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61 Gorgeous Black And White Living Room Ideas

Most homeowners put a lot of thought into the living room's decorative scheme and for good reason. The living room is the visual focal point of a house. 

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One of the best ways to do this is with a black and white color scheme. A combination of black and white is simple, but it doesn't lack aesthetic appeal. Virtually any accent piece goes perfectly with black and white, making it easy to add visual value to the space. 

However, there are so many black and white decorative pieces, which makes it hard to choose the right approach. But don't worry, because we created a list of 61 black and white living room ideas to give you some creative inspiration. Without further ado, let's get into it!

gallery in a black and white living room. white sofa, black throw pillow and center table, gray walls, black end table. 61 Gorgeous Black And White Living Room Ideas

1. Mustard Yellow Accent

Yellow armchairs in living room with cozy white sofa and bicycle hanged on wall

Mustard yellow isn't the most common color for living room furniture, but it goes exceptionally well with a black and white color scheme. The patterned throw pillows add more visual intrigue. 

2. Vibrant Foliage

Wooden table between armchairs on checkered floor in living room interior with plants and posters

The numerous vibrant houseplants add a pop of color and a sense of vitality to this living room. Show off your green thumb with your plant collection.

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3. Charcoal Gray Accents

White living room with gray sofa, carpet, white accent chair and white cabinets

This living room features a combination of white elements and two charcoal sectionals. The combination makes for a deliberately understated contemporary aesthetic. 

4. Neutral-Colored Rug And Floor

Simple living room with wall frames, sofa and coffee table

Light, neutral-colored accent pieces pair well with a black and white color scheme. With the right approach, this color scheme can create a boho ambiance. 

5. Black Wood Wall 

Side view of loft living room with wooden floor and black wooden walls, a sofa and a round coffee table

For a truly unique appearance, consider incorporating a black wood wall. The color and texture of this wall create an aesthetic that's equal parts luxury and classy.

6. Yellow Pieces

Shot of a sofa in a modern studio living room with white sofa and brick wall

Yellow accent pieces really pop in a living room that features a black and gray color scheme. These elements stand out, but they aren't too visually dominant.

7. Light Floor With Copper Accent

Scandinavian interior design living room with white sofa set, vinyl floor and floor lamp

A light-colored wood floor is a great choice for a black and white living room, as the color contrast is exceptional. The copper floor lamp in the corner adds a nice touch.

8. Abundance Of Houseplants

Scandinavian interior design living room with gray sofas, framed artwork on wall and carpet on hardwood floor

This is another black and white living room that features numerous houseplants. The plants help to balance the darker ambiance with vibrance. 

9. Natural Wood Aesthetic

Scandinavian interior design living room with beige colored furniture, house plants and wooden elements

Natural wood tones are the primary choice for this living room. The black and white patterned area rug and throw pillows complement this color scheme perfectly.

10. Neutral Area Rug

Retro living room with blank poster and black sofa

The neutral-colored area rug perfectly balances the dark furniture in this living room.

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11. Patterned Wall And Rug

Retro black and white living room in apartment

Don't be afraid to go all out with a black and white color scheme by adding an entire patterned wall. This wall is certainly the focal point of this living room, and it's well-balanced by the patterned area rug. 

12. Soft Pink Accents

Plant next to television in white living room interior with window and corner couch

Pink is arguably the least common color that's paired with black and white, but this color combination might be the best-kept interior design secret. 

13. Natural Wood Tones

Monochrome living room with wood and gray tiling accents

This living room features a strong presence of wood tones. From the coffee table to the actual firewood, these tones make a bold statement when paired with black and white. 

14. Strictly Black And White

Modern minimalism style living room interior in black and white tones with cozy sofa and hardwood floors

This living room boasts no visual thrills. It's sleek and simple yet visually captivating. The perfect combination of black and white elements makes for a luxurious modern aesthetic. 

15. Small Hints Of Green

Modern living room with white sofas, mirror, white carpet rug and wooden floor

Sometimes subtle accents can have a powerful visual impact. In this living room, the sparse houseplants add just enough vibrant green to give the space some additional visual interest. 

16. Predominantly White With Unique Black Rug

Modern living room with white sofa, carpet on hardwood floor and view of the bedroom

This living room features an amazing combination of black, dark brown, and white. The unique black area rug is certainly the focal point of the space. 

17. Black And White With Natural Stone

Modern living room with white sofa, black accent chairs, small rug and tile floor

Light-colored stone makes for a great addition to a black and white living room. It prevents the room from looking too bland. 

