7 Best Leather Furniture Repair Kits And Products

Leather furniture is costly, and if you have damage, you might be wondering if repair is a possibility or if you're out of luck. We've researched and discovered that a repair is usually an option. We have compiled a list of the best leather furniture repair kits and products to help you out.

Leather Repair products vary based on damage, but complete repair kits are the most versatile. For simpler jobs, patches and restoration creams get the job done.  Below are seven top-rated leather repair products:

  1. Fortivo Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit
  2. Coconix Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit
  3. 3M Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit
  4. Masta Plasta
  5. Numola Leather Repair Patch Kit
  6. Furniture Clinic Re-Coloring Balm
  7. Leather Max Rescue & Repair

Please keep reading to learn more about leather repair, including details about each product on our list. We'll also answer some frequently asked questions people have about repairing leather furniture.

Brown leather sectional sofa with patterned throw pillows inside an apartment building, 7 Best Leather Furniture Repair Kits And Products

How Do You Know When To Repair Leather?

Before throwing out a damaged leather piece, know that repairing leather is an option when you have minimal damage. While the fixed spot may not be as flawless as the original, in most cases, the repaired area is barely noticeable without close inspection.

Leather repair is an inexpensive DIY project that most people will find relatively easy.

Patterned throw pillows and a brown leather sofa

There are many types of leather repair products available. Some are for specific damage like fading, peeling, or holes, while others target a particular item like shoes, clothing, or car seats. Fortunately, many kits have the necessary components to handle various jobs.

Before you begin, know the type of leather material; genuine leather, vinyl, PU leather, bi-cast, etc. Some products only work on certain types of natural leather or leather-like materials, and using on a different material may leave you with failed results.

Be sure to read the product details to ensure you get the right product for your repair job.

Leather And Vinyl Repair Kits

Generally, leather and vinyl repair kits contain all the items necessary for leather repair, including glues, dyes, and tools. Kits are the most versatile option for leather and vinyl repair. The biggest drawback is that you have to combine the pigments for a custom color match.

Fortivo Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit

Fortivo is a top-rated favorite in leather and vinyl repair because it comes with everything you need for any repair. Ten dyes for color matching plus all the components to fix any leather item from gloves to couches and works on most leather or vinyl materials.

This product is excellent for beginners because of the resources available, including detailed instructions, video tutorials, and guaranteed response customer support.

Combine all that support with a money-back guarantee and one-year replacement warranty, and you really can't go wrong with the Fortivo Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit.


Follow this link to see it on Amazon.

Watch this tutorial from Fortivo showing how to use their leather and vinyl repair kit:

Coconix Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit

Coconix offers everything you need to repair your leather and vinyl damage, including personalized customer support. They provide a general kit that contains a wide range of colors, giving you plenty of options for color matching.

The Coconix repairs kits have been tested on most leather and vinyl materials and can repair anything from scuffs to peeling to holes, so there isn't a project it can't handle.

Coconix offers a wide range of repair products, not limited to vinyl and leather, so they may have a product to help if you have other repair needs.

Check out this kit on Amazon here.

Here's a helpful video tutorial on using Coconix for your leather:

3M Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit

3M is a trusted name in adhesive products, so it's no surprise they offer a leather and vinyl repair kit. It can repair cuts, burns, and tears, but the kit's smaller size and limited color palette are geared more toward automobile seats than home furniture.

This kit is one of the most affordable, but it isn't as user-friendly for first-timers as others. This product is slightly different because the filler must be heat cured to work correctly.

You cannot let it air dry, or you will be disappointed with the results. Follow the directions carefully with this product.

Find 3M on Amazon.

Here's a tutorial on how to use 3M to fix your damaged leather:

Leather Repair Patches

Leather repair patches are suitable for covering larger damaged areas. Patches are ready-made, so you only have to prep your surface and apply. Leather repair doesn't get much simpler.

However, one drawback is that color matching is more complicated. The patches come already colored, so a close match isn't always possible.

Masta Plasta

Masta Plasta offers self-adhesive leather repair patches in sheets and 4" rolls. They come in a variety of colors and textures, including suede.

Masta Plasta offers decorative patches with designs pressed into the leather or ornamental embellishments if you would rather hide your flaw in plain sight with some sneaky flair.

