13 Black And White Striped Curtains That Will Delight You

Bold black and white stripes can make a statement in a room. As curtains, they'll give an elegant frame to the view outside and provide a unique design element. Whether you go for horizontal, vertical, wide, or thin stripes is up to you and your decor.

Vertical stripes can add some height to the room if your curtains are hung near the ceiling. Horizontal stripes add a bit of whimsy. Pinstripes are more subtle and understated while wide stripes really bring the curtains into the focus. You'll want to be careful that by bringing a pattern into your curtains that you don't overwhelm other design elements of your interior space but balanced correctly, it can be a sophisticated look.

Take a look at this collection of black and white curtains we found that we think will look amazing in your space.

A collage of six aesthetically gorgeous black and white striped curtains, 13 Black and White Striped Curtains That Will Delight You

1. Lush Room Darkening Panels

These beautiful draping black and white curtains are a stylish blend of both colors in even-sized vertical stripes. These highly rated curtains are available in three sizes 84" L, 95" L, and 108" L. Each panel is 52" wide. They are made of polyester and are blackout curtains. They do a great job of blocking out unwanted light while still allowing some natural light in. They are machine-washable as well!

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2. Bold Black And White Horizontal Striped Curtains

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These fun curtains are striking in black and white but have a playful vibe with the big grommet bound holes for sliding onto your curtain rods. Horizontal stripes in equal measure of black and white are an eye-catching addition to your space. These curtains can be purchased as one panel at 47" x 59" or 2-panel sets in 52" x 63" long or 52" x 84" long. The thick and soft satin-polyester will block out part of the light while still letting some in. These curtain panels are machine-washable and dryable.

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3. Black-And-White Striped Sheer Curtains

Want a striped curtain that lets in more light? This set of black-and-white striped sheer curtains will work perfectly. They're available in three lengths, 63", 84", and 95". They feature a pocket rod hem at the top for your curtain rod to slide through. They're machine-washable on the gentle cycle and can be dried in a clothes dryer, but it is recommended that they are hung to dry.

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4. Black With White Ticking Curtains

Looking for a more subtle stripe? Then consider these mostly black curtains with just a simple stripe of white as a pattern. This two-panel set comes in twelve different width and length combinations to fit just about every standard window size out there. Stainless grommets make for easy sliding on curtain rods and poles, and they are room-darkening as well. These are machine-washable and easy care low-wrinkle window coverings.

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5. Try A Black And White Valance

Maybe you don't need a full set of curtains. A little window dressing is all you need, but you want to keep your outstanding view front and center. If that is the case, then consider a simple valance for the top of your window. It will dress it off and give the space a finished look while still providing you with all the natural light you could want. This fully lined valance is 54" wide x 18" long. The material is a sturdy canvas-like material that will wear incredibly well.

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6. Slub Texture Cotton Striped Curtain

This is a one-hundred percent cotton, linen-feel semi-sheer curtain. The vertical stripes with small vertical borders have a fresh casual feel that would look great in a den or family room. Or maybe they'd be the perfect touch for your guest room? They have a pocket top designed for pole rods. These curtains are hand-wash and dry only.

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7. Black And White Pinstriped Sheer Curtains

This is an elegant sheer with a subtle black and white vertical pinstripe design. Each curtain in the two-panel set measures 84" x 52" w. Though linen in appearance, this curtain is an easy-care polyester that will save you from the wrinkles and ironing of true linen curtains. The grommet top design makes for easy sliding on curtain rods and poles.

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8. Black-And-White Striped Cafe Curtains

Here's a darling pair of semi-sheer cafe curtains in black and white vertical stripes. These are constructed from a linen-textured easy-care polyester and let in plenty of sunlight while still providing you with privacy. Use them as shown here, to hang over part of a bathroom or kitchen window to block prying eyes while still letting glorious sunlight in the space. This measures 30" wide x 24" long and comes in a two-panel rod pocket set. They are available in additional sizes.

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9. Busy Horizontal Black-And-White Striped Curtains

Here's a bold and busy pair of horizontally striped curtains in a dark, almost black, charcoal and white stripe. These curtains come in a pair of 56" x 95" panels that feature a pocket hem at the top for your curtain rod. They're made of soft microfiber, and we think they'd look great in a teenager's bedroom.

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10. Cotton Pinstriped Panel

Here's another fun, vertical pinstripe design in black and white. This is a one-hundred percent cotton curtain panel that's machine-washable (and gets softer with every wash). Be aware this comes as a single panel, so you must order two to dress a window, as shown in the photo. Each panel is 42" x 84".

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11. Tree Branch Stripes of Black And White

If you love the look of black and white stripes but want something a bit more organic in feeling, then consider these curtains. Stylized silhouettes of tree branches act as vertical stripes on a background of white fabric. They're sold in 95" x 50" pairs. The grommet top hem allows for easy hanging, and easy opening as the grommets slide along your curtain rod. These curtains are machine-washable and dryable for easy care.

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12. Wavy Vertical Black-And-White Striped Curtains

A wavy thick and thin line traces up these curtains creating movement within the pattern. Available in eleven different width and height sizes, these curtains will fit most standard-size windows. The blackout feature will block 75% of the sun's UV light, so it will help protect floors and furniture. They're machine-washable and easy to care for as well.

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13. Boho Black And White Tasseled Kitchen Curtains

These are super-cute boho style kitchen curtains with a slight vibe of India. Though the fabric is polyester (which makes it super easy to care for), it has the appearance of a stitched tapestry hanging. Black fringed tassels hang at the ends of the horizontal stripes for a fresh, fun look. These curtains are 24" x 36" and come in a pair of two panels. They hang with a rod pocket hem at the top.

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