5 Best High Armchairs For The Elderly

Whether you're helping care for someone elderly, or are thinking about your own future needs that come with aging, knowing your options for the best furniture is important. As we age, our mobility declines, resulting in seemingly simple tasks, like rising from a seated position, to become more challenging. There are a number of high armchairs on the market for seniors. Which ones are the best? We've researched high armchairs from numerous professional sources and testimonials for your benefit. 

The following high armchairs are among the best we've found:

  1. Stone & Beam Bradbury Chesterfield
  2. Canmov Elizabeth Armchair Recliner
  3. Hon Topflight Wood Guest Chair
  4. Canmov Powerlift Recliner Chair
  5. Giantex Mid-Century Wooden Accent Chair

Now that we know of several models of high armchairs for seniors, we'll go into more detail on each. You might also be wondering when you should use a pressure cushion, or what you should consider when selecting an armchair for the elderly. To see what our research has discovered, read ahead in this post. 

Old man sitting on a high armchair reading a book, 5 Best High Armchairs For The Elderly

Best High Armchairs For Seniors

A lot of considerations need to be made when narrowing down the right armchairs for seniors. You'll want to make certain that the model you select is of proper height. A chair too short will be much more difficult to rise from, while a tall one might be a struggle to get seated on.

Proper cushion depth is also important. Avoid models that have depths more than 36 inches, as they will be harder to rise out of. 

Depending on the need of the user, you may want to consider models that have a powerlift feature. At the push of a button, these models will slowly rise and tip forward until the user is in an almost upright, standing position. Seniors with advanced mobility issues find chairs of this variety to be extremely helpful.

1. Stone & Beam Bradbury Chesterfield

This high armchair model from Stone and Beam provides a plush and comfortable seat. The sturdy design ensures that this chair will outlast many of the same class, and works well for those with back and leg strain.

High and thick arms upholstered with easy-to-grip material make it easier to rise from. This chair also comes with removable legs that can be swapped out for longer ones, making it sit even higher off the ground.

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2. Canmov Elizabeth Armchair Recliner

For those who are considering a high armchair with a reclining feature, this model from Canmov checks all the appropriate boxes. Constructed with a sturdy design, this chair offers long-lasting comfort and is very easy for a tired body to rise from. The reclining feature is easy to activate and doesn't require an inordinate amount of force.

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3. Hon Topflight Wood Guest Chair

If you'd like a more formal model high armchair, the Topflight Wood Guest Chair from Hon might be a suitable option for you. Made of sturdy hardwood, this chair is built to last. The leather-covered cushions are comfortable and easy to clean, and the mid-sized back provides good support for your body's frame. The higher wooden arms are easy to grasp and use for leverage when rising from the chair.

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4. Canmov Powerlift Recliner Chair

If you need a little more assistance when rising from your seat, this model chair from Canmov should be a consideration. The high arm design makes for a sturdy place to begin righting your frame, making leaving your seat easier. If more help is needed, the powerlift feature can be activated with the push of a button and will make the chair slowly rise up and forward. This motion will end with the seated individual being in an almost upright standing position.

As an added bonus, this recliner also has a built-in massage feature. With ten different massage settings, this chair provides you with a relaxing experience. The heated seat function is also standard, helping those that might have poor circulation. This chair is durable, easy to clean, and should last a good number of years.

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5. Giantex Mid-Century Wooden Accent Chair

This model armchair from Giantex has a deep seat and thick, comfortable seat and back cushions. The sturdy and high arms lend a great place to grasp for lifting oneself up and out of the chair. While this model doesn't have all of the bells and whistles the others in this post have, its simple yet sturdy design makes it an easy piece of furniture to match with almost any living room or office setup. 

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What To Consider When Selecting An Armchair For An Elderly Person?

Mature man sitting on arm chair and reading a book at home

When shopping for a chair for an elderly person, there will be several variables that you should consider. Selecting the wrong one can be a source of discomfort for the intended user, and might pose a danger to them if they aren't able to rise from it easily. Comfort, adjustability, and neck and back support are three of the most important attributes. 


Some elderly individuals will spend longer spans of time in their chairs. So making certain that the chair they use is a comfortable one is important. Select a model with cushions filled with down or high-density foam. These materials won't crack or separate, causing sagging and uneven surfaces when the human body makes contact with them. They are also made to be the right combination of firm and plush, ensuring that they're a comfortable place to sit.


Adjustable legs and arms are a plus when looking for a chair for an elderly person. Being able to increase or decrease the height will make the chair more accessible for different heights and levels of mobility. Arms that can raise or lower will accommodate the same.

Neck And Back Support

Make sure the model chair you select has the right neck and back support so that the user's body contours to it comfortably and naturally. Chair backs shouldn't be too stiff and rigid, as this can aggravate both upper and lower back pain. If the intended user needs neck support, be sure that it's properly padded with a high-density foam cushion. 

Can You Use EZ Stand-N-Go For A Recliner?

This medical device gives the user additional support when attempting to rise from a seated position. But can it be paired with a recliner? Most recliner models can accommodate an EZ Stand-N-Go. To be certain, try using this device in conjunction with the recliners that you are considering purchasing.

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When Would You Use A Pressure Cushion?

These devices are great for managing pain and soreness that are attributed to long periods of sitting in one place. But when exactly should one be used?

Medical experts state that if you, or someone you care for, is in a fixed position for more than several hours at a time, then a pressure cushion should be considered. These cushions are specifically designed to prevent pressure sores and bedsores by helping with blood and oxygen circulation.

Made from gel or a high-density foam, these cushions are meant to handle seating for long periods of time. Most models are durable and long-lasting.

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How Can You Extend Your Recliner Handle?

Some model recliners may have handles that are in positions that are awkward for seniors to effectively use. They are either too short or too far away from the arm of the chair.

If the chair you currently own has this issue, you have options other than totally replacing a costly piece of furniture. Recliner arm extenders are easily available and very affordable.

Recliner Handle Extender

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Ergonomic Lever Extender

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In Closing

Our in-depth research has shown multiple high armchairs for the elderly, with a variety of styles and available functions. When shopping for a chair for anyone with mobility issues, it's important to ensure that the one you select is comfortable and has great back and neck support. The ability to be adjusted is a bonus.

Recliners that have handles that are out of reach for the user can be modified by installing a handle extender. There are numerous models of extenders available, and most are relatively inexpensive to purchase. If you found this post on armchairs to be helpful, you might enjoy reading the following posts on household items:

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