What Are The Best Sofas For A Heavy Person? [6 Options]

Those of us that are built heavier know all too well that we have to be a little more careful in selecting furniture. What might look like a great sofa, and feel comfortable at first, can quickly become a regretful purchase. Picking and choosing the right sofa for a heavier build can be tricky, and getting the wrong model can result in discomfort and premature replacement.

The best sofas for heavy people that we've discovered are listed here:

  • Baxton Studio Oralia Leather Two Piece Sectional
  • Honbay Convertible Sectional Sofa
  • Homelegance Resonance Microfiber Double Reclining Sofa
  • Jennifer Taylor Home Ariana Victorian Chesterfield
  • Hydeline Aliso 100% Leather Chesterfield Sofa Couch
  • Stone And Beam Blaine Sofa

Now that we know that there are multiple options for heavier people when it comes to sofa shopping, we'll examine each of the above sofas in more detail. We researched sofas and sofa accessories from various professional sources and present our findings throughout this post. In addition, we'll answer some common questions you might have about this essential piece of living room furniture. How deep should a sofa be? How can I make my current sofa more comfortable? What makes a sofa good quality? For the answers to these questions and more, read ahead in this post.

Dark blue hipster style home interior with old retro furniture, What Are The Best Sofas For A Heavy Person? [6 Options]

Best Brands of Sofa For Heavier Frames

Bohemian living room interior with beige colored furniture and wooden elements and brick wall, What Are The Best Sofas For A Heavy Person? [6 Options]

As we mentioned earlier in this post, there are many sofa models for you to select from, even if you are heavier than average. We've discovered that there are models suited for any budget and have chosen ones that are of good quality.

Baxton Studio Oralia Leather Two Piece Sectional

This model is constructed with a sturdy, heavy-duty frame that will withstand most larger framed people. The faux leather cushions have just the right amount of firmness to adhere to heavier bodies, while the reclining feature offers a dedicated section to relax totally. This sofa can be purchased anywhere from $1,000 to $1,400.

To view the Baxton Studio sofa on Amazon, click here.

Honbay Convertible Sectional Sofa

This model sofa from Honbay is constructed with a sturdy wood design and has a maximum weight capacity of 660 pounds. Sturdy and comfortable, this sectional sofa includes a chaise lounger that is great for napping. The long-lasting, firm cushions are coupled with thick back cushions that are great for proper lumbar support. You can purchase this model sofa anywhere from $300 to $500.

To see the Honbay Convertible Sectional Sofa on Amazon, click here.

Homelegance Resonance Microfiber Double Reclining Sofa

Constructed of heavy-duty foam and hardwood, the Resonance model sofa from Homelegance boasts a maximum weight limit of six hundred pounds. The dual recliners are perfect for relaxation and lend the body proper lumbar support. The thick cushions are great for heavier individuals and those with back issues. The Resonance sofa sells from $900 to $1,100.

To view this model sofa from Homelegance on Amazon, click here.

Jennifer Taylor Home Ariana Victorian Chesterfield Tufted Sofa

For those that want a sturdy sofa with a more elegant look, the Victorian Chesterfield sofa from Jennifer Taylor is a great option. With a weight capacity of six hundred pounds, this sturdy frame and lush cushioned sofa provide a comfortable fit for heavier individuals. This model retails between $1,200 and $1,400.

To view this model sofa on Amazon, click here.

Hydeline Aliso 100% Leather Chesterfield Sofa Couch

The Hydeline Aliso Chesterfield Sofa has a frame made from kiln-dried hardwood, making for the most durable frame types available. This luxury model has an exterior that is 100% leather and cushion filler that is goose feather and down, combined with high-density foam. Those of larger stature will find this to be a more pricey option for their living room but will enjoy the long-lasting comfort that this sofa is known for. This model retails between $2,200 and $2,500.

To view the Hydeline Aliso Leather Chesterfield Sofa on Amazon, click here.

Stone and Beam Blaine Sofa

This polyester-filled sofa from Stone and Beam provides a comfortable seat for virtually any build. The sturdy hardwood frame is constructed to last, even for those individuals who are heavier than average. Its durable cushions are even removable and reversible for optimal versatility. 

To view the Stone and Beam Blaine Sofa on Amazon, click here.

Is There A Weight Limit On A Sofa?

Bohemian living room interior with beige colored furniture, wooden elements and light blue colored wall

Different models of sofas and love seats will undoubtedly have different weight limits. On average, a sofa will be able to withstand 225 pounds per seat. Exceeding this weight will decrease the furniture's useful and comfortable life, with heavier weights speeding up the process. 

