21 Black and Gold Bedroom Accessories That Will Improve Your Design

Black and gold is a classic color combination that screams modern glamour. It is frequently used in contemporary and eclectic decor and when done can elevate a room to another level. A great way to use this color palette is by adding black and gold accessories in a neutral bedroom. This lets them be the start of the show. We have found some amazing items to inspire you to find the look that suits your style.

21 Black and Gold Bedroom Accessories That Will Improve Your Design

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Modern wooden bedroom interior, 21 Black and Gold Bedroom Accessories That Will Improve Your Design

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Glass lamp placed on a gold end table standing by the king-size bed in dark grey bedroom interior, 21 Black and Gold Bedroom Accessories That Will Improve Your Design

Retro bedroom interior with carpet with bed and plants, 21 Black and Gold Bedroom Accessories That Will Improve Your Design

Luxurious, dark apartment room interior with a cozy double bed, gold decorations and plants, 21 Black and Gold Bedroom Accessories That Will Improve Your Design

Bedroom interior with paintings and big clock hanging on wall, 21 Black and Gold Bedroom Accessories That Will Improve Your Design

1. Live Laugh Love Duvet Cover Set by Ambesonne

Boasting 100% brushed microfiber fabric at an excellent price, the Live Laugh Love duvet cover makes it to the top of this due to offering the most value for your money. The fabric is super comfortable thanks to the breathable material.  Pure linen covers are prone to wrinkles, but this microfiber cover is much more resistant. The golden tones of this duvet will add elegance and warmth to your bedroom.

Its appearance has a less messy, more inviting look due to mostly neutral colors contrasted by an eye-catching caption. Furthermore, the duvet cover is fully machine-washable with zero fading. That color is here to stay thanks to state of the art digital technology.

2. Bohemian Mandala Tapestry by Raajsee

The Bohemian Mandala tapestry makes it easy to express your love for an unconventional lifestyle and inner-reflection. Its fabric is constructed from 100% cotton to ensure both durability and longevity. The elegant mural utilizes an ideal mix of black and gold hues to create an eye-catching design with vibrant colors and intricate details.

One standout feature of the tapestry is that it can be used as a table cover, bed cover, and wall hanging.  Furthermore, the fabric is 100% washable and doesn’t fade, which makes it ideal for long-term use.

 3. Fabric Storage Bins for Amazon Basics

A tidy storage container spells the difference between an organized room and one cluttered with stuff scattered all over the place. DII’s storage cans are foldable with removable inserts, in case you feel the need to give them a complete makeover. These containers are made with durable non-woven fabric with cardboard sides and a fully removable bottom.

The fun combo of black and golden hues adds a trendy appearance to your office and bedroom.

4. 7 Piece Jacquard Floral Comforter by Chezmoi Collection

Jacquard is a popular type of cloth that is best described as durable, strong, and pleasant to the touch. Its fabric allows for the use of highly intricate and complex designs with contrasting colors. This particular jacquard wave is constructed with 100% polyester, which is designed for long-lasting use. The golden floral patterns look elegant against their black abstract.

This comforter is best used in homes with ornate bedroom furniture featuring detailed designs and intricate curves.

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5. Black Velvet Decorative Storage Trunk by HofferRuffer

This set comprises of one large trunk and one medium trunk which can be nestled under its larger cousin. Its black velvet finish is contrasted against sturdy brass clasps that glisten like gold. The set is designed for users who want the best of both worlds - on-trend aesthetics and functionality. You can store bedding, clothes, towels, documents, and toys with room to spare.

6. Golden-Black Triangle Planters by Umbra

If you want to bring nature into your bedroom, then these triangle planters would help you do just that. They help incorporate natural elements to your house while bringing their own style room. You’ll find the simple triangular design to be eye-catching, thanks in part to the contrasting dual color tone. Neutral blacks paired up with golden chain and frame make for an interesting addition to any room.

7. Bedroom panel by Gango Home Décor

Declare your love for your better half with these super decorative panels featuring a visually stunning gold studded caption that reads, “LOVE XOXO”, a heart, and a kiss. What makes the panels less cheeky in terms of design is a neutral black background, which will go well with most room themes. Widespread compatibility means you won’t be replacing these panels anytime soon.

