11 Black And White Tile Bathroom Floor Ideas

Black and white are easily one of the most classic color combinations for tile floors. The colors provide a stunning contrast and can work for just about any design style you prefer. Black and white tile floors can either offer a neutral starting point for your bathroom decor, or they can completely steal the show.

A checkerboard patterned floor might be the first image that pops into your mind, but there are actually several options for you to choose from when it comes to black and white tile floors for your bathroom. The size, shape, and layout of the tiles can all have a huge impact on the room. That's why it's important to consider all of your options so that you can choose the best tile for your bathroom.

There's a chance you may be thinking that there are too many options when it comes to a black and white bathroom floor tile and that it's completely overwhelming. Well, we're here to tell you that the easiest way to start figuring out what kind of look you like is to examine photos of other spaces. You can use the photos you like as inspiration to design your own bathroom. 

If you're on the hunt for inspiration for your black and white tile bathroom, you're in luck! We rounded up 11 of the best-looking bathrooms boasting this classic tile color combination. Here are our favorite bathrooms showing off their beautiful black and white tile floors:

Mirror above washbasin in black and white bathroom interior with toilet and bathtub, 11 Black And White Tile Bathroom Floor Ideas

1. Classic Checkerboard

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Modern bathroom in black and white

This bathroom showcases the classic black and white checkerboard tile floor. Notice how your eye is immediately drawn to the floor in this bathroom, which is definitely a unique quality in the space. As you can see, the owner carried the black and white checkerboard theme throughout the rest of the bathroom by using the pattern on the walls and keeping everything else in the room a simple white. 

2. Pattern Play

Luxury monochrome designer bathroom renovation with patterned floor tiles

Just because tiles are squares doesn't mean the pattern needs to look like it's made up of blocks. This bathroom uses black and white tiles that have a little rounded pattern, which ultimately gives the floor a circle and star kind of pattern. Playing with patterns in this way gives the bathroom a more modern look than the classic checkerboard pattern. 

3. Mini Tiles

a claw foot bath tub and black and white tile pattern on the floor.

The size of tiles can have a huge impact on your bathroom. This bathroom uses small white tiles with a slight octagon shape with even smaller back tiles connecting them at each corner. If you're looking at the wall or the tub, it almost looks like this floor has a polka dot pattern rather than a square one. By using these smaller tiles, this bathroom has a totally different look than the classic, large checkerboard floor.

4. Mostly White

Antique luxury design of blue and mostly white bathroom

This bathroom also uses smaller black and white tiles, but the pattern is totally different. Small white tiles are arranged in squares, with a single black tile in the center of each square. If you're looking for a tile floor with more white than black, this one will check the box--and not just figuratively. 

5. Mixed Size

Mirror above washbasin in black and white bathroom interior with toilet and bathtub, 11 Black And White Tile Bathroom Floor Ideas

This bathroom is very similar to bathroom number three on this list, but with one key difference. Both small and large tiles are used to create a beautiful black and white pattern. Large white tiles are connected by smaller black tiles. This is another great pattern to use if you want to see more white than black in your bathroom. 

6. Hexagon Tiles

This bathroom uses a beautiful black and white tile pattern. Mostly white hexagon tiles are sprinkled with black hexagon tiles. This combination gives off a more bohemian feel and is a great modern take on black and white bathroom floor tile. 

7. Modern Farmhouse

If you've been noticing that farmhouse decor is everywhere these days, you're absolutely right. The trend has really taken off in the past few years. It's a beautiful style that you can even carry into your bathroom. This bathroom features a beautiful, modern farmhouse patterned floor. With such a beautiful floor, you can easily keep the rest of the decor clean and simple. 

8. Polka Dot

This black and white polka dot floor is such a cute, fun play on the black and white checkerboard tile floor. It adds a beautiful pattern to the bathroom without appearing too busy. It looks elegantly stunning in this photo, but it would also look great in a children's bathroom! 

9. Scattered Tiles

Spacious bathroom with tiled floor and wall, and black drawer unit. Contemporary design.

If you walked into a bathroom with this tile floor, it would be one you remembered! The black tiles start to fade into white tiles, and by the time it hits the wall, all of the tiles are white. This unique design is a great modern take on black and white tile floors. 

10. Starburst Design

If you're looking for a bold design, this bathroom hits the mark. The floor tile shows off a striking starburst design in black and white.  Follow the lead from this bathroom and add a few green plants for a great pop of color and contrast to the bold black-and-white tile design.

11. Elegant Scrolls

Patterned tiles on the floor in modern toilet

An elegant black and white scroll pattern on the floor adds a unique and beautiful touch to this bathroom. The glam and formal door, cabinet, and sconce lend a luxurious feel to this space. This is a great design to elevate a guest powder room or add a luxurious element to any bathroom in your house.

What Did You Think Of Our Bathroom Round-Up?

As you can see, there are several options for your black and white tile bathroom floor. You can choose different sizes, patterns, and shapes to create your tile floor however you'd like it. Whether you prefer the classic checkerboard design, tiles in mixed sizes, or a modern farmhouse, or an elegant scroll pattern, black and white tiles can make your bathroom a beautiful, unique space. 

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  1. The floor tiles in Number 5 (white octagon with black diamond at corners) in the list above are exactly what we’ve been looking for but are having a really hard time finding. Can you please direct to where these can be purchased?

    Thank you,
    Adrienne Dent

    • @Adrienne Dent,

      Did you find this tile? I’m also looking for it and can’t believe that it is not popular or classic enough to be in most big box stores.

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