Best Shower Benches For Small Shower [4 Types Inc. Examples]

Shower benches can play a crucial role for anyone who may have physical issues. However, shower benches can also be a neat addition to the bathroom for simple coziness. As such, shower benches can be installed for both practical and stylish purposes. But smaller showers often prove difficult to shop for. We have carefully researched the ideal shower benches if you want or need to install them in a smaller room.

The best shower benches for a smaller shower will conserve as much space as possible. In fact, some showers don’t have enough room for any shower bench. Like any other home installation, it is ideal to consider the price, material, and style of your new shower bench. Safety should always be a concern, too, particularly in the bathroom. Although smaller rooms are often problematic, there are still shower benches that will fit nicely for you:

  • Standalone Bench
  • Folding Bench
  • Floating Bench
  • Corner Bench

You may be considering a new shower bench so that you can relax or remodel your bathroom. But you may also be on the market for a shower bench to make showers more convenient after an injury. Although shower benches might seem mundane, they can make showers more comfortable for anyone. Keep reading to learn about the best options for a small shower, and we’ll have you rinsing and relaxing in no time!

A small wooden shower bench inside a modern white and faux tiled bathroom, Best Shower Benches For Small Shower [4 Types Inc. Examples]

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Standalone Shower Benches

Many shower benches are built directly into the shower walls. Built-in shower benches frequently take up a lot more space than anyone would prefer. Sometimes, they can look appealing in larger showers. Unfortunately, built-in shower benches cannot be adjusted, and they do not accommodate wheelchairs.

True, some people use a showerhead that can be removed and aimed around. However, if your bench is built directly into the wall, you may have to awkwardly twist around during your shower. This can be frustrating or downright impossible after certain injuries.

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Standalone shower benches are individual seats that can be arranged at will. This is especially handy in cramped spaces. The freedom to move your shower bench around can make it significantly easier to wash any area on your body. Also, standalone shower benches can be removed from the shower after you use them. This is very convenient for other people who may use the same bathroom but do not require or want a shower bench.

Naturally, there is no installation necessary for standalone shower benches. This means that you can freely swap out one bench for another if you change your mind. This will also save you the costs of installing a shower bench directly into the walls. Even if you were to install the bench yourself, the tools and time alone would prove rather costly. Standalone benches are probably one of the most inexpensive options for your shower.

Fortunately, standalone benches also come in a wide variety of materials. You can use more luxurious or unique materials that would require special maintenance. Standalone benches are easier to clean and replace whenever necessary. If you’re worried about maintenance, you can check out this post about the easiest type of shower to clean.

Folding Shower Benches

Folding shower benches are wall-mounted options, and they can definitely preserve space. These benches are literally folded out for daily use, then folded back down to conserve room.

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Although folding benches must be installed directly into a wall, it is a fairly easy process, even for casual buyers. Also, a permanent installation can save you a lot of time. You won’t need to move your shower bench in and out of the shower every day. That may be necessary to accommodate others who share the same bathroom. If you have an injury, it would be impossible to move the shower bench so often. For anyone else, it might easily become a frustrating chore.

True, folding benches might seem insecure. However, when folding benches are installed correctly, they can support a surprising amount of weight. Folding benches can actually be very durable. They are available in a wide range of materials, just like standalone benches. This means that you don’t have to sacrifice your bathroom’s personality just for a convenient shower.

Floating Shower Benches

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Floating benches do not save quite as much space, but they can still prove useful in smaller showers. Floating benches are wall-mounted, just like folding benches. That means that floating benches don’t have a clunky base, either. Wheelchair access will be easy enough if you purchase the right design.

Floating benches are also more likely to blend in with the style of the bathroom. Floating benches don’t look like a tool or device. They are more likely to appear deliberate and snug, rather than sticking out like an obvious add-on. Floating benches are ideal for buyers that are more interested in style than function. However, floating shower benches also come in a variety of widths. That means that floating benches can serve as seats or simple footrests alike.

Corner Shower Benches

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Corner benches are shower benches that have been specifically designed to fit into the corner of your shower. The key to a corner bench is the shape of the seat. This means that corner benches are available in multiple styles, including both standalone and floating options. In fact, there are even built-in options, but it’s still best to avoid that design if you have a small shower.

Corner shower benches can make it somewhat difficult to wash certain areas of your body, such as your back. This is because corner benches are literally tucked into a corner. That can make it difficult to twist around. You can’t reposition your body to accommodate specific injuries. A corner bench won’t give proper support unless it’s pushed directly into a corner. Worse, floating options are entirely stationary.

Corner benches will demand the least amount of room in your shower. They are so small, and they can sometimes be used to hold your soaps and shampoo. Corner benches are also less expensive because of their size. This will make it easier to purchase a bench that is made from more luxurious materials.

How big should a shower be to have a bench?

Building codes already determine the measurements of your shower. Meanwhile, safety concerns and disability rules have determined the standard sizes of a shower bench.

Shower benches must be at least fifteen inches from front to back. They should also be tall enough to fit your personal height. They might also need to be high enough for a wheelchair. If you want to fit a wheelchair into your shower, the showering area should be at least thirty inches by sixty inches.

Ultimately, showers can come in all shapes and sizes, just like the shower benches. This means that each bathroom will need to be measured individually to fit your own needs. However, benches shouldn’t take up half of your shower area. Otherwise, it may cause safety issues. For example, you can read this post about the minimum width of your shower door. This means that shower benches are not ideal for square, compact showers that are only thirty-two or thirty-six inches wide.

How much does a shower bench cost?

Although floating benches look smooth, it is always more expensive to hire someone for a home installation. Standalone benches can cost as little as twenty-four dollars. However, high-quality standalone benches can also cost anywhere from sixty to two-hundred dollars. The material used to build the shower bench will definitely result in very different costs. Like any other furniture, more luxurious materials are also more expensive to purchase and care for.

Which is better in shower, teak or bamboo?

It may seem counterintuitive to put wood products in your shower. However, both teak and bamboo shower benches are both water-resistant options. Unfortunately, bamboo must be treated just so that it can survive natural rotting and bugs. Therefore, bamboo may actually require sealant. To avoid mold, a bamboo shower bench will also need to be cleaned more often.

Ultimately, it is most convenient to use a teak shower bench. However, bamboo has a unique look, and it is often much cheaper than teak. If bamboo fits your style and your budget, the extra maintenance may be worth it.

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While shower benches can be cozy and look nice, they are also a useful tool. Shower benches can make all the difference for someone who may be injured. Everyone needs to shower, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to do so comfortably. Shower benches save space and create comfy nooks. Now, you know everything you need to add a brand new seat to your shower!

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