8. Unicorn Ring Holder by Pudding Cabin

Want to use a durable ceramic tray that can be used everywhere? This golden unicorn ring holder hits all the right spots. The unicorn head snugly sits smack dab in the center of the black ceramic tray, with a durable horn that doubles as a ring holder. You can now create a beautiful room with this fully functional tray.

9. Non-Slip Bedroom Mat by EZON-CH

This bedroom floor mat provides secure and safe footing for both children and seniors, reducing the risk of falling for those at risk. Featuring a non-slip backing with high-quality fabric that is super soft to the touch, this mat is an excellent option that is both lightweight and easy to store under your bed. The mat also doubles as an accent piece owing to the stunning black and white stripes with a heart literally made of gold.

10. Abstract Throw Pillow by AOYEGO

Add some shimmer, sparkle, and glamour to your bedroom with this gold abstracted throw pillow. It is adorned with a hexagonal grid, with each cell utilizing a vibrant color gradient that ranges from bright off-white to brilliant pink contrasted by the occasional black. A standout feature of the abstract is the golden hexagons that steal the show.

11. Gold Glittered Area Rug by ALAZA

With its elegant black and white striped design, the gold glittered area rug provides a pleasant touch to your décor. Its soft fabric is constructed with high-density elastic cotton for ultra durability that retains its height even after years of use.

12. Gold and Black Clock by VIKMARI

If you’re going for a clock with a classic, retro design that can accurately tell the time, opt for this quiet clock. Featuring golden antique frame supported against their wooden distressed frame, this clock will definitely stand out. It’s a design statement that will compliment your room’s décor.

13. Blackout Curtain by Deconovo

Our pick for the ideal blackout curtain is this Natalie print by Kashi Home. With its golden hexagonal weaves that stretch for the length of the curtain, these curtains will definitely give your window a rich dressing look. Supported on grommets and a durable rod, these curtains are made from 100% polyester to achieve high levels of thermal insulation.

14. Jacquard Floral Curtains by Chezmoi Collection

Enjoy a floral pattern with this energy-efficient, noise reducing curtain that will block the majority of light in its track. It features a floral design that adds drama to your room. Furthermore, it includes 2 panels, 2 tassels, and valance attached to give your room a more complete design.

15. High Modern Design Table by PARTPHONER

This lamp has got a sleek, solid design that will give your room a well-balanced look. It is well-anchored, thanks to the narrow but smartly designed base with a sturdy gold plated body. The lamp outputs a high quality of light that is crisp and bright, compatible with E26 sockets.

16. Hanging Photo Display by JOBOSI

If you’re well stocked with mementos and your favorite photos tucked away in a drawer somewhere, it’s time to display them as a beautiful wall display in your bedroom or office. Urban House’s unique design gives you the freedom to create a collage with great ease of use. It features acrylic gold shapes anchored by contrasting black fringes.

17. Area Rug by Superior

The vivid damask patterns will accentuate your bedroom thanks to their sophisticated design and a fabric that is designed for high traffic. You’ll find that the area rug also reduces noise in your bedroom. It is loaded with extra features such as being anti-static, mothproof, and waterproof.

18. Obelisk Gold Lamp by Possini Euro Design

You will appreciate the versatility this Obelisk Gold Lamp brings to the table (quite literally!). Its sturdy base boasts is extra wide so it won’t topple over accidentally and features a dramatic gold finish. The shade has a dark frame that wonderfully contrasts the gold obelisk.

19. Antique Wall Clock by INFINITY TIME

People who love the bygone Victorian era often decorate their bedrooms with things that feature ornate designs. Its standout feature is the plastic frame with a black finish and gold abstract covering the circumference. The interior is mostly hollow to provide a unique layout designed for maximum visibility.

20. Kid’s Bedroom Curtain by Gold Dandelion

If you want to darken your room but want something good looking, we recommend this Gold Foil Print with a unique abstract featuring cute stars and moons. The curtain is made using 100% polyester, which can block 80% of the visible light and UV rays coming from outside. Available in three different standard sizes, this curtain is ideal for use in children’s bedrooms.

 21. Botanical Art Wall by JOWOROLO

This botanical print pairs silver and gold stems together for an interesting visual effect that will give your room extra oomph. It utilizes museum-grade giclee print that won’t fade away with rough use.

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