15 Great Black Sofa Color Schemes You Should See

Thinking about a living room revamp? Start with your sofa. Black sofas are in!

Black sofas are chic, modern, and versatile. You can mix and match patterns and colors to create the perfect vibe that fits you. 

Let's be honest, too many options and directions can be intimidating. Sometimes it is hard to even know where to begin! Well, you are in luck! In this article, we have collected some of the hottest black sofa trends to inspire you and help you create your ideal living space. 

By providing some of the top black sofa color schemes and combinations, you can begin to pinpoint the direction you would like to go with your style. We will touch on the dos and don'ts of black sofa combos and help inspire your style.

Modular black sofas with black ottomans inside a white living room, 15 Great Black Sofa Color Schemes You Should See

1. Shades of Greyscale

You can truly never go wrong with grey. It, like black, is part of a neutral, earth tone pallet that stops you from ever going wrong. One thing you do want to watch out for is the different kinds of greys you use.

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A long black sectional leather sofa with gray throw pillows inside modern contemporary living room

If you are mixing and matching patterns of grey throw pillows, for example, it is wise to keep a similar undertone. This will prevent your perfect mismatch plan to end in an "ew, this ain't it" moment. 

The multiple textures of each pillow and the blankets and rugs, keep the feeling interesting while maintaining the same accent color.

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2. Pop of Chartreuse

A long black sectional sofa with black throw pillows and a big green pouf

Another way to style out your living space to complement your black sofa is a pop of color! We will discuss other "pop of color" options in the near future, but our focus right now is chartreuse.

Chartreuse is naturally a loud color, however, it works well here because there are not any combative colors also screaming for attention. Additionally, we love the modern beanbag chair. It is perfect for a college dorm room or a smaller skyrise apartment.

3. More Life With Green

Ultra modern house living room with laminated flooring, black leather sectional sofa with a black wall

Green! Add green! Especially with your black sofa. This will bring so much life into your living room, especially if the green you add is plants. Adding plants to your living space has so many benefits, including improving breathability in your home. 

The added benefit is that green is also an earth tone, giving you lots of wiggle room to change directions. You could add a pop of gold on the coffee table to give the room some sparkle too.

4. Espresso

A black leather sofa inside a minimalistic living room

Doesn't this room just feel warm?! There are brown colors in the wood floors and accent pillows that change the temperature of the vibe. Cooler colors like blue and green may bring more energy to the room, but warmer colors make this living room comfy and cozy!

5. Gold

A black leather sofa with wooden flooring and white painted walls

Such an elegant touch. Gold is never going out of style. Pairing it with your black sofa reflects a mature taste that some are not privy to having! If you can rock this simple yet lovely gold Great Gatsby-inspired look, more power to you!

6. Leather

First of all, we love this small black sofa. It has "love seat" spacing, but is still comfortable enough to spread out and lounge on. The focus of this stylistic touch is the leather pillows. What a cool vibe! Not only does the leather introduce another texture but it also introduces a very earthly color—tan.

However, leather is more of a flexible tan. It allows you to play with other tan colors as well as brown and beige. The leather pillow/black sofa combo adds a perfect touch of rustic to our vibe.

Also, notice the area rug. It is a nice light, cream color. This area rug provides pattern to the room without being too loud and cumbersome. It also ties in well with the black sofa because the design on the rug is black. 

We also love the no-curtain feel in this room. Keeping the curtains in the linen closet allows the room a bright and airy vibe reflecting a comfortable and livable space. The bright window and bright walls tie in nicely with the black sofa and leather pillows.

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7. Vanilla But Not

In this example of how to style out a living room with a black couch, we have a color easily identifiable as vanilla. Don't get confused! This color is not a reflection of some "less-than-enough" aura. Vanilla simply reflects a light color that is not quite white. 

One of the sweetest features of this black sofa combo is the feathers. Funny thing is, they are not feathers; they are actually something called pampas grass. This is a great decoration tool to use in any room, but we love how it fluffs up the vibe. 

Pampas grass can come in different colors if you chose to go that route. In this example, the bright vanilla pampas grass works perfectly with the other white/cream colors in this room.

If you are interested in this look, check out this affordable pampas grass available on amazon. The light-colored vases seen in this inspiration photo are also a fun way to hold the pampas grass. 

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8. Dusty Rose

Dusty rose is a popular accent color from wedding color schemes to living room color schemes. This dusty rose throw blanket and pillows match the floral decor nicely.

A good way to make your space feminine yet mature, dusty rose is the way to go. It embodies chic and modern qualities all while entertaining your favorite color—pink!

9. Orange You Glad...

Here is another example of a pop of color, but this one is orange! What we love about this look is the complementary dark walls behind the couch.

This gives the orange throw pillow a purpose! It naturally grabs your attention but doesn't gross you out with a ratty and tattered old orange peel vibe. It is bright, clean, and full of life.

Like the dusty rose color, this orange accent is complemented by alike colored floral designs that are apparent but not overbearing. 

10. Did Someone Say Dessert?

Does this remind you of red velvet cake, or is it just us?

This deep-red rug and pillows are a great combination for your black sofa. The room feels romantic and warm. It also reminds us of our favorite dessert and that is never a bad thing! The fun part is, that a nice living room pallet never makes your pants fit funny. Have your cake, but don't worry about eating it. 

11. Peacock Blue

Another fun way to bring life to a simple-colored couch! Peacock blue is not like the other blues. Peacock blue allows you to play around with the direction of decorations.

You can use it to bring out a complementary purple, or you can choose a complementary green. Either way, you can not go wrong with this color because you allow yourself choices.

12. Royal Blue And Stripes

Next on the list we have a royal blue (different than peacock blue, but yes, similar) and stripes. Previously we discussed the power of an accent wall. This accent wall complements the black sofa well because there isn't much room to clash since the colors are so dark. 

We love the stripped throw pillows and what they bring to the table—dimension. When you have such a dark wall and such a dark sofa, it is important to break up the depth of darkness with some type of pattern. Stripes are always a good choice.

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13. Geometric Touches

Another one of our favorite color schemes has more to do with texture. This is great because it allows you to play with color. In this photo, we have a dark teal, geometric rug.

Like the stripes from above, adding shapes creates dimension that is unparalleled to any particular color. Just chose something that you genuinely enjoy. 

The teal and black geometric rug has gold accents in it. You can also see some of the lighting fixtures also have gold. Gold is a good way to add shine but not sparkle while respecting the beautiful dark teal rug and black sofa combination.

14. White And Mauve

You can see there is only a touch of a light purple-ish-pink-ish in this color scheme. Most of the rest of this color pallet is white. It works perfectly because at any time you can chose to enhance that mauve color by bringing more of it into your living room.

15. Modern Wood And Charcoal

Dark couch. Dark walls. Wooden furniture. Charcoal accents. Yes. Love. This is such a perfect mesh of all things sophistication, home-sweet-home, and comfort. The browns in the wood reflect a part of life that no other color or "brown coffee table" can fill the shoes for.

This is a piece that fits the industrial and woodworking vibe perfectly for a large or small room.

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In Closing

Modular black sofas with black ottomans inside a white living room

We hope this guide has given you the creative inspiration you need to make the most of your black sofa. If you draw from some of these pointers, you'll undoubtedly have the perfect space. 

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