What Are The Best Leather Wipes? [3 Options]

Whether you have a serious mess to clean from a recent spill or are just wanting to give your leather upholstery a good once over, you'll want to know that you can count on the brand you select. There are scores of different leather wipes on the market today. How can you be sure that the one you purchase will do the job to your satisfaction? In this post, we list the best ones available to consumers today.

We've listed the best leather wipes for cleaning your upholstery and other leather goods here:

  • Weiman Leather Wipes
  • Armor All 
  • Miracle Wipes

Now that we know the recommended brands of leather wipes you can choose from, we'll review the best uses of each one. We researched how these wipes work, as well as where they are available to you. Our research also answers questions you may have about alternative methods of cleaning leather. Can I clean leather with disinfectant wipes or spray? Are baby wipes safe to use on leather? To see what our research turned up, read ahead in this post.

Loft Interior with Leather Sofa and Skull, What Are The Best Leather Wipes? [3 Options]

The best leather wipes on the market today

Using leather wipes is fast and easy. These wipes are already soaked with the approved cleaning agent, so all you'll need to do is open the lid, pull one out, and begin cleaning. 

If you're doing general, routine cleaning of your leather, use the wipe to scrub the surface gently. Use semi-rigorous circular motions with the cloth. For larger areas, you'll need to use several leather wipes. These wipes will leave the leather's surface feeling a little damp, but that's ok. Allow for it to air dry, as you'll want the moisture to soak into the leather's pores. We explain more about this later in this post.

As promised, here are the details on the best leather wipes available that we listed earlier in this post. 

Weiman Leather Wipes

This brand of wipes works best for cleaning leather shoes and purses, in addition to keeping your leather furniture in shape. Its UV protectant cleaning agents will remove soiling while deep conditioning your upholstery. This brand is also non-toxic.

To view Weiman Leather Wipes on Amazon, click here.

Armor All

Armor All leather wipes will work for your leather furniture, but their best use is in your vehicle. The cleaning agents used in the Armor All wipes remove soiling while also conditioning your upholstery. It also adds layers of protection to your upholstery so that minor spills can be cleaned from it in a snap. This brand has a higher UV protective rating than most on the market, which is why it works perfectly for vehicles with leather seats.

To view the Armor All leather wipes on Amazon, click here.

Miracle Wipes

Miracle Wipes give you the most for the least amount of money. These wipes generally have more in a pack than other brands and run several dollars lower. They work great for multiple types of leather goods but are primarily used for quick cleaning and conditioning your home's leather upholstered furniture.

To see the Miracle Wipes on Amazon, click here.

What do leather wipes do?

A good leather wipe will do three things to the upholstery or leather good that it is applied to.

First, a leather wipe cleans the leather. Whether you need to remove pen marks or soiling from everyday use, a leather wipe has a balanced chemical formula soaked into it that will clean, but not harm, your leather.

Second, an effective leather wipe will deep condition your leather. Leather is animal hide and will dry out, causing it to crack and rot. The leather wipes' chemicals soak deep into the pores of the hide, preventing this from happening.

Lastly, the leather wipes protect the leather. Most contain a UV protectant, saving the leather from the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. They will also add a coating to the leather that makes wiping up small spills quick and easy.

What cleaners are safe on leather?

Aside from certified leather cleaning products, there are other cleaning methods to help you maintain your leather upholstery. We've listed them below.

Vinegar and olive oil

As crazy as it may sound, a mixture of vinegar and olive oil will not only clean your leather, but it will add life to it. Leather is an animal hide, which needs to be moisturized as well as cleaned. The vinegar will act as a cleaning agent, while the olive oil lightly soaks into the leather's pores and keeps it from drying out.

You can spot clean the soiled areas of the upholstery by applying white vinegar to a spot using a soft cloth. Gently rub. Then, dab another cloth in the olive oil, and gently rub and buff.

You can premix a solution of the two for a thorough all-over cleaning, too. Combine the olive oil and vinegar using a 1:1 ratio in a mixing bowl. Whisk the two together for several minutes. Using a paper towel or soft cloth, soak the mixture up. Give the leather a good rub down, using a clean paper towel to soak up any excess oils when you're finished.

To see this brand of vinegar on Amazon, click here.

To see this brand of olive oil on Amazon, click here.

Soap and warm water

Of course, good old fashioned soap and water, combined with some elbow grease, will also do the trick. Using mild dish soap and warm water on your leather will clean the upholstery and give it needed hydration.

Place several drops of the mild dish soap in a spray bottle that has been filled with warm water. Shake, then spray on your leather. Use a soft cloth to gently rub and dab the material. Use a dry cloth to remove any excess water when you're finished.

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To remove stubborn, sticky substances from leather, a cold cleaning method is recommended. Place a large ice cube in a plastic baggie, and then press the ice on top of the soiled area for several minutes. Pry the substance away with your fingertips. Do not use anything sharp, as you will puncture the leather. As the substance gets cold, it will gently peel away. This method works great for candle wax and chewing gum.

Is it ok to use disinfectant wipes on leather?

Never use disinfectant wipes on leather. While these wipes will certainly clean the upholstery's surface, they also contain high alcohol and ammonia levels. These chemicals will damage the leather by drying it out. The leather will begin to peel and crack, which is a sign that your upholstery is finished.

Can you use baby wipes on leather?

Some consumers will swear that baby wipes will do an incredible job cleaning leather upholstery. But even if they clean the leather, is it still safe to use them on the leather?

The theory behind using baby wipes is that they will not only disinfect, but they will also help moisturize the leather. Remember that leather is animal hide and is susceptible to drying out and cracking over time.

Leather cleaning experts will maintain that while using baby wipes will clean your leather, it will also damage it over time. Wipes are full of chemicals that are harmful to leather while safe for a baby's skin. These chemicals will eventually cause the pigment in the leather upholstery to fade, and prolonged use will make it peel and crack.

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In Conclusion

We've learned that there are numerous brands of leather wipes that are safe to use on your leather goods. Getting the right one is quick and easy, and only a click away on Amazon.

Several household products will do the trick if you don't wish to use a commercial cleaning wipe on your leather. Just be sure to avoid baby wipes or disinfectant wipes on the leather. These will clean the upholstery but also do damage to it.

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