18. Lively Green Addition

Modern living room with house plant on the side of black sofa and carpet rug on floor

This large houseplant is the perfect addition to a black and white living room. It packs some serious green color that seamlessly ties into the overall color scheme.

19. Red Accent Pieces

Modern living room with chaise lounge sofa and tiled floor

Consider going bold and incorporating a few red accent pieces to add visual depth to your black and white living room. The color is loud, the perfect companion for such a color scheme. 

20. Black, White, And Gray

Modern living room with black corner sofa, carpet on wooden floor and artwork on wall

This living room is comprised of pieces with a wide range of shades, from light gray to dark black. This approach adds depth. 

21. White Walls And Black Furniture

Modern living room interior with glass sliding door and black sofa set

White walls don't have to be plain. Putting some rich dark pieces of furniture in front of a white wall provides incredible contrast. 

22. Black, White, And Wood

Modern living room interior with black sofa set and city view on large glass windows

In many ways, black, white, and wood tones are the perfect combination for a living room. This combination creates a contemporary yet classic atmosphere. 

23. Soft Black And White Contrast

Modern living room interior with black and white checkered pattern pillows on sofa

The contrast between black and white elements doesn't have to be drastic. A subtle shift in the tone spectrum can have a powerful effect. Throw pillows are a wonderful way to infuse coziness and pattern into the room.

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24. Black And White Patterns

Modern living room interior with black and white checkered pattern pillows and carpet

The black and white patterned area rug is the dominant element in this living room. The pattern on the throw blanket, though slightly different, ties in nicely with the rug. 

25. Hints Of Accent Colors

Modern living room interior design with L-shaped black sofa and hardwood floor

Pull in various accent colors in your black and white living room in order to prevent the room from looking too monochromatic. 

26. Charcoal Gray Emphasis

Modern living room and kitchen area with carpet rug on wooden floor

This room features a stronger emphasis on the charcoal grey hue. It's a way to lighten up the traditional inky black color while still having that well-loved classic black and white look. 

27. Slight Hint Of Yellow

Modern interior of living room with black corner sofa, carpet rug on wooden floor and view of the kitchen

It's all in the details for a room like this one. Bright pops of color can be found throughout the room, such as in the pitcher and various vases. 

28. Patterned Throw Pillows

Modern black and white living room at home with house plants

Don't be shy with your throw pillows. Play with various patterns and arrangements in order to keep things looking new and fresh.

29. Abstract Wall Art

Modern interior living room with corner sofa, wall art decor, floor lamp and carpet rug on floor

Let your wall art express your individuality and personality.

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30. Contemporary Coffee Table

Modern interior design of living room with brick walls and hardwood floor

Carefully selected furniture items can really speak to the overall feeling of a room.

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31. Purple Tulips

Modern designed living room with white sofa set, black coffee table and tile floor

Fresh flowers make for a gorgeous addition to any room design. The best thing is, you can change them out as often as you'd like for a fresh look. 

32. Black Sectional And Area Rug

Modern interior of living room with black corner sofa and carpet rug on wooden floor

This living room features numerous charcoal-gray pieces that contrast beautifully with the white walls and coffee table. 

33. Black And White Patterned Wall

Modern black and white home living room design and dining table with view of the kitchen

This black and white patterned wall is the focal point of this living room and for good reason. It adds depth and texture.

34. Black And Red Color Scheme

Modern apartment interior with white walls and red furnitures

Add some vibrancy to your black and white color scheme with the help of some fire engine red items. The red pieces in this room warm up the otherwise cool space. 

35. Black And White Throw Willows With Boho Furniture

Mock up poster frame in Scandinavian style modern interior living room

The cream pieces in this room are a great alternative to bright white when your goal is to have a cozy boho feeling.

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36. Light-Colored Stone Wall

Luxury living room with large white sofa, cozy carpet rug and stylish brick wall

Light-colored stone is a great way to tie a black and white living room together. The tone and texture of the stone balance the other color extremes. 

37. Green And Black Color Combination

Luxury living room with bookcase and upright piano

Nothing exudes sophistication quite like a luxurious green combined with black and white accents. 

38. White Aesthetic With Subtle Black Accents

Loft living room interior with cozy white sofas and throw pillows

The aesthetic in this living room is comprised of mostly white pieces. A few dark wood elements give the room some personality, and some sparse black accents complete the look.

39. Sleek Black Furniture With White Throw Pillows

Loft black and white living room interior with gray carpet on wooden floor

For a sleek and modern look, consider a plain black sofa with a few plain white throw pillows. Though minimal, this aesthetic is certainly powerful.

40. White And Black Patterned Throw Pillows

Living room with gray wall, white sofa, white carpet rug on floor and giraffe decors

For an unmatched look, adorn your black and white living room with an assortment of patterned throw pillows. 

