What’s The Best Window For A Shower? [8 Great Ideas!]

The shower is a tricky place to have a window, as bathrooms are frequently hot and humid. But, windows must provide ventilation and let light stream in without sacrificing privacy.

So, you may have questions about what’s the best option. Luckily, we’ve done plenty of research and have some great suggestions to share.

If you need to add a window into or near your shower, there are plenty of ideas to try. A few of our top recommendations include:

  1. Awning
  2. Block Glass
  3. Casement
  4. Crank
  5. Frosted/Textured
  6. Hopper
  7. Skylight
  8. Transom

The best choice of window for a shower largely depends on your home’s layout. Ideally, the best window should allow you to vent your bathroom for hot, steamy showers while still filtering in light. Read on as we will discuss windows for showers in more detail.

Huge and spacious bright blue and white themed bathroom with a skylight window, What's The Best Window For A Shower? [8 Great Ideas!]

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Ideal Windows For The Shower

Because of the unique environment of the shower, a window must meet specific criteria. Since bathrooms are moist places where mold, mildew, and airborne particles are present, the best window for a shower should improve ventilation.

Some windows in bathrooms stay closed and will not open to allow moisture to escape. There may be concerns about how much privacy a window provides, depending on the size, placement, and if it is transparent, frosted, or textured.

A skylight window or small windows at the topmost section of a bathroom doesn’t easily allow outsiders a view inside.

The best window for most showers is an awning-style window. However, other windows are better for specific shower and bathroom designs. Aesthetics, location, installation costs, the amount of privacy afforded, ventilation, and lighting influence the best window for a shower.

Do You Need A Special Window For A Shower?

When selecting a window for the shower, people typically opt for one that opens outward to the building’s exterior, lifts from the bottom, or even opens from the top on a hinge.

However, there is no specific particular window for a shower.

The layout of a bathroom and the size of the shower will help decide the best window to install. Avoid choosing an untreated wood window or one made from composite materials that could become easily damaged by mold and moisture.

Can You Have A Normal Window In The Shower?

It is possible to have a regular window in the shower if you make a few adjustments for privacy and waterproofing. First off, you’ll want to add a cling film, frosting spray, or use textured glass for the panes of the window.

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Check out this window cling on Amazon.

Next, you want to choose a moisture-resistant window that uses a material that isn’t prone to collecting mold and mildew.

Another consideration is to add some waterproofing sealant or treatment to ensure the window’s longevity.

After every shower, it is vital to open up the windows to let moisture escape and fresh air ventilate the bathroom. Plus, wiping down the shower area and window help reduce moisture-related problems.

1. Awning

Bright and modern designed bathroom themed in nature

The awning window is one of the top choices for a shower because of its streamlined, modern style and ability to open up enough for ventilation.

Because you install awning windows toward the top of a wall, close to the ceiling, they let in light but offer a lot of privacy. Not this style of window has a hinge at the top and opens at the bottom.

2. Block Glass

Mosaic glass blocks for a living room

Block glass is a fantastic option when you have a shower and bathroom where you don’t need to open the windows because there’s a ventilation fan.

Most block glass is very thick with a bit of texture to distort the view inside the shower. Also, because of the nature of block glass, it still allows plenty of light to stream in the shower and bathroom.

Check out this block glass on Amazon.

3. Casement

Narrow modern bathroom with patterned tiles with a floral shower curtain

A casement window is a stylish choice for a bathroom in an area with adequate privacy outside the window. After adjusting a crank or mechanism, this type of window opens outward with a vertical orientation for ventilation.

4. Crank

Vanity with a huge mirror and white cabinet with a glass wall shower

If you were curious about a crank window for the shower area, they are usually either a casement or awning style window. The beautiful thing about crank windows is their energy efficiency because of their ability to form an air-tight seal when closed.

5. Frosted/Textured

Patterned tiles on with an awning window in the shower

Another option for a bathroom shower is a window with a textured or frosted glass pane. You can apply a frosted glass spray or start with textured glass to distort the view outside the bathroom but still allow light to shine through.

If you have a shower with a normal window, adding a spray or window cling improves privacy.

6. Hopper

Blue painted bathroom walls with a shower curtain on the bathtub

Don’t mistake thinking a Hopper window is only for the basement, as it is suitable for small spaces like bathrooms. Operating off of a hinge, the Hopper window opens up very wide for full ventilation in the shower.

Check out this Hopper window on Amazon.

7. Skylight

Minimalist themed glass shower area with light gray tiled bathroom walls

If a shower is located near the roof of a home, a vented skylight, also known as a roof light, is a wonderful option that offers a high level of privacy. Because of the location and size, you can let in plenty of light and even have the window installed on a slope.

However, because it is a closed-style window and set high above the shower, it is less likely to attract mold and is visually stunning. But, there should be some ventilation fans and other windows in the bathroom for air circulation.

8. Transom

Narrow bathroom with white tiled walls and a light laminated cabinet on the vanity with round mirror

Transom windows are traditionally located over doorways, but they are a great solution for bathrooms and the shower area. This window works nicely above the shower because it opens just enough to let in air for ventilation at about a 30-degree angle.

Since the window is at the topmost section of the bathroom, it blocks prying eyes from outside. There is usually a tiny mechanism to help open and close the window.

How Do You Prevent Mold In A Shower Window?

If you want to prevent mold in your shower and on the windows, you need to dry out your bathroom after a shower. Mold is more likely to develop in a dirty shower and areas with any moisture hanging around.

Also, choose a shower window that is treated to resist moisture, humidity, and mold.

Take preventative actions by running the bathroom ventilation fan after a shower or bath. Open the windows to let in the fresh air and wipe down the interior of the glass, frame, and sill.

Follow up by spraying down the shower area, wiping up any soap residue, and ensuring it is dry and clean. Don’t forget to open up the shower curtain to dry.

If the shower and bathroom are dirty and the ventilation is poor, it will likely attract mold and mildew. Keep moisture in the shower and around windows to a minimum.

How Do You Waterproof A Shower Window?

You can do a few things to waterproof a window in the shower. Check out the following ideas, depending on how relevant it is for your bathroom.

  • Add tile to the window sill and ensure the design of the window slopes to reduce water from collecting.
  • Replace the window trim or add a line of caulk where needed to prevent rotting.
  • Choose a vinyl or fiberglass window over wood framing.
  • Install a closed window design, such as glass blocks.

Don’t forget, even if you choose a waterproof window, ventilate the bathroom and dry up wet areas to control mold and mildew growth.

Use tile on areas prone to rotting or degrading from moisture, apply waterproof paints, and keep the bathroom clean.

Final Thoughts

Huge and spacious bright blue and white themed bathroom with a skylight window

Now that you have reviewed ideal windows for the shower and learned about each type’s pros and cons feel confident in your knowledge. Specific windows are more suitable than others, depending on your sense of aesthetics, bathroom layout, and shower style.

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