Best Kitchen Lights For Low Ceiling

Finding the perfect lights for your kitchen can be a struggle, especially if it has a low ceiling. Not every kitchen light will look good and may end up looking like a design failure. The good news is, you're in luck! We have researched for you the best lights that will match your low-ceiling kitchen.

The best kitchen lights for a low ceiling are the best way to go to achieve that stylish look. Create a makeover for your kitchen by choosing the right lighting fixture for a low ceiling such as the examples below:

  1. Black Modern Semi Flush Ceiling Light
  2. Crystal Chandelier LED Flush Mount Light
  3. Flush Mount LED Ceiling Light

With the right lighting fixture, your kitchen will stand out with its style and character despite having a low ceiling. Continue reading as we delve into transforming your favorite room with different ideas for kitchen lighting. 

Luxurious modern kitchen with a white overall kitchen design, spherical dangling lamps and transparent plastic bar stools, Best Kitchen Lights For Low Ceiling

Best Kitchen Lights For Low Ceiling

If the lighting is not right, it will affect the room's aesthetics. If you're looking for the best kitchen lights that you can use, always consider the height of the ceiling. For your low-ceiling kitchen, you can try any of these lighting options:

White overall kitchen design with white cabinets, white marble countertop and breakfast bar and dangling lamps

1. Black Modern Semi Flush Ceiling Light

This is an elegant and rustic close to ceiling light design and semi-flush mount chandelier light. It's a stylish, modern addition to your low-ceiling kitchen. The flush mount design, which is also suitable for indoor ceiling fixtures, creates a comfortable and modern ambiance in your home.

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2. Crystal Chandelier LED Flush Mount Light

With a luxurious material used in this semi-flush mount, this series is modern and sleek, with a simple yet stunning flush mount. The gleaming crystals on a disk of glass that is frosted around the perimeter enhance the eye-catching design. It has a matte nickel finish with a clear glass cover that houses numerous crystals.

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3. Flush Mount LED Ceiling Light

A low-profile, modern lighting fixture that's simple to install, this lighting includes a three-in-one CCT temperature selector. It also has superior components that provide higher quality lighting for a longer period: warm (3000K), neutral (4000K), and cool (6500K).

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How To Choose the Best Kitchen Lights For Low Ceiling

According to a popular Q & A site, low ceilings in kitchens are usually less than 8-feet high. It may be challenging if you want to make it more stylish. But the type of lighting you choose for your kitchen can make a big difference as long as you will consider different ideas prior to making a decision.

Below are some great lighting tips and tricks for your low-ceiling kitchen:

1. Prioritize Positioning

Never allow your low ceilings to limit your lighting choices. You can try out decorating your kitchen with attractive pendant lights. Why not experiment with hanging multi-light or tiered pendants right above your kitchen table or island? You will see how eye-catching they are and how they blend to make your kitchen space neat and simple.

2. Find The Perfect Pair

Drum pendants are a trendy way to add more lighting even for kitchens with low ceilings. It's best to be installed on the kitchen island. Recessed lighting can also be used to add ambient lighting to the rest of the kitchen. It will provide a dramatic ambiance to the pendants, making them a perfect pair.

3. Try Clear Glass

The more glass windows you have, the better it will look since the presence of natural light can make your kitchen look bigger. This natural light can also be enhanced with the use of clear glass pendants that will make your kitchen with a low ceiling appear both elegant and spacious.  

4. Get Futuristic Kitchen Lights 

Futuristic designs that are both trendy and functional are your best option if you want creative lighting for your kitchen. Go for an A 4-light semi-flush mount just like the No. 1 Amazon product above. What's amazing about its design is the single light source that points light in different directions.

5. Make It Modern And Luxurious 

Crystal pendants or chandeliers are a stunning way to decorate and brighten a low-ceiling kitchen. Like glass, crystal pendants can make the room feel larger and more open. A crystal shade will instantly transform your kitchen into a glamorous environment fit for modern luxury.

6. Make It High And Tight

Install lights close to the ceiling. This is one of the best ways to create an illusion of space in your low-ceiling kitchen. A flush mount and semi-flush mount ceiling lights will do the trick. But you'll need lights with linear or geometric designs for a more pleasant subdued effect.

7. Invest In Artistic Lighting

You don't actually need to hang kitchen wall decors when you come up with a light source that is a work of art in itself. Search for artistic designs such as uniquely shaped or patterned pendants that you can buy or you can DIY. Even with low ceilings, you can display your artistic flair with a lighting design of your choice.

8. Choose The Right Placement

For a kitchen ceiling around 8 feet or less, you can opt for pendant lights that are rather small and rounded as well as hanging free. Place them at a height where they don't cause visual obstruction, which means they must not block your vision whether you're standing or sitting down. 

9. Make A Lighting Statement

Contrast is that design element you shouldn't overlook if you want to make a statement with your lighting choice for low ceilings. Choose the pendant lights that will contrast with the colors of your interior design.

If your kitchen walls or countertops are off-white, don't ever settle for a monochromatic pendant combination. Contrasting bright or dark colors such as chrome, dark grey, and black pendants will stand out but not flood the room too much.

10. Go For Recessed Lights

Recessed lighting is popular for kitchens with low ceilings as it takes up no space. Uniformly spaced recessed lights will create that minimalist yet elegant kitchen design. 

What's The Best Type Of Lighting For A Room With Low Ceilings?

Ultra modern and luxurious kitchen with white ceiling, hardwood flooring and white overall design

Avoid using large, low-hanging light fixtures if the ceiling is low. They make the ceiling appear smaller and can also get in the way. It may happen especially if you have beanpoles in the house. There are plenty of lovely alternatives to pendant lights. Choose from having the wall lights to floor lamps or even go for table lamps.

However, you don't have to rule out pendants entirely. When lighting a kitchen with low ceilings, go for fixtures that can evenly spread the light. It will avoid dark corners or having too much brightness in one area. It helps to draw attention away from the ceiling. Emphasize the larger space and use a variety of lighting sources with different heights and levels.

Final Thoughts

Luxurious modern kitchen with a white overall kitchen design, spherical dangling lamps and transparent plastic bar stools

A low ceiling may limit you from getting good lighting options for your home. This should not always be the case, though. With many powerful lighting fixtures, you can easily make your kitchen more stylish.

If you haven't found the right lighting for your kitchen, go find one! It's the key for you to transform your kitchen and make it extraordinary.

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