6 Best Plug-In Natural-Scented Air Fresheners For Your Home

Even the best-kept homes will have moments when they don't smell as fresh as they should. Whether it's due to a fish dinner or just having a pet that got sprayed by a skunk, most homes will have moments where you should get a plug-in air freshener to help them out. But, you don't want it to be toxic for your family members or pets. That's why we decided to research the top, natural-scented air fresheners on the market. 

The best plug-in natural-scented air fresheners include:

  • The Gurunanda Waterless Diffuser
  • The Holiday Scented Oil Kit by Air Wick
  • Caribbean Sweetgrass and Sandalwood Starter Kit by Botanica/Air Wick
  • Aromatherapy Room Diffuser by Aura Cacia
  • Pluggable Wax Warmer by Cocopin
  • The Scent Machine by Scentscerely 

Trying to find the right air freshener for your home can be intimidating. You want to get the most staying power, the best diffusion, and keep things natural. If you're looking for the cream of the crop, keep reading. We've done the heavy lifting for you.

Wooden themed plug-in scent diffuser turned on and functioning, 6 Best Plug-In Natural-Scented Air Fresheners For Your Home

The Best Natural Plug-In Air Fresheners

Trying to find the best organic, all-natural (or at least natural enough!) air freshener isn't going to be easy. Most fresheners you'll find online are meant to be chock-full of synthetic fragrances. So, what's left? These air fresheners are considered to be the cream of the crop. 

The Gurunanda Waterless Diffuser

Gurunanda is a company that is exceptionally unique when it comes to the way they approach home air freshening. If you've ever seen those essential oil diffusers meant to be for a desk, you'll have an idea of how Gurunanda works. This is a plug-in air freshener that uses pure essential oil for a freshening effect. 

It's the first of its kind and allows you to work with any essential oil you enjoy. It also happens to be one of the easiest plug-ins to maintain, and that's saying something.

Click here to get the Gurunanda.

The Holiday Scented Oil Kit by Air Wick

Air Wick is not one of the names you might've expected to see here, but stranger things have happened. The company has started to create plug-in air fresheners made from real essential oils, including ones that are just perfect for the holidays. If you want a natural way to decorate a bedroom for Christmas, this is a good pick. 

Click here to get the Holiday Scented Oil Kit from Amazon.

Caribbean Sweetgrass and Sandalwood Starter Kit by Botanica/Air Wick

If you want to go with Air Wick's most eco-friendly and natural line, then you're going to have to check out Botanica. This is a line of planet-conscious air fresheners that use all-natural fragrances to warm up and perfume your home. This particular scent offers up a spa-like ambiance to your home while keeping things low key.

The Botanica line has a ton of excellent scents, most of which are inspired by natural woods. However, they also have their own floral picks, too, if spicy and earthy scents aren't your thing.

Click here to get the Starter Kit from Amazon.

Aromatherapy Room Diffuser by Aura Cacia

Aura Cacia is one of those aromatherapy brands that developed a loyal following due to the incredibly fresh scents they offer. Known for being organic and eco-centric since before it was cool, it's safe to say that this is a great pick for nature-oriented people. You get to choose the essential oil you diffuse. Just add a couple of drops to the pad, and let the diffuser do the work. 

Since Aura Cacia's diffuser is very petite yet effective, this is one of the best things to put in a small entryway. It'll help absorb odors from dirty shoes and also keep your room from looking cluttered.

Click here to get the Room Diffuser from Amazon.

Pluggable Wax Melter by Cocopin

Wax melts have been a cornerstone of home fragrance for ages, which is why you may want to switch back to this if you're a fan of old-school warming techniques. Cocopin recently created a pluggable wax melter that will let you enjoy the fragrances of your Yankee Candle waxes, all from the nearest plug. It works wonderfully well. 

Click here to get this wax melter from Amazon.

The Scent Machine by Scentscerely 

This is one of many plug-in fresheners designed for use with natural fragrance oils. So, what makes it different, you ask? Simple. This is one of the only home units that's designed with hotel-level quality in mind. The machine holds a very impressive four ounces of oil, can be refilled as long as you need, and is able to fully fragrance a home within hours.

It's worth noting that this machine technically doesn't work with essential oils. Rather, they need to be mixed up with a diluter in order to become a good fragrance oil for the machine. Even so, it's a lot more natural than what you might find on the grocery store aisle. 

Click here to get a Scent Machine from Amazon.

Important Things To Know About Plug-In Air Fresheners

While it's good to make sure that your fresheners are high quality, it's even more important to know the basics about using the air freshener that you want to use. These questions below are the most important to be aware of.

