Black Floral Wallpaper Ideas for Your Home

The best way to personalize your home is by installing wallpapers, whether you’re going for graphics and loud patterns or aiming for the softness that subtle florals are known for. Your home’s wall can, after all, absorb a significant portion of attention, making it even more important for you to take your time with all planning.

Black Floral Wallpaper Ideas For Your Home

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A good choice would be to incorporate a splash of black color with floral patterns for awe-inspiring results. The following wallpapers will overhaul your room and add a touch of elegance that will brighten up the living spaces instantly.

1. Spoonflower: Removable Water Activated Wallpaper

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For fans of floral patterns, Spoonflower has created the ideal wallpaper that generously features a combination of a wide range of flowers thoughtfully designed by the artist. The unique combination of different flowers will grab your visitor’s attention and make a lasting impression.

This wallpaper is easy to install and remove, making it possible for you to experiment in different rooms and living spaces. You can get these wallpapers in different sizes, ranging from 12” by 24”, 24” by 60”, 24” by 96”, 24” by 108”, 24” by 144”. This leaves a lot of room for exploration, but you should do your research before ordering them. Refer to the end of the article for more information on how to choose the size of your wallpaper.

The wallpaper is made with eco-friendly ink and durable material. Furthermore, it is free of dangerous toxins such as formaldehyde and phthalic acid.

To order these wallpapers for your room, click here.

2. Ayzr: Colorful Floral Against Dark Background

This wallpaper allows you to completely overhaul the architectural face of your room due to the vibrantly colored florals. Although the color palette is rebellious and marks a shift away from the simplicity of contemporary décor, it easily complements neutral colors. Do not be afraid of using this wallpaper to complement splashes of grays, blacks, and browns.

Ayzr sells these wallpapers in different size ranges to make customization easy. Installation is easy although these wallpapers do require glue instead of water.

Caution: The wallpaper needs to be smooth of grooves and indents otherwise it may not attach easily.

To purchase these wallpapers, click here.

3. QIHANG: High-Grade Rose Flower

Research has proven that flowers have a calming effect on a person’s psychology and can improve productivity at the workplace. To this end, QIHANG features these unique wallpapers that combine the combine two colors: black and white.

The wallpaper is made with environmentally friendly material that is durable and does not attract bacteria. This means you won’t have to worry about stain mildew growth and mold staining your wallpaper.

The wallpaper is not pre-pasted, which means you will need glue to make it stick on your walls. But the floral patterns definitely make it worth it. The wallpaper is perfect for use in studios to show warm lights and film effects.

Click here to purchase this wallpaper.

4. Spoonflower: Black and White Natural Flowers

The second wallpaper from Spoonflower to feature on our list that combines the simplicity of neutral colors with floral graphic designs. This wallpaper has a smooth texture throughout that doesn’t require a lot in the way of maintenance and cleaning. Spoonflower is known for its water activated wallpapers that are easy to apply on walls, which encourages experimentation for the best possible results.

Just make sure your wall doesn’t have grooves or deliberate patterns of texture on it. Otherwise, you might face a little difficulty with installation. Do read the product description on details about how many rolls you might need to order.

If you’re interested in this wallpaper, you can buy it here.

5. Munxin Wallpaper:  3D Hand Painted Florals

The beautiful floral pattern is entirely hand-drawn to produce the most natural results. The artist has made use of a different range of colors, from yellow to purple, to blue – perfectly isolated against a dark background. This makes it easy for each calculated stroke of ink to stand out.

You can buy these wallpapers in rolls of 150 cm by 150 cm, although you can get a customized solution based on your needs. You can contact the manufacturer by reaching the following link if you’re interested.

Click here to buy this wallpaper.

6. Arthouse: Diamond Bloom Floral

A flower that has recently bloomed will offer unmatched beauty to bring the best that nature has to engineer. This is what Arthouse has managed to accomplish with its floral wallpaper that features thoughtfully designed patterns. The color palette is entirely neutral and is bound to spruce up room from the ground up.

This wallpaper is an ideal choice to add a touch of sophistication if nothing else seems to be working for your home. The floral pattern is printed on highly durable material that is easy to apply on your wall. Alternatively, you can gift these wallpapers to your family and friends who have a penchant for stunning flower patterns.

Click here to get this wallpaper.

7. hwhz: 3D Floral Pattern

Fan of flowers? Better yet, want to bring the entire garden into your abode? Then this wallpaper will definitely hit all the right marks. It is easy to install and remove, which makes it possible for you to experiment throughout the house. Think the wallpaper will fit your living room better than the bedroom? Go ahead and remove it and experiment in the living room instead.

The wallpaper is waterproof which makes it immune to the growth of mildew due to a moist environment – you can use this on the bathroom wall without worrying about moisture ruining its texture. This stunning and immersive floral pattern will not fade through rough use.

Make sure to use the wallpaper on smooth surfaces.

Click here to get this eclectic wallpaper from Amazon.

8. Munxin Wallpaper: Black Dandelions

Dandelions are no stranger to interior decors. They are known for bringing a touch of lightness, nostalgia and graceful details to living spaces. Dandelions empower your room (yes empower!) with the power to express your own personality. It is the perfect way to summon forth your inner creativity and give it a more tangible form – in the form of dandelion art.

This is why Munxin Wallpaper has featured for the second time on our list. Their proportionally sized dandelions are repeated in varying sizes throughout the wallpaper.

Click here to buy this unique wallpaper.

9. Murwall: Dark Floral Wallpaper

This wallpaper will have little to no resistance in brightening up your living spaces. It is generously drawn with a combination of different flowers with varying color palettes. The wallpaper is made with HP Latex Inks to ensure the color and design does not fade with time. Murwall is known for their choice of durable textiles that are resistant against a range of threats including bacteria, fire, UV rays, and of course, water. This time around is no different and you will find it rather difficult to stain the graphical design.

The wallpaper is easy to install and can be removed to allow for experimentation throughout your house. Don’t be afraid to try the wallpaper in different rooms for the best possible design.

Click here to buy this wallpaper.  

10. Murwall: Dutch Mural Wallpaper

This wallpaper will elicit feelings of nostalgia and will accommodate every person’s taste. Murwall chose Dutch murals to accent their designs with generous splashes of bright colors thrown in for good measure. A neutral color combination might not work for some, especially when you don’t want to convey a formal and serious mood.

This mural wallpaper perfectly mimics the simplicity of Dutch flower and is more likely to offer a more refined look to your room.

As is common for Murwall, this wallpaper also benefits from resistance to fire, sound, bacteria, and water. The unique print is made possible with HP latex, making sure it lasts for a long period of time. Make sure to apply on a smooth surface.

Click here to buy the Dutch-themed floral wallpaper.

The Formula to Choose the Right Size of Wallpaper

Size: The size of your room and wallpaper should definitely factor in before you decide to make a purchase. To make sure your choice of wallpaper is compatible with your wall, here’s a neat formula you should use:

  1. Measure the height and width of your walls. Multiply them in feet.
    2. Add all measurements to find an estimate of the total square footage.
    3. Make sure to subtract doors and windows.
    4. Examine the product description for the amount of square foot covered by each roll. Always make sure it is more than the total square footage of your wall.
    5. If the wallpaper roll is not enough, simply buy another one. This is also a good safeguard in case you made a few mistakes here and there. If the manufacturer gives an option to return the extra roll, then it’s a win-win situation.
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