123 Black and White Bedroom Ideas (Inspiration Photo Post)

The bedroom is a private space where you can really express your creativity. And if you’re bold enough – that can certainly be by applying a black and white color scheme! In this post, we’ll go over some tips for black and white, or monochromatic bedroom design, and then let the images speak. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to getting your design juices running, why not surround yourself with pictures of black and white bedroom ideas?123 Black and White Bedroom Ideas (Inspiration Photo Post)

5 Tips for designing a black and white bedroom

There are several things to keep in mind when designing striking black and white bedroom.

1. Black and white is a minimalistic color scheme

If you’re interested in black and white bedrooms, you’re probably a fan of minimalism as an interior design style. In that case, we recommend reading our detailed guide about Minimalistic Home Decor. It’ll provide you with more information about the style, including the typical materials used, layout and other core principles.

We have a feeling you’ll find it very useful and we’ll link to it again by the end of this post, so you won’t have to leave just now. In the meantime, a few more tips.

2. Add patterns and textures to break the monotony

Black and white doesn’t have to be monolithic in nature. In fact, since you’re limiting the color palette, it’s a good idea to offer the eye variety in other elements, namely patterns and textures. Ideas can include an interesting geometric wallpaper pattern (on all walls, or possibly just a single accent wall), black and white pillows of various textures, interesting curtains, and lushly textured rugs.

Black and white bedroom with patterned carpet

3. Your monochromatic design can have its shades

The contrast between white and black is the great allure of this pattern. However, you don’t have to ignore shade of gray altogether. It’s ok to mix the extremes of black and white with softer shades for a more varied – yet monochromatic – look.

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Classy black and white bedroom

4. It’s ok to use splashes of another color

In fact, in an otherwise monochromatic room, a splash of color can go a long way. It stands out right away, creating its own little focal point. So, be careful with where you place that color – this is where the eye will be drawn.

Cozy white bed with orange bike hanging on the wall

A great way to touch up your black and white decor with color is by adding a single colorful throw pillow. As an added bonus, you can easily change that color by using a different pillow cover – instantly transforming the look and feel of the room.

Read more about throw pillows here.

5. The room needs to feel relaxing – for you!

Some people will tell you that the contrast between white and black is not a good choice for a bedroom. After all, bedrooms need to be relaxing, right? However, this is actually a case of “different strokes”. What one person might find too stimulating, another can find entirely peaceful.

If a black and white pattern makes you feel right at home, you can absolutely choose that for your bedroom. Just go with what feels right for you.

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Finally – more black and white bedroom pictures

The best way to explore what works best for you is to look at room designs others have created. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at more gorgeous black and white bedroom ideas.

Bedroom with white brick wall

Bedroom with white wall, vinyl and parquet flooring

Black and white attic bedroom

Black and white attic bedroom in a wooden house

Black and white bedroom in a wooden house

Black and white bedroom with bicycle on the wall

Black and white bedroom with classy modern interior

Black and white bedroom with ocean view

Black king-size bedroom with astronomical telescope

Classy cookies and cream color bedroom

Classy modern bedroom interior

Classy modern studio-type bedroom

Classy modern white bedroom

Classy modern white bedroom with huge glass window

Cozy bedroom with study table and carpet on the floor

Cozy hotel bedroom with balcony

Cozy luxury hotel room

Cozy white bedroom with industrial interior

Cozy white bed with city overview window

King-size bed between skateboard and plant

King-size wooden bed with vintage interior

Luxury modern interior bedroom with large bed

Minimalist black and white bedroom with luxury interior

Minimalist modern black and white bedroom

Modern bedroom with cozy white bed and carpet

Modern black and white bedroom

Modern black and white bedroom with parquet flooring

Modern black and white bedroom with wooden interior

Modern black and white hotel bedroom

Modern hotel bedroom with visible shower and house plant

Modern hotel room with transparent glass bathroom

Modern luxury bedroom interior

Modern master bedroom with four poster bed

Scandinavian black and white bedroom

White mattress bed between white lamps

Bedroom in modern style

Shot of a small cozy black and white bedroom

Shot of a bed in a modern black and white bedroom

New black and white bedroom in creative style with large bed

Modern interior with the contrast between the dark furniture and white walls

Interior of modern bedroom

Black and white bedroom with chalk graphite on the wall

Black and white bedroom interior for trendy woman





Whew! That was a long list of black and white rooms!

We hope you enjoyed the visuals and are now inspired to take a fresh look at your bedroom and see how you can apply a few of these black and white bedroom ideas there. Before we leave, as promised, a few links that we think you’ll find interesting –

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