15 Black and White Striped Shower Curtains That Will Revitalize Your Bathroom

The shower curtain provides you with a quick and affordable way to completely change the look of your bathroom - how about trying black and white stripes for a dramatic effect?

15 Black and White Striped Shower Curtains That Will Revitalize Your Bathroom

Black and white stripes are never boring but as this collection of 15 gorgeous designs will show you, there are many possible takes on this basic design. The width of the stripes and their angle are just two parameters that designers use for the creations. Additional motifs, and even the occasional hint of color added to the mix make black and white stripes a gorgeous theme.

15 gorgeous shower curtains with black and white stripes

Grab your towel because we're about to step into the virtual bathroom! Here are our favorite shower curtains with black and white stripes. All of them available on Amazon, just a click of a button away!

1. Thick Black and White Stripes by Shower Curtains

The stark contrasts between the striped black and white patterns are designed using high-quality ink that doesn’t fade.

Aside from the shade of the dark and white pattern, there aren’t any elaborate shapes or ornate designs, which is good if you want to keep things simple. Both the fabric and ink of the shower curtains are waterproof, which is perfect for the typical bathroom environment.

You can purchase this shower curtain in 8 different standard sizes.

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2. Black and White Stripes with Monogram and Floral Patterns

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A cool horizontal layout is chosen to map out the black and white stripes, with a sleek custom monogram attached near the middle to make the shower curtain more stylish.

The floral patterns near the corner of the wall add an extra dimension to the curtain, captivating all who see it. All in all, this shower curtain features a unique mural that should cater to most tastes.

Furthermore, the shower curtain is easy to clean thanks to its durable fabric and digital print. Just use a damp cloth and wipe away at the smudges without a worry in the world.

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3. Black, Yellow, and White Striped Shower Curtain

This shower curtain offers an excellent option if you want to achieve a luxurious, elegant looking bathroom without thinning out your budget. The artist’s unique rendition of the traditional black and white stripe oozes sophistication with a single stripe standing out in yellow.

In terms of durability, this shower curtain fully machine-washable thanks to the polyester fabric. You can also have your favorite quotes, names, and captions added to personalize everything.

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4. Ribbon Like Stripes by Wlioohhgs

This striped shower curtain boasts a range of eye-catching designs that are elegantly stylish. The geometric pattern, hearts, stars, and flowers are incorporated in a striped pattern that frequently contrasts between black, white, and grey.

Since all colors used are nothing but black and white, this shower curtain is best suited for the typical Scandinavian design themes.

Furthermore, the durable polyester fabric is so waterproof that it actually prevents the water from escaping the shower stall. This helps keep your bathroom a lot cleaner and less humid.

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5. Black and White Stripe Shower Curtain with Colorful Pattern

The horizontal black and white stripes showcase a versatile array of colors and vegetation. This time the artist introduces a cartoonish cactus style, a fun design that should add a unique dynamic to your bathroom; it’s great for kids, teenagers, and anyone who loves plant sand vegetation in general.

If you are looking for a unique theme to add to your room, this striped shower curtain is a great choice. It is extremely feature-rich with all the bells and whistles such as moisture-proof fabric and ultra durability. The shower curtain can make your bathroom splash proof.

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6. Classic Black and White Patterns by ALAGO

This shower curtain takes advantage of the simplistic black and white stripes. The simple pattern is ideal for individuals who like keeping things simple or don’t want to turn their shower area into a museum with ludicrous ornate pieces.

Thanks to the high quality of the fabric, this shower curtain is odorless, non-toxic, moisture proof, and even rust proof. This makes it ideal for long term use without wearing out due to all the humidity. It is available in 7 standard sizes, each catering to a popular size that will suit most individuals.

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7. Black and White Stripes with Cactus Décor

This shower curtain helps you revitalize your bathroom thanks to the colorful pattern and a bold design that does a good job of adding character to your room. The unique cactus mural takes various cacti and plants to create a stylish piece of artwork that will easily spruce up your bathroom. The 100% polyester fabric is environmentally friendly and is secured with rust proof metal grommets.

