11 Best Privacy Window Coverings

If your home has many windows, you may be wondering what the best options are when it comes to privacy and window dressings. After all, the windows of your home connect you to the outside world, and finding the right solution to protect your privacy while showcasing your decorative style can be important. In this post, we'll go over the various types of privacy window coverings.

Whether you prefer privacy films, window drapes, or classic shutters, there are several dressings that you can use to maintain the privacy of your home. Here are some of the most common window dressings for privacy protection:

  • Drapes
  • Roman shades
  • Vertical blinds
  • Shutters
  • Cellular shades
  • Blackout film
  • Whiteout film
  • Translucent film
  • One-way mirror film
  • Frosted glass
  • Stained glass

If you live in an area with lots of neighbors, busy streets, and close sidewalks, leaving your windows uncovered isn't an option. Let's discuss the types of window treatments that are best for privacy.

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Things to consider when choosing window coverings for privacy

Venetian blinds on window

Window treatments come in several styles, designs, and colors to fit your specific privacy needs and decorative preferences. If you are currently in the market for new privacy window dressings, here are a few factors to consider before making a purchase:

Light control

The type of window dressing you have will play a huge role in the amount of natural light that enters your home. If you prefer a lot of natural light, you may want to opt for shades and drapery panels. However, if you prefer to have a limited amount of light come in from the outside, shutters and vertical blinds may be a more suitable option.


Insulation can be a significant factor in regards to your sugar dressing options if you have bay windows, an older home, or draft issues. If you are looking for window dressings with insulative properties, heavy thermal drapes are your best bet, as they can offer you a cozy and decorative window dressing. You can also add them to thermal window films for additional insulation during colder months of the year.

Comfort level

Everyone has a different comfort level when it comes to privacy. Blackout drapes, roman shades, and opaque window films are the best window dressings if you are looking for complete privacy with your windows. It's important to note that these dressings will hinder the amount of natural light entering your home, so it's best to supply ample lighting from the inside. If you don't need complete privacy, opt for shutters, vertical blinds, and translucent window films.

Decorative Style

Your decorative style also plays a significant role in the type of privacy window dressing that you choose. When looking at the various types of dressings available, try to visualize how they will complement each room's elements, such as the furniture setups and wall colors.

Current window setup

Unless you plan on doing a bit of remodeling for a specific type of privacy window dressing, you'll want to consider your windows' current setup. The length, width, and other architectural aspects of your window can limit the choices available to you regarding window dressings.

Daily re-positioning

Are you someone who likes various levels of light throughout the day? If so, you may want to consider this when looking at different window dressings. Convenience is important, and it can become burdensome having to adjust your window dressings two to three times a day. For example, do you prefer the quick convenience of vertical blinds and shutters? Or are you okay with sliding heavy drapes on the windows a couple of times a day?

The Best Privacy Window Coverings


One of the best ways to add a touch of sophistication to your living room windows is to cover them with beautiful long drapes. Drapes are one of the best ways to block harsh sunlight while providing your home with superb privacy. Not to mention, heavy drapes can also have insulation properties, which can be beneficial in the colder months of the year, especially if you have a lot of windows or large bay windows.

You can enhance the drapes' visual effect by adding a sheer lining to the back of them, creating a beautiful multi-layered effect. The lining can also provide a semi-private solution on days when you want to let in a little natural light. The cool thing about drapes is that they can be combined with several other window treatments, so the sky is the limit.

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Roman shades

Roman shades can also be excellent privacy window dressings. These shades are made from a solid piece of material that stacks up together when it's raised, allowing for either full natural lighting or no light at all. They also have a minimalistic quality to them that will enable them to go with several decorative choices. You can also partially lower your roman shades if you have a translucent window film and are looking to let a little more light in.

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Vertical blinds

If you want to have a good mix of light control and personal privacy in your bedrooms or living rooms, vertical blinds may be the perfect fit for you. These lines are stylish and can fit any size window for full or partial privacy. They come in several different colors, designs, and styles. Even if your windows are wider than average, you can have blinds custom fit for your specifications. If you are looking for something that you can adjust daily, these are a great option.