Heavy-duty frames made from steel or hardwood will significantly increase the weight capacity of living room sofas. Models that can safely handle upwards of 800 pounds are not uncommon and can be easily found in most furniture stores.

Some manufacturers will custom build sofas and chairs for the heaviest persons that will accommodate those of the largest stature. While having furniture custom made can be more expensive than the average retail models, the heaviest individuals find that this is the best way to guarantee a sofa that is not only comfortable but is long-lasting. 

How Deep Should A Sofa Be To Be Comfortable?

The depth of a sofa that lends the best comfort will depend on the person. While the average sofa depth is anywhere from thirty-one inches to thirty-six inches, this range will not be ideal for specific builds.

For those folks that measure under five feet, the average depth can mean that you cannot sit upright with both feet firmly planted on the floor. Not being able to do this can result in discomfort and eventual back and leg strain. Likewise, the tallest amongst us would find that their frames aren't comfortable on this range of depth, either. 

Select depth based upon your build. Numerous manufacturers have shorter depth sofas available, making smaller individuals much more comfortable. And there are sofas built with a depth of forty inches or more, allowing even the tallest people to relax at home on this piece of living room furniture.

How Can You Tell If A Sofa Is Good Quality?

Frame construction

Look for a sofa that is made from kiln-dried hardwood. This process ensures that all of the moisture has been evaporated from the wood. This leaves no room for shrinkage or age-related cracking. Avoid plywood or particleboard, as they won't be able to hold much weight and will bow and break over time.

A good sofa frame isn't stapled at the joints. The pieces will be glued together and then firmly reinforced by dowels and screws. Be sure to thoroughly inspect the frame construction to ensure that you have one built and held together with the best materials and craftsmanship.

Seat support

Look for models that have the right kind of spring support. One effective method is the eight-way string support system, in which each spring is connected to each adjoining spring with sturdy twine. This will better distribute your weight on the sofa and allow the springs to wear more uniformly.

Webbing is another style of seat support. This construction method involves a sturdy web laid across the back and seating of the sofa. Combined with tensioners, this method is effective, although it won't lend as much weight support as a string support system.

Sinuous spring construction is yet another effective method. These "S" shaped springs will run from the front to the back and are given additional support by being attached to the sofa's sides by sturdy wires.

Cushion filler

Foam cushions are quite comfortable, but you'll want ones that are made with a high-density foam material. The cheaper foam will separate and break down, causing sags. 

While a more expensive option, down-filled cushions are long-lasting and very comfortable. Down and foam combinations work very well together and are filled in such a way that sagging is avoided.

What Are The Best Ways To Make A Sofa More Comfortable?

Dark blue hipster style home interior with old retro furniture

Worn sofas or cheaply made models can get pretty uncomfortable. This can be bad for your back and legs and lead to unnecessary pain throughout the day.

If replacing your piece of furniture isn't in your budget, you have some options that will extend the life of your sofa as well as significantly increasing your level of comfort. 

Cushion supports can be placed between your sofa's frame and cushions. This support will offset individually worn springs and eliminate sagging. Having this added to your furniture will make a noticeable difference and spare your back and legs aches and pains.

To view this brand of cushion support on Amazon, click here.

Memory foam support pillows are great options for added comfort. These pillows are placed behind you, between your lower back and your back sofa cushion. Worn springs won't be nearly as noticeable with this level of bonus support.

To view this brand of memory foam pillow on Amazon, click here.

Massaging support pillows for your back are great accessories also to consider. These individual support units will help offset worn springs on your sofa while at the same time gently massaging your frame. Some models even come with heat options.

To view this brand of massaging back pillow on Amazon, click here.

In Conclusion

This post covered the necessary details on several models of sofa that are good for heavier people. The suitable models for bigger people vary in size and style, but all are made with sturdy frames and firmer cushions.

For a sofa to be of good quality, consider the frame material and construction, the springs, and the cushion filler. Knowing what to look for can save you from replacing your sofa earlier than anticipated.

While there is an average range of sofa depth, shorter and taller individuals might need sofas that fall outside the typical dimensions. Trying out a sofa before purchasing it will help you decide on the most comfortable model for you.

Lastly, we learned of several items that can be easily purchased to make your existing sofa more comfortable.

Bohemian living room interior with beige colored furniture, wooden elements and brick wall, What Are The Best Sofas For A Heavy Person? [6 Options]

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