It can be purchased in three popular sizes.

Click here to buy it on Amazon.

8. Shower Curtain with Gold Polka Dots by Emvency

Polka dots have grown in popularity over the past couple of years for obvious reasons. The artist utilizes golden polka dots over black and white palettes, which results in a sophisticated and tasteful design that is ideal for minimalist settings and Scandinavian decors. This shower curtain is available in three different sizes and is made using a 100 percent polyester fabric that is moisture proof.

Furthermore, it is not see-through at all, which goes a long way in protecting your privacy. 12 plastic hooks secure the shower curtain in place.

Click here buy it on Amazon.

9. Black and White Grey Stripes by Daring One

This shower curtain features a bold color palette that breaks away from the conventional black and white design. The artist includes both red and grey colors to add more appeal to your bathroom, converting dull and boring decors into a more entertaining design. The red colors enhance the ambiance and create a relaxing atmosphere that should match your décor.

This shower curtain is available in a whopping 10 different popular designs, so chances are, you will find something that fits your bathroom.

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10. Shower Curtain with Colorful Stripes by Mugod

Welcome a colorful print into your bathroom with this shower curtain, featuring a chic design which can be described as a spin on the conventional black and white stripes. The artist enlivens the color palette by adding a few red colors here and there.

Opting for this shower curtain will add a unique and dynamic dimension to your bathroom that will catch the eye of your visitors.

Buy this shower curtain here.

11. Black and White Stripe with Teal Floral Design by Huisfa

The teal floral designs will enchant your visitors, thanks to the stunning black and white and white stripes. This vintage shower curtain will add luster to any bathroom with its eye-catching murals. It features an exquisite blend of light colors that will automatically add a unique layout to your bathroom.

If your bathroom needs a substantial aesthetic makeover without squeezing your budget, this is the shower curtain for you. This product features 12 durable plastic hooks to secure the shower curtain in place. It is fully machine washable and moisture proof, making it perfect for long term use.

Click here to buy this shower curtain on Amazon.

12. Nautical Stripe Design by OneHoney

This black and white striped shower curtain is excellently done by the designers over at OneHoney. The artist didn’t reinvent the wheel, simply delivered a better rendition of it without adding any extra bells and whistles. This shower curtain will look stunning in your bathroom and better yet, it will fit any design aspirations or color schemes you may have.

It is made of durable polyester that is moisture free and environmentally friendly. 10 to 12 plastic hooks secure the shower curtain in place.

Click here to buy this product on Amazon.

13. Black and White Striped Shower Curtain by FCZ

If you want a simple shower curtain in your room, going with a simple design is the best choice. In this case, the artist does a good job of creating a striped appearance that introduces four different color palettes into your room, these are – black, white, grey, and red. This perfect combination of the four colors adds a ton of flair to your bathroom and enhances the existing decor without overpowering it.

This shower curtain can be bought in four different standard designs, giving you plenty of choices.

Buy it here on Amazon.

14. Live Laugh Love Shower Curtain by 2019 new fashion

Introduce peaceful vibes into your home with this shower curtain. It utilizes an eclectic mural that features hand-drawn black and white stripes with accented calligraphic text. The caption reads as follows, "Live, Love, Laugh”, which should add cheerful vibes to your bathroom.

The best part is that the 100 percent polyester fabric is fully machine-washable. It is available in a single size: 60W by 72L.

Click here to buy it on Amazon.

15. Biting Lips Shower Curtain by Emvency

This last item on our list is a waterproof shower curtain that features a provocative, visually striking open mouthed stripe abstract. The unique design might be a little too extravagant for some individuals. But if you’re up for it, the vivid mural should make an excellent choice for your bathroom.

It comes in three different standard sizes, giving you plenty of choices. Furthermore, the fabric is environmentally friendly, odor free, durable, and fully machine washable. Make sure to avoid hot water or bleach, use cold water instead.

This product comes in 12 durable plastic hooks that are easy to maintain and easily secure the shower curtain in place.

Click here to buy this shower curtain on Amazon.

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