These are a perfect solution for handbags and leather jackets.

Follow this link to see it on Amazon.

Check out this tutorial on using Masta Pasta for your leather:

Numola Leather Repair Patch Kit

Numola patch kit contains a large patch and a roll of patching product. There are 16 color choice options, but you may still find it hard to find a perfect match.

However, the application process is simple, so covering your leather damage is quick and easy.

The product is waterproof with incredible adhesion making it durable and wear-proof. While patches aren't perfect camouflage, they are an inexpensive fix to keep damage from getting any worse.

View this repair kit on Amazon here.

Leather Color Restoration Cream/Balm

Leather finishes can fade and look worn out over time, especially if not properly cleaned and conditioned. Furthermore, leather color restoration products rejuvenate leather pieces giving them a new look.

This product type works best with surface damage such as fading, light scratches, superficial cracking, or minor scuffs. The pigmented creams penetrate the leather surface, restoring the original color.

Before using restoration creams, clean your leather to open up the pores allowing maximum product penetration.

Furniture Clinic Re-Coloring Balm

Furniture Clinic offers many leather care products, and the re-coloring balm is one worth mentioning. It bears the Good Housekeeping seal of approval, so you know you're getting a quality product. This balm will give new life to your worn leather pieces.

This product works on absorbent leather and will not rub off on clothing once dried and buffed.

There are 21 colors to choose from, but a perfect match isn't necessary because the product blends into a range of shades. A 250ml product will cover a three-piece suite and guarantee results for up to three years.

See this re-coloring balm on Amazon.

Leather Max Rescue & Repair

Leather Max is a non-toxic leather color restoration product made in the USA. The rescue and repair kits come with the color restorer, cleaner/conditioner, and application sponge.

A 4-ounce bottle will cover a small sofa, so you will need more if you have more pieces. Sixteen colors are available, but 1-ounce tester bottles are available to aid with color matching.

View this product on Amazon here.

Can You Fix Scuffed Leather?

Generally, fixing scuffed leather is easy with a color cream, filler, or color restorer. With scuffs, the leather damage is only on the surface.

Scuffs are common on shoes, especially the toe area, but can also be on leather furniture or accessories.

First, assess the damage and determine which type of product you need. If it's a light surface scuff, then a colored leather cream and a good buff will have your item looking good again. However, if you have some slight surface damage, you will probably need a product with some filler to have staying power.

Once you have your product, clean the damaged area and trim away any loose or frayed material to have a smooth surface. Then, using a soft cloth or paintbrush, apply the product and let it dry. Apply as many coats as necessary to get the look you want. Once your final coat is dried, buff out the area gently.

You may have to occasionally repeat this process as the leather repair product may wear off, especially if it is an item that gets a lot of use.

Can You Repair Cracked Or Peeling Leather?

A small leather accent sofa

Repairing leather that has started to crack and peel is a bigger job than other repairs, but it can still be a DIY project. However, if the damage is extensive and you want precise results, you may wish to consult a professional.

Can You Fix Holes In Leather?

Leather repair kits include colored adhesive fillers or compounds that bind to provided backing material filling in small holes and giving you a solid surface. Small holes in leather or vinyl don't mean your product is beyond repair.

You can also apply a leather repair patch which works better for larger holes. However, since patches are more noticeable than adhesive filler products, these might be better for easily hidden areas like couch backs or the bottom sides of cushions.

How Long Do Repaired Leather Items Last?

A long leather sofa inside a wooden flooring living room with gray flat panel walls

Leather repair should hold up for several years, even in area traffic areas. You might be surprised when the repaired area holds up longer than the original leather.

However, leather repair products are relatively inexpensive and require very little time and effort, so any additional usage you get from your damaged items is a bonus.

Plus, it keeps extra garbage out of the landfills.

To Wrap Up

Brown leather sectional sofa with patterned throw pillows inside an apartment building

You don't have to discard damaged leather. Repair is possible using the correct leather repair product. Use our list to find a product to handle any minor leather repair job.

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Also, consider reading How Often Should You Clean And Condition Leather Furniture? to keep your leather in top condition.

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