9 Best Sofas For Short People

If you're under five foot two, you'll be aware of the struggle it is to find furniture that is built to fit your frame comfortably. Once you take a seat on the average sofa or chair, it's pretty apparent that a lot of the furniture models out there are constructed by taller people, for taller people. While it can take some time to find the right model sofa for your build, the good news is that there are plenty of good sofas for shorter people on the market.

In this post, we're highlighting nine different sofas that are comfortable for shorter individuals. We've listed them below:

  1. Zinus
  2. Christopher Knight Home Randolph
  3. Casa Andrea Milano Modern Sofa
  4. Zinus Jackie Sofa Couch
  5. Serta Copenhagen
  6. Walsunny Convertible Sectional Sofa
  7. Homall Tufted Sofa
  8. Lifestyle Solutions
  9. Linkromat Convertible 

Now that we know of a good number of sofa models that are suited for shorter people, we'll go into further detail about each individual one. We'll also be revealing needed information about smaller sofas, proper ottoman height, and more. To see what we've uncovered, read ahead in this post.

Cozy corner sofa with velvet pillow with tassels in navy hipster room, 9 Best Sofas For Short People

Nine Examples Of Sofas For Shorter People

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When finding the right sofa that will seat you comfortably, it's all about selecting a model with the right height and depth. Typically, a sofa is 26-36 inches high, and an average of 35 inches deep. The taller the sofa, the more of a negative impact it will have on a shorter person, in regards to the depth.

For those of shorter stature to find optimal comfort, it's recommended to consider a sofa model with legs that are no more than three inches tall. Many sofas have legs that are removable so that you are able to drop the height simply by unscrewing the legs. Or, if you have sofa legs that are higher than the average, you can remove and change them out with legs that are shorter.

The depth of the seats is also a factor. If your body has shorter legs, you'll want a sofa with short legs as well as shorter depth. While the average depth of a cushion is 35 inches, you will be able to find sofas with a depth of as little as 32 inches. 

Here, we'll go into more detail about each of the nine sofas for shorter people that we listed above in this post.

1. Zinus

The Zinus sofa featured in this post is built with a shorter back, at just under thirty-four inches. The thirty-one-inch depth, coupled with the low-to-the-ground style, makes the Zinus a good choice of sofa for shorter individuals.

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2. Christopher Knight Home Randolph

This manufacturer, known for its diverse models of sofas and love seats, offers a model that suits shorter people better than most on the market. The thirty-one-inch depth makes it a comfortable seat, while the shorter back still lends great back support.

Click here to see this model Christopher Knight sofa on Amazon.

3. Casa Andrea Milano Modern Sofa

The Casa Andrea Milano sofa's forty-inch height makes it one of the most universal sofa models we feature in this post. This height will make sitting comfortable for people of almost any height due to its back measuring at a solid fifty-four inches.

The smaller depth will make it easier for smaller individuals to ease in to and rise from. While you can find other models that are narrower, the seat depth for this sofa is below the average, at only thirty-four inches.

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4. Zinus Jackie Sofa Couch

This smaller model sofa has a depth of thirty-one inches and is less than thirty-five inches tall. Combined with the shorter legs, it makes the Zinus Jackie sofa an excellent fit for those of us that are smaller in stature.

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5. Serta Copenhagen

This model sofa from Serta Copenhagen features a traditional style sofa, but in a more compact form. Its thirty-two-inch depth makes it a great fit for shorter people, while its shorter length makes it perfect for smaller living rooms.

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6.  Walsunny Convertible Sectional Sofa

With a seat height and depth of twenty-two inches, this model sofa is a comfortable option for anyone under five foot four. The higher legs will also make it a comfortable fit for those that are taller.

Click here to see the Walsunny convertible sofa on Amazon.

7. Homall Tufted Sofa

The Homall tufted sofa has a width of twenty-three inches, perfect for smaller people. This model's thirty-three-inch height will also lend to adequate back support for those of short and medium height. As a bonus, this model also folds out into a sofa bed.

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8. Lifestyle Solutions

This sofa from Lifestyle Solutions features a shorter width of thirty-one inches, which works well for those with shorter legs. This model sits low to the ground but still has a higher back for greater comfort.

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9. Linkromat Convertible

This smaller model sofa is under thirty inches tall and has a depth of twenty-five inches from front to back. These dimensions make it comfortable for shorter people to be seated in, as well as making it easy to rise from. This model also converts into a recliner and a bed, which makes a great addition to any rec room or family room.

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Are All Sofa Legs Removable?

Bohemian living room interior with beige colored furniture and wooden elements

If you are in the market for a sofa, at some point you may find one that will work perfectly, if it were only a little shorter. Removing the legs can solve this problem, as it will decrease the height by anywhere from three to six inches. But are all sofa legs able to be removed?

Most model sofas have legs that can be removed. This comes in handy when you need to decrease the sofa's height for comfort, or for when you are moving the sofa and need to fit it through a narrower doorway. As we mentioned earlier in this post, removable legs can also be changed with legs that are shorter or taller, helping you make proper accommodations for your height.

Higher-end sofa models tend to be the ones that do not have legs that can be removed. But checking to see if the model you like has this feature is pretty simple. Reaching down and attempting to turn any of the legs counterclockwise will tell you immediately. 

What Are Small Couches Called?

A beautiful dog relaxes on a gray loveseat sofa, curled up comfortably but eyes open looking at the camera, How Big Is A Loveseat?

Smaller couches are made in two common varieties, love seats and settees. While both of these pieces of furniture are micro versions of the couch, they do have distinct differences from each other.

A settee will almost always have two arms and a back. Unlike the typical household sofa or couch, the settee is more upright and rigid. It's a more formal piece of furniture. You might see one in a living room, but they're more common in entryways and in rooms that have a more formal setting.

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Love seats are smaller couches that are more comfortable than settees and were specifically designed for couples. Often times, you'll find these paired with couches in living room seats instead of, or with, overstuffed chairs.

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Should An Ottoman Be Lower Than The Sofa?

Determining whether or not your ottoman needs to be lower than your sofa seat is a matter of personal preference. Some find it more comfortable to have the height of these two pieces of furniture be equal, while others tend to find an ottoman that is a little lower more relaxing.

Trying it out both ways before you commit to purchasing an ottoman is advised. Fortunately, ottomans are mostly sold as stand-alone pieces of furniture, so you will have a wide variety of models to choose from.

This gorgeous pleather ottoman will fit right into an abundance of design styles.

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In Closing

Cozy corner sofa with velvet pillow with tassels in navy hipster room, 9 Best Sofas For Short People

We listed detailed features of nine sofas that were designed with shorter people in mind. These models come in all shapes, sizes, and designs, and many are offered with matching chairs. Removing the legs can oftentimes be an easy way for you to have your height accommodated without replacing your existing sofa, and many models of sofas have legs that can be removed.

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