15 Amazing Black Furniture Living Room Ideas

Just like your favorite little black dress, black living rooms are a stylish choice. While some people are ready to go all the way and paint the walls black, others aren't ready for that type of commitment. If you fall in this latter category, then a good alternative is to use black furniture to achieve that classy look.

Black is a powerful color that can give a room a look of elite elegance. Some black furniture, such as leather couches, provides the benefit of hiding blemishes or stains. However, if you choose black side tables or a dark bookshelf, you might need to dust more often than you would lighter colored surfaces.

Ultimately, whether you use black furniture in your living room comes down to a personal preference. If you like the idea of utilizing black in your home decor, then continue reading to see 15 amazing examples of black furniture to influence you.

Modern living room interior with empty black wall 3d rendering image.There are minimalist style decorate room with black furniture,floor,wall, 15 Amazing Black Furniture Living Room Ideas

1. Black and Red

 luxurious and stylish home interior design with black Chesterfield sofa and armchairs, Art Deco style tables, fireplace and a big three toned abstract rug

This living room blends red and black effortlessly to create a luxurious space. Black leather Chesterfield sofa and armchairs provide plenty of seating. The oversized geometric rug and unique tables give the room an art deco appearance. Floor-to-ceiling sable curtains add drama and make the spacious room look even larger.

2. Dramatic Harmony

Black classic loft interior with wall panels, leather sofa, carpet and decor

Using black as the main color of any room requires balance, which is achieved spectacularly in this example. A small leather couch anchors this living room, while the two round tables create visual harmony. The black rug adds texture, while the wood flooring gives much-needed warmth to the room.

3. Patterns

Home interior with sofa and decor, black stylish loft living room

Even though there aren't a lot of colors in this living room, multiple patterns are used to make this room visually appealing. The pillows that line the charcoal sofa draw your eye across the entire space. The patterned rug also attracts your attention to the black marble coffee table. The design of this room is really accentuated in the small details.

Want more inspiration for using throw pillows on your dark-colored sofa? We encourage you to discover 17 ideas for "Throw Pillows for Black Couches."

4. Monochromatic


Modern living room interior with empty black wall 3d rendering image.There are minimalist style decorate room with black furniture,floor,wall, 15 Amazing Black Furniture Living Room Ideas

If you aren't afraid of the color black, then a monochromatic look may be for you. Black side tables flanking the modern couch create symmetry. The clean lines of the lampshades mimic the beadboard on the wall. We like the addition of the gray accessories as they break up the black while still having a similar color tone.

This mosaic lamp fits perfectly on a side table and is affordable enough to purchase two to recreate the symmetry demonstrated above. Click here to view this product on Amazon.

5. French Luxury

Fireplace room design in big beautiful house

The baroque details on these ebony armchairs give this living room an abundance of French flair. This room also shows that you can use black furniture sparingly and still make an impact. Using a black rug is a simple way to anchor the space.

If you're not sure how to choose the right rug to go with black furniture, check out this article that answers the question: "What Color Rug Goes With Black Furniture?"

6. Stylish Functionality

Interior Of Modern Living Room With Black Color Sofa, Armchairs, Potted Plant And Open Plan Kitchen.

While some black living room furniture can look like art installations, the pieces in this room appear comfortable enough that a real family could live here. The overstuffed slate couch looks like a cozy place to curl up with a good book. Modern black armchairs and the unique cocktail table provide abundant style making this living room both trendy and practical.

7. Modern Minimalism

Modern minimalism style drawing-room interior

The sleek furniture in this living room shows that you only need a few pieces to make a statement. The clean lines of the coffee table and entertainment center give the room a minimalistic aesthetic. A large black couch offers ample seating for you and all of your guests.

If you like the modern look, this high gloss accent table will give you that type of style. Click here to view this product on Amazon.

8. Futuristic Furniture

Modern living room interior with futuristic furniture

The curved black couch in this living room not only mimics the architecture but also adds a futuristic feel to this room. We like the addition of the glass-topped cocktail table and black floating shelves. Even the geometric detailing on the potted plant makes it feel like you're sitting in the living room of the future.

9. Small Spaces

Modern interior of living room

Even if you have a tiny living area, black furniture can work in your space, as evidenced here. The jet black sectional is a decent size but doesn't consume all of the square footage. A single, modern armchair provides extra seating. The black table lamp gives added lighting as well as design points for its unique construction.

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10. Varying Textures

Modern dark interior with varying textures

A simple black leather couch is elevated in this living room by the variety of textures used in the rest of the space. A cluster of angular side tables arranged on top of a shag carpet create visual interest. A metallic floor lamp also adds another material used alongside the brick wall and hardwood floors.

11. Pop of Color

cozy living room with a pop of color

Since black is a neutral color, you can add any other color to your living room and have it match beautifully. We like the decision to frame a cheerful yellow couch with two black armchairs. This airy room dispels any negative connotations the color black may have.

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12. Accents of Black

Pouf on carpet in spacious flat interior with lamp next to grey sofa and wooden table

If you really cannot wrap your mind around a black couch or even black armchairs, you can start small by using accent furniture to bring this color into your space. Several shelving units provide storage for this living room. Meanwhile, the coffee table melds together the warmth of a wood tabletop with black metal framing.

This three-tiered shelving unit can function as a bookshelf or a side table in your living room. Click here to view this product on Amazon.

13. Greenery

Black interior with sofa, plants and coffee table

Adding plenty of plants to any space will bring life to that room. In this living room, a black leather couch is nestled between an abundance of greenery. The unusual coffee table combines stone, glass, and metal to create a stunning statement.

14. Simplicity

Modern interior with copy space

This basic living room layout features a contemporary sofa with two matching black armchairs. A charcoal rocker gives this room both character and bountiful seating. The dark furniture is kept in balance by the surrounding white space.

The molded plastic seat on this rocker makes this an easy piece of furniture to clean. Click here to view this product on Amazon.

15. Rustic Industrial

Living room with industrial clock

This living room utilizes both metal and natural elements to create a special aesthetic. The wood framing on the black tufted couch gives it a cozy vibe. Industrial black shelving lends character and function to the room. The distressed onyx accent table adds another shade of black, but it doesn't tip the balance.

Final Thoughts

No matter what end of the spectrum you fall on, whether you want a dash of black or if you want to go entirely monochromatic, black is an easy color to include in your room decor. It doesn't matter your preference; we feel that with these inspirational ideas, you'll want to incorporate black furniture in your living room.

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