Can You Leave Plug-In Air Fresheners On All The Time?

Worried about leaving your air freshener plugged in overnight? It's a common, though baseless, concern. A plug-in air freshener is designed to use very little electricity and even less heat. This makes them safe to use all the time without the need to turn them on and off. You should be safekeeping them plugged on. They're meant to "set and forget."

Do Plug-Ins Use A Lot Of Electricity?

While they do require more energy than a typical AA battery, the vast majority of plug-in air fresheners do not use a lot of energy at all. If anything, they tend to be one of the least demanding things in a room. If you are worried about using electricity, getting a sachet or alternative home fragrance potpourri uses zero energy. 

How Long Do Plug-In Air Fresheners Last?

The lifespan you should expect from your plug-in air freshener depends on the build that it has. Most alternative air fresheners, such as the waterless diffuser or diffuser pads, will need to have more essential oils added every seven to 30 days. However, if you have a more traditional air freshener (like the ones from Air Wick or Glade), you can expect them to last 80 days.

How Else Can You Make Your Room Smell Nice?

Home perfume in bottle near spa stones and lilies

While plug-in air fresheners are a commonplace go-to, they are not the only air freshening device on the market. In fact, they sometimes aren't even the best choice for you. These choices below can provide the freshness you need without the extra hassle of shopping for cartridges.

Reed Diffusers

Reed diffusers are currently experiencing a major boost in popularity, and it's easy to see why. They use porous reeds to disseminate perfume oils, all while keeping a spa-like look to your home alive. These diffusers can last for as long as three months or more, depending on the setting they're in. Better still, they can also act as a conversation piece for your home.

Admittedly, many people find reed diffusers to be one of the weaker options for home fragrance. However, that also means they're ideal for people with sensitive noses.

Click here to get a reed diffuser from Amazon.

Lampe Bergers

You might not have heard about Lampe Bergers, but you should. Also known as fragrance lamps or effusion lamps, these are lamps that both sanitize air and spread a fresh fragrance around your room. They use specially perfumed alcohol-based lamp oils to work and were previously used in hospitals in France in the earlier part of the last century. 

Like reed diffusers, Lampe Bergers are known for being a stylish addition to any home. 

Click here to get a Lampe Berger from Amazon.

Scented Candles

Is there anything more classic than lighting up a scented candle to make a foul odor go away? Yes, it's a classic, and you can get candles that can offer up to 100-plus hours of continuous burn time fairly easily. Most candles would be able to fit squarely underneath the "organic" and "natural" labels, so this is a great pick for people who want to have a healthier option. 

The best part about scented candles is that you can get virtually any fragrance known to man in candle form. To get the healthiest options, go for soot-free soy candles. 

Click here to get a scented candle from Amazon.

Wax Melters

Yes, there's a plug-in air freshener version of this concept that we've already posted, but you don't have to stick to wall units to get the freshness you want. These melters use low-grade heat to help release the fragrances in wax cubes. It's an affordable way to get excellent coverage around your home. Most melters are tabletop units that also double as centerpieces. Homey? Absolutely!

Click here to get a wax melter from Amazon.

Gel Beads

Gel bead deodorizers are not exactly the typical "organic" option, and truth be told, most home fragrances in gel form will not be natural. However, that doesn't mean that you should write them off. They offer excellent, set and forget deodorization. Using them is a cinch. Just remove the covering from the top of the bead jar, tuck it away somewhere inconspicuous, and just let the beads release fragrance into the air.

The good thing about gel beads is that they are very low maintenance and tend to be fairly powerful. This makes them ideal for bathrooms.

Click here to get gel beads from Amazon.


Perhaps one of the most old school methods to make both rooms and clothing smell fresh, sachets are traditionally pouches of perfumed flowers and herbs. They're not meant to be opened but rather tucked away in closets, hung up on hooks, or placed in between bed linens while they're in storage. 

If you are sensitive to strong scents or just want to add a small, subtle touch of fragrance, a sachet is the best bet. Besides, they're mostly organic and are easy enough to switch. 

Click here to buy sachets from Amazon.


Home fragrance has never been more active in the consumer market, and that's even true when it comes to traditionally-chemical items like plug-in air fresheners. If you want to choose a wall plug-in model, it's possible to find high-quality options that feature organic essential oils as the base for their fragrances. They can even be affordable, too!

Of course, plug-in units aren't always for everyone. If you want to get a different take on home fragrance, you can always try out scented candles, reed oil diffusers, a Lampe Berger, or something more traditional like sachets. When choosing the right fragrance model for your home, think about display, diffusion, as well as ease of use. Each has its own perks and pitfalls, after all. 

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