10 Best Office Chair Brands For Your Home Office

We fully understand the value of a high-quality office chair brand since we spend a lot of time seated, creating well-researched posts like this for you. Sitting for extended periods on a substandard brand may lead to physical complications such as back pains or tight muscles. For this reason, we’ve extensively researched and reviewed ten of the best office chair brands and wrapped them in this post. 

The following are our picks for the best brands for office chairs in the market:

  • Steelcase (Best overall)
  • Autonomous
  • Humanscale
  • Herman Miller
  • Modway
  • Haworth Inc.
  • HON
  • Sihoo
  • Apex
  • La-Z-Boy

All these brands are widely popular for producing the most reliable, durable, and highest quality of office chairs. Luckily, there’s more than a single brand from which to choose. How much do you know about them, though? Keep reading to find out critical info about these brands and why their office chairs can help boost your work situation

Home office with big window, black office chair and wooden desk, 10 Best Office Chair Brands for your home office


Steelcase is currently the largest office furniture manufacturer on the planet. Established in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 1912, this U.S. based company promotes three primary values: uplifting communities, investing in renewable energy, and customer partnership.

Their focus on sustainability and creativity has made them stand out from other office chair brands over the years. For more than a century, Steelcase has been manufacturing healthy and well-built ergonomic office chairs that mimic the spine’s natural curve. 

The chairs are also highly customizable and allow you to adjust various parts and aspects of the seat, including the arms, seat depth, glide system, etc. They also come in multiple sizes and colors to accentuate your office or study area (head over to our recent post Study Area In Living Room: 17 Photo Examples for genius ideas on how to incorporate a study area into your living room).

Click here to view this office chair on Amazon.

Click here to view this office chair on Amazon. 


Since its inception in 2015, Autonomous has always considered its customers its “most valuable asset”. They take feedback from their users very seriously and use the reviews to unleash the full potential in all their pieces, rendering their next products even better than the ones before them. 

They first started as a tech company before eventually breaking out into the office furniture scene. Today, they’re among the most reliable brands in the world. They produce a series of ergonomic office chairs and highly-advanced smart desks. 

Autonomous office chairs, in particular, are designed with the highest level of simplicity and technological innovation. Their most popular office chair is the ErgoChair 2.

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Humanscale is a New York-based company that designs and manufactures the most exquisite range of futuristic ergonomic chairs. Since 2007, Humanscale has come up with various innovations that featured in different museums, including the Museum of Modern Art.  

Their creativity in the office furniture industry has also earned the company over 200 prestigious awards.

Humanscale is famous for developing three types of chairs that were all designed by Niels Diffrient: the Freedom Chair (1999), the Liberty Chair (2004), and the Diffrient World Chair (2009).

The Freedom chair by Humanscale was the first self-adjusting chair without levers or manual knobs.

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Herman Miller

Herman Miller was officially launched in 1905 in Zeeland, Michigan, as Star Furniture Company by D.J. De Pree. 

The company was rebranded twice: first as the Michigan Star Furniture Company in 1909, and second in 1923 as the now-famous Herman Miller. Herman Miller was D.J. De Pree’s father-in-law and owned the majority of company shares. 

On countless occasions, Fortune Magazine named Herman Miller the “Most Admired” firm over a dozen times. 

Office chairs by Herman Miller have a history of promoting better workability. They are specially designed to prevent physical pain that comes from sitting in the same position for extended periods.


Modway is a popular company that deals with the distribution of bedroom, dining, living room, and office furniture. It was established in 2010 and has its headquarters in New Jersey, United States.

Modway attributes its styles and designs from various parts of the world to meet and exceed its customers’ ever-changing needs. Office chairs by Modway offer passive lumbar support, as well as a modern ergonomic form that seamlessly fits into your home or office space. 

Modway designs their chairs to provide that kind of comfort that most high-end commercial office chairs don’t.

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Click here to view this chair on Amazon

Haworth Inc.

Haworth Inc. was founded in Holland, Michigan, by Gerrard W. Haworth in the year 1940. The headquarters are still in Holland.

This company manufactures and runs operations in office furniture in 120+ countries around the world. Its foremost competitors are the industry’s heavyweights, Steelcase and Herman Miller. 

Haworth boasts a substantial presence in Europe and runs a sales and service division in Hong Kong. 

The most reviewed chair by Haworth is the Zody Task Chair. The sleek, high-end chair has a recommendation and certificate from the American Physiotherapy center and is proven to safeguard your posture.

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As with any other well-established brand, Hon didn’t become one of the most recognized office furniture brands overnight. The company was formed on January 6, 1944, as The Home-O-Nize Company by brothers-in-law Clement T. Hanson and C. Maxwell Stanley.

The brand was established to offer employment for the men and women who would get home from duty in World War II.

Today, the HON Company has grown to provide reliable workplace furniture for government offices, large corporations, universities, and medium-sized businesses. The HON exposure ergonomic chair is one of the brand’s most recognized office chairs to date.  

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Click here to view this chair on Amazon.


Sihoo is an office chair powerhouse brand formed in 2011 whose purpose for existence is to “improve people’s quality of life through furniture innovation”. The company’s vision is to become the planet’s most professional engineering furniture provider.

Aside from office chairs, Sihoo also deals with learning desks/chairs, game equipment, peripheral configuration, and sofas for the elderly. 

Sihoo is rapidly expanding its services from its headquarters in China to various parts of the world. Sihoo consistently conducts extensive medical research on sitting posture to manufacture chairs that won’t strain the intervertebral disc.  

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If you’ve never used the Ergohuman office chair, you’ve probably never heard of Eurotech.

The US-based company has been providing unsurpassed customer service in office furniture since its inception in 1979. Today, the company has manufactured, sold, and distributed an impressive number of units to different parts of the world. It’s the most successful in this field, with sales of more than $1 billion.

They based their products on three primary principles: ergonomic efficiency, durability, and design. The Ergohuman office chair by Eurotech is a classic embodiment of these pillars.

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Click here to view this chair on Amazon.


And last but not least, our tenth best office chair brand: La-Z-Boy. The creative “La-Z-Boy” brand name and the company as a whole were formed by Edwin Shoemaker and Edward Knabusch – both cousins. The idea of this brand began in 1927 in Monroe, Michigan, where it remains to this day. 

La-Z-Boy built its first office chair prototype from, believe it or not, orange crates. The duo upholstered the recliner’s design and distributed their creation to American homes. 

Today, La-Z-Boy has forged its place as one of the most dominant manufacturers of reclining chairs. Their business plan is founded on charitable giving, local community investment, and eco-friendly manufacturing.


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Click here to view this chair on Amazon.


If your current office chair makes you feel like you’re not getting your money’s worth, take a shot at any of these brands. Read our post about What To Look For In An Office Chair [6 Things to Check Before You Buy] for some handy tips on choosing your ideal office chair.

The sooner you upgrade your office chair to a higher quality brand, the more work you can get done with zero risks to your back and posture!

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