5 Best Rocking Chairs And Rocking Benches For Your Porch

A porch and its decor make a strong first impression. With that in mind, why settle for anything less than the best rocking chair or bench to showcase on your front porch? We did the research based on quality, space, and style to find the best rocking chairs and benches to narrow your search. 

Check out these best rocking chairs and rocking benches for your front porch:

  • QOMOTOP Heavy Duty Rocking Chair
  • GOLDSUN Patio Swing Bench
  • Amazon Basics Foldable Rocking Chair
  • B & Z Kids’ Wooden Porch Chair
  • POLYWOOD Presidential Rocking Chair

Now that you know who makes the best rocking furniture, let’s take a look at why these chairs and benches are ideal. As you continue reading, consider how long it will last, whether it fits in your space, and if the style coordinates with your home -all questions we’ll answer to help you choose the best seating option for your porch! We’ll also discuss rocking chair comfort, space necessary, and securing options to keep chairs and benches safely grounded. Let’s get started!

A pair of rocking chairs on a porch in New England in the Autumn season, 5 Best Rocking Chairs And Rocking Benches For Your Porch

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Rocking Chair Vs. Rocking Bench

There is no clean-cut best when it comes to picking a rocking chair or a rocking bench. The primary differences between the two are style and size. So, if you think rocking chairs are cuter, go that route. If you think rocking benches are better, that is what’s best for you. There is no one size fits all.

Another factor when considering if you want a rocking chair or bench is the space available. Make sure the rocking furniture you are buying fits the space, both literally and metaphorically. Rocking benches tend to take up slightly more space in a single area compared to rocking chairs. 

QOMOTOP Heavy Duty Rocking Chair

This rocking chair is best overall in large part due to its high quality. Not only is it built to last, but it is also weather resistant. The chair itself is “oversized” with a 21 inch width, which makes it great for a focal point for your porch. However, that does mean it takes a bit more space than the average rocking chair.

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Click here to check this rocking chair out on Amazon.

Its ergonomic design makes it easy to relax and adds a calm and classic ambiance to any porch. A drawback of the QOMOTOP rocking chair is the limited range of colors. It is available in two classic hues: teak and brown.

GOLDSUN Patio Swing Bench

The GOLDSUN swing bench is great for adding a classy and practical seat to your porch. The mesh fabric of the seats makes them durable and easy to clean. It also allows for good airflow and lighter weight. Still, it is strong enough to hold around 480 pounds. It is relatively light compared to other rocking benches and only weighs around 40 pounds.

Click here to see this patio swing bench on Amazon.

Another quality perk to this rocking bench is the comfort it offers. With the soft mesh, it will not likely need any cousins or other additions for comfort. While it does not come with a built-in canopy, it is UV resistant, so it will perform well on both covered and uncovered porches.

Amazon Basics Foldable Rocking Chair

While it may not be what you think of initially, when you think of porch rocking chairs, foldable is a great option. Foldable chairs can be especially great for especially hot or cold areas. Even on a covered porch, rocking chairs can succumb to sun damage. Folding rocking chairs are easy to safely store away when not in use.

Click here to see this foldable rocking chair.

Since this chair is under 20 pounds, it is also great when you are on the go. It would be great to use at a campsite for a fun, classy taste of home. While it does come in multiple colors, the black model is the only one that includes a canopy. If you plan on taking it more places than your porch, a canopy can be really handy. However, it can also make the chair more cumbersome. 

When considering this rocking chair, consider where you will use it. If you want a refined focal point for your porch, this is probably not the best fit. However, if you want a rocking chair that is versatile enough to be a staple on your porch, but also a comfy seat at a baseball game, this is probably a great fit for you!

B & Z Kids’ Wooden Porch Chair

If you have children, getting their own rocking chair is a great way to make them feel special. It is especially great for kids younger than seven. Likewise, because they are smaller, children’s rocking chairs only need around two feet of space. The sturdy design of this wooden porch chair makes it just as great for indoor and outdoor use. It also has the durability to last for many years.

Click here to see this rocking chair for kids on Amazon.

This chair does not have a ton of versatility as it can only hold around 77 pounds. But it is a great way to make your family feel at home on the porch while also adding an adorable elegance.

POLYWOOD Presidential Rocking Chair

This chair’s wide arms make it an especially great option if you love having your coffee on the porch. This chair is also a buy you can feel good about. Each chair is made from recycled plastic, making it great for your front porch and the planet. 

Click here to see this rocking chair on Amazon.

A great perk of the POLYWOOD Presidential Rocking Chair is the many colors available. While it comes in classics like brown and white, it also comes in bold colors like lime and red. Because of the variety, this chair is great if you want to use color to make a statement on your porch.

This chair’s primary drawback is that the material may not be particularly comfortable and is not as ergonomic as some of the other chairs. It may need a seat and back cushion to help make it easier to sit in.

Where Should A Rocking Chair/Bench Be Placed On A Porch?

When deciding where to place your rocking chair or bench, consider what you want to be the focal point of your porch. If you want the focus to be your rocking furniture, consider how you will make them stand out. Will they be a unique color? Larger than usual? Or maybe there will be multiple pieces. Ultimately, it depends on your style preference and the layout of your porch.

Seeking a little inspiration is a good idea. It is also good to seek out multiple guides for ideas and designs.

How Do You Make A Wooden Rocking Chair More Comfortable?

There are a variety of ways to make a wooden rocking chair more comfortable, and by far, the easiest and most popular method is to add cushions. While some rocking chairs may come with cushions, most do not.

When picking a cushion for your rocking chair, make sure to get something with UV protection. This will help the fabric stay softer longer and help it resist sun bleaching.

Click here to see this outdoor cushion set on Amazon.

How Much Space Do You Need For A Rocking Chair?

How much space you need for a rocking chair depends on the specific rocking chair. On average, assume a rocking chair takes up three feet. Rocking benches require a bit more space but can sit more than one person. Most two-person rocking benches need around five feet of space. If you anticipate a child swinging wildly in the rocking furniture, consider giving it an extra half-foot or so of space. 

How Do You Secure A Rocking Chair To A Porch?

The most common way to secure a rocking chair to your porch is with a wire rope. You can either lock the wire rope to the house or simply weave it between the rocking chair legs. While simply weaving the rope does not keep the chair in place, it does deter thieves from taking it. With the rope holding the chair together or in place, culprits have to either cut the rope or take the chair in one large, cumbersome trip.

If you are concerned about the wind, buying a heavy rocking chair or bench is a good way to keep your porch furniture from blowing away. Likewise, a rocking bench may be better in that case as they are generally larger, heavier, and less likely to blow away.

If you are worried about your rocking chair sliding while you are rocking in it, there are also multiple methods of dealing with that, such as: 

  • Secure felt pads or rug padding to the base of the rockers.
  • Inspect the chair for cracks, damaged or loose connections to rule-out wobbly rockers.
  • Secure the chair’s base to the porch by fastening a length of webbing between the underside of the seat (affixed to an eye-screw) and flooring (affixed to an eye-screw). This allows the chair to rock back and forth but not slide forward or backward from its position.

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