41. Black And White Living Room With Yellow Sectional

Living room with black and yellow sofa, carpet on floor and wall clock on brick wall

Want a little more than only a black and white aesthetic? Add a brightly colored couch into the mix, such as this sunny yellow couch.

42. White Sectionals With Black Coffee Table

Living room in modern style with cozy sofa and black coffee table

To make the coffee table really pop, set it against an all white background. 

43. Black Sofa With Minimalist White Coffee Table

Interior of modern living room with couch, brick wall and workplace with laptop

This living room features a minimalist aesthetic that doesn't lack visual appeal. The coffee table is the perfect visual contrast to the black sofa. 

44. Black And White Color Scheme With Modern Brown

Interior of a large and bright loft apartment with framed photos on wall

Finish off the black and white industrial aesthetic with the help of warm, natural wood accents. Wooden floating stairs, stair railings, and window frames all contribute to the overall warmth. 

45. Minimalist Black And White Design

Interioir design of modern sofa living room, picture frame and sea view

This living room boasts a deliberately minimalist aesthetic. The black and white elements are perfectly balanced. 

46. Patterned Area Rug With Unique Lamp

Industrial black lamp next to beige couch with blanket and pillows

Consider incorporating some funky black decorative pieces into your living room design.

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47. Accent Wall Glam

Gray concrete wall in a modern lovely living room sofa interior

Accent walls are totally on-trend. This room capitalizes on the look with the floor-to-ceiling vertical wooden slats. Mood lighting casts warm light from the ceiling and down into the room. 

48. Gallery Wall

Gallery on wall in cozy living room

A diverse array of wall art pairs well with a gray wall and a black and white color scheme. 

49. Blue And Tan Accents

Eclectic home living room interior in classic blue color wall with fireplace

This living room features a royal blue wall and numerous wicker baskets that complement the black and white aesthetic. 

50. All About The Wall Textures

Contemporary villa living room interior with dark wall, light marble floor, white sofa, leather carpet and framed artwork

Adding some unique texturing to the wall is a great way to spruce up a living room with a black and white color scheme. 

51. Soft Gray Accents

Contemporary living room design with L-shaped sofa and carpet rug on floor

A black and white living room doesn't have to consist of a stark contrast between the two colors. Various shades of gray are a great alternative. 

52. Sports-Centric Room

Computer on office table, black sofa, green carpet rug and coffee table in living room interior

Are you a sports fanatic? Check out the way this room subtly alludes to a soccer field. The black and white room is chic and stylish, and the shaggy green rug brings to mind the look of a soccer field. 

53. Mostly White Space

Blank white poster frame in modern Scandinavian living room with cozy sofa and carpet on hardwood floor

This living room features mostly white decor except for the unique wall lamp and the coffee table legs. Don't be afraid to use black only in moderation to preserve a lighter aesthetic. 

54. More Black And White Patterns

Blank poster frame on wall in Scandinavian style living room with parquet floor

This light-colored living room features an assortment of patterned accent pieces for a dainty look.

55. Unique Black Decor

Black round frame on the wall in modern living room interior with armchair near white couch

The unique black decor in this living room really pops against the soft white background. 

56. Dramatic White Furniture

Black minimalistic interior with marble coffee table and sofa

Give your living room some dramatic flair by placing a luxurious white sofa against a black wall. 

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57. Luxurious Black Sofa With Gray Throw Blanket

Black corner sofa, coffee table and arc floor lamp in modern apartment

This dark sofa pairs well with the white walls. The gray area rug and throw blanket top off the look. 

58. Patterns Everywhere

Black and white mosaic theme living room with vinyl floor and chalkboard wall

If you can't tell by now, black and white patterned pieces make excellent living room decor. The best part is that they go well with virtually all other decor.

59. Black Light Fixtured And Unique Wall Art

Black and white modern interior living room with gray carpet on tile floor and framed artwork on wall

The black light fixtures give this room a dark, contemporary vibe, and the unique wall art gives the space even more personality. 

60. Sleek Black Decor

Black and white living room with fireplace and giraffe decor

Color blocking is the focus of this room. The sleek black decorative pieces really make this living room pop. The fruit bowl on the coffee table is the perfect subtle accent. 

61. Cowhide Rug 

Black and white interior of luxury living room with animal skin carpet on wooden floor

The cowhide rug in this living room seamlessly blends the black and white decorative elements for an unmatched aesthetic. 

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In Closing

We hope this guide has inspired you to craft an amazing black and white living room. If you draw some inspiration from these living rooms, you'll have the best black and white living room around!