbency but are also very soft to the touch. However, its fibers are denser and less absorbent than Egyptian cotton.

Are Expensive Towels Worth It?

It depends on the quality of the towel that you prefer for your personal grooming regimen. If you prefer plush, luxurious premium bath towels, they may be worth the price tag. Often, when people think of bath towels, they think, “A towel is a towel,” and that they all perform the same. However, the quality of the cotton used and the process in which the towel is made can make a remarkable difference in the feel of the towel and its durability. So to say, it really comes down to personal preference.

Note: At the very least, it’s always best to ensure that your bath towel has an OEKO-TEX certification–which means that it’s free of harmful chemicals.

How Often Should You Replace Bath Towels?

Health experts recommend replacing your bath towels after three uses and then washing them in hot water to remove germs and bacteria. After every use, hang towels to dry on a grab bar or shower door rack. It’s also recommended, thoroughly rinsing face cloths after use before placing them in the washer to avoid adding soap residue and germs to your clean wash during the cycle.

Wrapping Things Up

There are several high-quality Egyptian cotton towel sets available that can fit most budgets. It is best to shop around first to uncover the best prices and compare them to one another.

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