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Window shutters are both classic and timeless. They work great for both traditional and modern interior decor. Shutters can help you create a contemporary visual element in your living room, bedroom, or entertainment room. Not only can they offer great privacy protection, but they can allow you to adjust the lighting throughout the day per temperature changes and personal preferences. 

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Cellular shades

Cellular shades are another great option for complete window privacy. They come in several colors, the most common ones being beige, gray, and white. And they reign supreme as one of the most efficient privacy window coverings available due to their multi-layer design. This means that they can help you save money on your energy bills. Cellular shades can complement your furniture, interior walls and are great for rooms that have a minimalistic style. They are easily adjustable, allowing you to reduce or increase your windows' privacy throughout the day with the simple tug of a string.

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Blackout film

For complete privacy protection, blackout film is the way to go. While the film can vary in opacity, it can offer supreme privacy protection, and it's perfect for night workers who are looking to block out the sunlight during the day. On the downside, blackout window films do not allow for daily adjustment if you want to let in natural sunlight during the day. However, if your home faces a busy street or if you have neighbors with boundary issues, they can be the perfect solution for you.

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Whiteout film

Whiteout film is similar to blackout film, as it provides complete privacy with an opaque film to cover the window. However, it creates a more lively mood in the room than that of blackout curtains, being that it does allow some natural sunlight to shine through. So to say, if you want complete privacy but want to keep the room as light as possible, this may be a good option to consider. Whiteout films are popular in bathrooms, meeting rooms, and commercial storefronts.

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Translucent film

A translucent window film can also give you a fair amount of privacy while allowing a bit of natural light in as well. This film is a good go-between as it helps you keep your room well-lit while providing more privacy than an uncovered window. Translucent films come in several different colors, patterns, and opacities.

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One-Way Mirror film

Nice new family house interior

One-way window films are becoming more popular every year as homeowners look for simple ways to reduce the likelihood of burglaries. Anyone with prying eyes will get a mirror reflection of themselves when looking into your window.

This makes this film a great burglary deterrent. One-way mirror film is fairly opaque, meaning that it won't let in a lot of natural light, so you will need to have a good amount of lighting in the room where this film is placed. You can also combine the film with shutters, curtains, or drapes for a decorative touch.

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Frosted glass

Frosted glass is an excellent alternative for privacy window dressing as well. It can also help you save money with your energy bill in the colder and warmer months of the year. One of the biggest benefits of frosted glass is that it provides a significant amount of privacy without completely hindering your view of the outdoors.

You can also apply it to a small section of your window if you want partial privacy and the ability to let in more natural light. Frosted glass comes in several decorative choices and can be a great alternative to fabric shades and curtains.

Stained glass

One of the most stylish ways to provide window privacy is to install stained glass. The options are endless when it comes to stained glass, as contractors can manufacturer the glass according to your specifications--but be ready to spend a few bucks for specific designs. If you are looking for a creative way to compliment your interior decorating style while adding complete or semi-privacy to your windows, here's an option to consider.

Can you see through a frosted window at night?

Yes, it is possible to see through frosted windows at night when there is no sunlight coming through them, and the interior lights are turned on. The only way to get full nighttime privacy is with a blackout window or a frosted window that is completely opaque.

Are all blackout curtains thermal?

No, blackout curtains and thermal curtains are two different things. The primary purpose of blackout windows is to blackout exterior light and provide full privacy, though they can have thermal properties. The purpose of thermal curtains is to provide thermal insulation, though darker thermal curtains can provide sufficient privacy.

What are privacy blinds?

Privacy blinds are typically cellular shade-style blinds that do not have a lift cord. They provide complete privacy for windows. Unlike vertical blinds, they don't have holes throughout their construction that allow natural light or prying eyes to see through. The blinds can be lifted, however, through a notch on the backside of the slat.

Which way to turn blinds so no one can see in?

If you have traditional curved vertical blinds, you'll want to turn the blinds up to limit the amount of disability to the interior of your home. This will also reduce the amount of light coming through the blinds.

Wrapping things up

We hope that this post has provided you with the information that you were looking for regarding the best privacy window dressings in the market today.

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