5 Of The Best Bike Hooks For Your Garage Wall

For newbies and seasoned cyclists alike, bike storage can be one of the most annoying aspects of owning a bicycle. While you've probably stocked up on safety gear and fun gadgets, few people consider where they're going to keep their bike when it's not in use. Lucky for you, we did the research and came up with a list of the five best bike hooks that mount to the wall of your garage or home for everyday use.

Some bike hooks are simple and cheap, while others are more elaborate for specialty bikes. Here are a few of our favorite bike hook options:

  1. Large screw hooks
  2. Foldable wall mounts
  3. Vertical tire hooks
  4. Multi-bike storage racks
  5. Pivoting bike hooks

Not only are these hooks functional, but hanging a bicycle on your garage wall is a great way to display your bike and save space all at the same time. Keep reading to find bike hooks that are perfect for your space.

A basement house clutter garage storage with bike hanging on wall, 5 Of The Best Bike Hooks For Your Garage Wall

The 5 Best Bike Hooks To Consider

1. SMARTOLOGY Large Screw Hooks

Check out these SMARTOLOGY Large Screw Hooks (Pack of 9) on Amazon.

The best all-around budget pick for bike mounting are large screw hooks like these ones from SMARTOLOGY. Versatile, affordable, and minimalistic, these hooks are a great option for first-time bike owners who don't want to drop too much cash on a fancy setup.

They can be installed on the wall or ceiling, depending on what your garage space allows. Use two hooks to display your bike horizontally or one hook to hang it vertically from the front wheel. 

2. PHUNAYA Foldable Wall Mount

Check out this PHUNAYA Foldable Wall Mount Bicycle Holder on Amazon.

This wall mount from PHUNAYA incorporates two hooks into a single unit for easy installation with maximum payoff. This model allows you to hang your bike from its top tube, so you don't have to worry about stress or pressure on the wheel.

The cherry on top is its foldable design, so you can save space when it's not in use. While foldable wall mounts are great for the garage, they also fare well inside houses and apartments for those who are strapped for space. 

3. Wallmaster Vertical Tire Hook

Check out this Wallmaster Vertical Tire Hook (2-Pack) on Amazon.

While these vertical tire hooks aren't the most space-conscious if you only have one bicycle, they're great for families or individuals who want to store multiple bikes in a row. The tire-tread strip allows you to mount your bike with its tires against the wall without scuffing or scratching any surfaces. Likewise, the fixed hook design prevents accidental release, so you know your bike is always secure. 

4. Walmann Multi-Bike Storage Rack

Check out this Walmann Bike Storage Rack With 6 Hooks on Amazon.

For families or cyclists who need to store their entire bike collection, consider a rack with multiple fixed hooks. This multi-bike storage rack from Walmann will save you space as well as time on installation by allowing for up to six bikes to fit on a single unit. Removable rubber hooks gently cradle the wheel to prevent rim and tire damage, and the rack holds up to 300 pounds.

5. Steadyrack Bike Hooks With 160-Degree Pivot

Check out these Steadyrack Wall Mounted Bike Hooks with Pivot Feature on Amazon.

Not sure what bike-storage configuration will fare best in your space? Get the best of both worlds with hooks that pivot while holding your bicycle. These hooks from Steadyrack can hold your bike perpendicular to the wall or bend at a 160-degree angle to save you walking space in your garage. 

Is It Okay To Hang A Bike From The Wheel?

You may notice that many of our storage options involve hanging a bike by either one or two of its wheels. While this tends to be a debate online and in the cycling community, it's completely fine to store a bicycle this way. Here's why:

Bicycle garage inside car garage

Bike wheels are inherently designed to hold the weight of a cyclist. This means that the average wheel needs to be able to hold upwards of 200 pounds just to serve its purpose. Super lightweight road bikes generally weigh less than 20 pounds, and even heavier cruisers only weigh about 40 to 50 pounds. If a bicycle wheel can support a human, then it can easily support its own weight when hung from a hook. 

Is It Okay To Hang A Carbon Bike?

This is another hot topic in the cycling community: will hanging a carbon fiber bike damage the wheels or frame? Many people assume that since carbon is so much lighter than steel and aluminum, it must be more susceptible to damage. In reality, carbon is not only five times lighter than steel, but also 10 times stronger.

Set collection of various bicycle models and e bike

If you want to avoid scratches on your carbon fiber bike, since they tend to be rather expensive, just make sure your bike hooks are padded. If not, you can use a small towel to ensure there's no metal-on-metal contact between your bike and bike rack.

Otherwise, you don't have anything to worry about when hanging your carbon bike. The frame and wheels are made to hold your body weight – they are more than capable of supporting the meager weight of the bike itself. 

What Are Some Different Hanging Methods For A Bike?

Let's go over some of the most common methods for hanging a bike. None of these options are necessarily better than the others; it just comes down to personal preference. 

Two Wheel

This is a great method if you want to hang your bike from the ceiling. Beware: this isn't the most functional option for folks who frequently ride their bike, so save this trick for when you plan to store your ride for extended periods of time. Two large screw hooks installed into the ceiling are all you need to achieve this storage method. 

Front Wheel

Basement house clutter garage storage

Slightly more common is the front wheel hanging method. This is an easier grab-and-go option than the two-wheel method and is rather efficient, too. Plus, only one hook means fewer parts to install. 

Top Tube

Black and white contemporary living room interior with bike hanging on wall

The top tube is the bar that runs lengthwise along the top of your bike's frame. Hanging a bike by its top tube is optimal for long and short-term storage because of how easy it is to mount and dismount from the wall. We highly suggest this method. 

Handlebar And Seat Post

Bicycle hanging on wall

Occasionally you'll see a bike being hung from a rope that's tied around its handlebars and seat post. We don't suggest this method for a few reasons, namely because it puts unnecessary stress on delicate parts of your bike. On top of that, this makes it difficult to take your bike down for rides. We suggest you invest in actual hooks – they can be cheap and are much more aesthetically pleasing. 

How Do You Store Multiple Bikes In A Garage?

A bicycle showroom and workshop

One of the shining qualities of bike hooks and racks is how easy it is to store multiple bikes in a small area. Gone are the days of cluttered garages with no walking space. Scroll up and check out the Walmann Multi-Bike Storage Rack for a unit that holds up to six bikes on your wall. You can also arrange a few single hooks side-by-side to accommodate your entire collection. 

Store Your Bikes With Style

If the accessibility and easy installation don't convince you to invest in bike hooks for your garage, then at least do it for the aesthetic. Displaying your bikes on your garage wall while they're not in use is as cool as it is functional. Just remember: always find a stud before drilling into your walls to ensure your bike doesn't come crashing down. 

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