Black and White Throw Pillows [Inspiration, Images and Shopping Options!]

Want to provide your rooms with an instant makeover but without the fear of breaking the bank? A splash of black and white color combination is usually enough to do the job. It will subtly spruce up your room and you won’t even have to break a sweat. The architectural value these throw pillows bring to your room cannot be understated.

Black and White Throw Pillows (Inspiration, Images and Shopping Options!)

Black and white colors perfectly complement each other, and their stark contrasts allow for some interesting design patterns that are simply not possible with other color palettes. But there are so many black and white throw pillows, that it can be a tad bit overwhelming to choose the right one that perfectly contrasts your living spaces.

This is why we came up with this awesome list of black and white throw pillows to help you on your journey to brighten up your home and office space!


1. Acelive: Silhouette of a Dear

For people who want to go for a jungle themed look, this throw pillow will make a nice addition. Artists at Acelive take advantage of white and black to leave this endearing print of a deer. The pillows themselves are soft, plush, and extremely durable for long-term usage.

One hidden feature of these throw pillows is a zipper closure that is not visible from view. This makes it removal easy to wash the cushion cover from spillages, dust, and dirt sediments without damaging the fabric or color.

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2. MackenzieBryantCo: Black and White African Throw Pillow

Mackenzie Bryant provides you with the ideal pillows to decorate your home. The design theme is inspired by African cultures, thus featuring a minimalistic design with dark slits scattered throughout the cover. The artist takes advantage of the strong contrasts between white and black to push forth eclectic design elements. This makes these black and white throw pillows universally compatible across a range of rooms and accessories.

You can use them in bedrooms and living rooms and on the bed, sofas, and chair alike. The throw pillows come in several sizes ranging from 16 to 25 inches.

Just don’t wash these pillows in a washing machine because the black lines might fade.

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3. Black and White Geometric Throw Pillows

For Scandinavian interior decors with clean lines and minimalistic design elements, these throw pillows are just what you need. The set of four contains widely conflicting geometric shapes and designs, allowing you to add a touch of versatility to your sofas.

Only one side of the pillow covers feature the strong geometric designs, so if you ever get bored, simply turn the pillows over and you’ll have a new design. The pillows are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use because of their durability. You can use them with a wide combination of sofas, chairs, and beds to give your bedroom an instant makeover.

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4. Howstar-Home & Garden: Luxury Party Black and White Throw Pillows

Want to take advantage of an eclectic font size but without sprawling the design elements all over the pillow? Howstar-Home & Garden has precisely what you need. The choice of words on the pillow inspire an important message which reads as follows: “enjoy the little things”.  This makes it an ideal choice in parties and other festivities when you want to make your guests feel at home.

Plus when all your guests get tired of extensive partying, they will find these pillows comfortable to lie on. The size of the pillow is as follows: 18 inches by 18 inches.

Make sure to take the size of the pillows to account before selecting them.

A useful feature of these pillows is that they contain a hidden zipper to allow for easy removals. This allows you to wash them and clean any smudges, dirt, and spillages. The pillow cover is durable which allows the design patterns to withstand rough usage. While it is possible to wash these pillows in a machine, we would advise you to hand wash them instead.

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5. HerysTa: Decorative Cotton Pillow Case

This pillow marks a shift away from the simplistic design elements of Nordic-inspired rooms. It encourages extensive experimentation with different design patterns instead. The artist may have experimented multiple times with different accessories and color combinations to test ensure the design remains compatible.

This is why the manufacturer went for the bold decision to print the design patterns on both sides of the pillow cover. The presence of a hidden zipper makes it possible to sustain a continuous pattern throughout the design. The use of polyester and polyester blend makes it possible to wash these pillows without the risk of fading the two colors away.

The material is extremely durable and can be used in the long run, making it a great gift for friends and family. These pillows come in two different sizes, 18” by 18” and 20” by 20”, do take the time to research compatibility with your sofas. The color palette is generously spread throughout the pillow cover.

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6. MIARHB: Black and White Pillows with Different Shades of Black

These pillow covers offer a unique combination of different shades of black that will add a lot of style to your room. The pattern offers a bold splash of colors to instantly spruce up your living room. The artist has expertly used different shades of black against the backdrop of a white canvas. These visuals should easily make your living room more aesthetic.

It is not easy for the color palette to fade with time because the manufacturer has used polyester cotton for increased durability. This makes the throw pillows washable without the risk of damaging either the fabric or color. Although we still stress that you shouldn’t wash the pillows in a machine.

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7. Tina’s Home: Checker Theme Pillow

If you have a friend that loves a good game of checkers, then these throw pillows will make for an interesting gift. The checkered theme is perpetuated throughout the pillow cover pillow in different shades of black. The shades white remain roughly the same, to make visual identification of the color palette a tad bit easier.

The material used to construct these pillows is 100 percent cotton, which makes these pillows incredibly durable and long lasting. You don’t have to worry about the color fading with time. In the case of spillage or other visible blights, you can easily remove the pillow covers for easy washing. Furthermore, the zippers are hidden out of plain view.

The checkered design will undoubtedly make the perfect addition to your room, especially if your living spaces are a combination of solid color palettes.

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8. VANMI: Throw Pillow with Honeycomb Pattern

Honeycombs are a marvel of design engineering that continues to baffle scientists to this day. It is a brilliant testament to how nature can create truly inspirational patterns. VANMI, the company behind these pillows, have borrowed the honeycomb pattern and added a unique spin to it.

To make this happen, they used a durable material that is soft to the touch and comfortable against the skin. The print is available on both sides of the cover pillow and features a hidden zipper, this makes it easy to clean spots and dirt.

The pillow cover comes in three different sizes, ranging from 16” by 16”, 18” by 18”, and 20” by 20”. It helps to do a little research before buying one of these to improve compatibility with your room and accessories.

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9. Soopat: Black Stroke Against White Background

All artists will appreciate the black stroke of ink generously splashed throughout the throw pillow. The complete randomness of the ink stroke makes it look unique and rough. It is definitely a change from more calculated and deliberate design choices that clutter the online marketplace. For those of you who want to add a more natural personality to their room, these throw pillows from Soopat will make an excellent choice.

The presence of a hidden zipper ensures that the design looks as natural as possible. You can easily remove the cover pillow and wash it for easy maintenance.

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10. TORASS: Black and White Stripes

This black and white throw pillow features a combination of different color splashes. The manufacturer uses different white and neutral colors to add a beautiful pop of color to the pillow. You should use these pillows if you want to make use of all three colors: white, black, and grey.

It will be compatible with just about any accessory and living space.

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We hope you found some inspiration in these pillows! There's so much you can do with injecting the contrast of black and white into your living room - and there's no easier way to achieve that than with carefully chosen throw pillows!

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