15 Black Tile Bathroom Floor Ideas To Check Out

Deciding on black tile floors for your bathroom can be tricky without some help. Are you going for a sleek modern look or just into a darker aesthetic for your home's design? Regardless, we are also curious and have researched this topic and have some great ideas to show you.

Choosing to add black tiles to your bathroom floor is a great way to change your room's energy and spice things up in your home. We suggest a glossy or vinyl tile look that will be easy to clean and go with just about any decor you choose. Black is a timeless color and fits perfectly into any bathroom space you are working with, so it is a highly recommended option. 

As we begin this post, we will be sharing our top 15 black tile bathroom floor ideas that we can't take our eyes off of. Whether you plan to remodel or need some inspiration for your current bathroom, we have got you covered. Let's get this list started!

Modern house bathroom with glass shower and high ceiling, 15 Black Tile Bathroom Floor Ideas To Check Out

1. Large Modern Semi-Matte Tiles

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Luxurious bathroom with natural views, black tile floors, white marble walls and large windows sunlight shining into the room

Our first bathroom on the list uses a larger shaped semi-matte black tile that we are loving. This bathroom went with an ultra-modern design but still has that glossy look we recommended, making it a great first option. This tile idea is perfect for larger bathroom spaces and goes well with the lighter wallpaper and fixtures.

2. Sleek Marble Look

Bathtub in modern interior with dark marble tile wall and floor

Next, we have this stunning black marble tile bathroom floor that looks insanely luxurious. Choosing to go with a marble design floor tile is the perfect way to class up your space and make it stand out in your bathroom. This room also went with a matching black marble accent wall that perfectly ties the look together.

3. Black Vinyl Inspired

Black theme with minimal bathroom interior

Third, we have this black vinyl-inspired tile floor that looks amazing in this bathroom. Deciding to go with a vinyl tile for your bathroom is an excellent non-slip option and gives your feet a little more grip after you hop out of the shower or bath. We also want to note how well this floor looks with the built-in tub and walk-in shower this design features.

4. Small, Square, And Glossy

Modern bathroom with window and colorful tiled wall

Next up, we have a smaller black tile option that feels straight out of a retro party mansion. This bathroom is tile dominant, so we appreciate the simple square flooring the designer chose to go with. When working with a ton of different wall colors, try sticking with a simple floor tile design.

5. Alternating Pattern Design

Bathroom of modern house with glass shower and high ceiling

Another black tile bathroom idea is one using an alternating pattern similar to this example. We surprisingly love this tile look and think that it gives this bathroom space a unique feeling. Another detail we noticed would be the shower and floor grouting aligning perfectly together to give this bathroom a well-planned final look.

6. The Bigger, The Better

Interior modern house, black bathroom, toilet and bidet view

Here we have another sizeable black floor tile option to use in your bathroom that caught our eye. Choosing to design with a larger size tile versus a smaller one will add that luxurious touch to your bathroom and might cut your install time down a bit. This bathroom is on the narrow side, so this may be an excellent option for anyone working with a similarly shaped space.

7. Charcoal Slab Tile

Contemporary bathroom with light pink honeycomb tiles

Next, we have this charcoal black slab tile option that will look amazing in a bathroom space. The softer tile color makes this a favorite on the list and takes some of the severity away from the black tile design. If you are looking for a lighter black tile floor for your bathroom, try something similar to this style.

8.  Honeycomb Design

a hyperrealistic photograph of a modern bathroom floor covered in honeycomb-shaped black tiles.

Coming in at number eight, we have this modern honeycomb-designed black tile floor that we are a little obsessed with. Honeycomb-shaped tiles are an easy way to make your bathroom feel unique and thoughtfully designed. These tiles have a mid-century modern look to them which we like and go well with the glass walk-in shower.

9. Aged Chevron Look

 a hyperrealistic photograph of a bathroom with black aged tiles that follow a chevron or fish bone-shaped pattern.

Here is an interesting black aged tile idea we found that will add plenty of character to your bathroom. This tile design follows a chevron/fish bone-shaped pattern and looks super cool in this bathroom space. If you're after an eclectic and lived-in bathroom aesthetic, we think this is a great option to try out in your own home.

10. Scale-Like Black Tiles

 a hyperrealistic photograph of a bathroom floor with scale-inspired black tiles. The tiles should resemble a snake's skin and have a distinctive multi-shaded reflection.

Next up, we have this scale-inspired black tile floor that is truly eye-catching. This floor not only looks like a snake's skin but also has a multi-shaded reflection to it that we can't get enough of. We think this could be an excellent option for anyone looking for a high-end and one-of-a-kind bathroom floor design.

11. Gold Grouted

Another way to use black tile in your bathroom is by choosing a gold grouted design similar to this flooring. This bathroom is a stand-out on the list and feels like New York City from top to bottom. A great way to accessorize a space like this would be to keep a gold theme with your fixtures and decor.

12. African Inspired

a hyperrealistic photograph of a bathroom floor with unique African-inspired black tiles.

Coming in at twelve, we have this unique black tile option that has an African look to it. This bathroom floor feels full of culture and will make for a hot topic of conversation between you and your guests. We especially love how this space chose to incorporate other neat details in the lighting and storage.

13. White Bordered Hexagon

A hyperrealistic depiction of a white-bordered hexagon tile floor with predominantly black tiles.

Adding a little color to the group, we have this white-bordered hexagon tile idea that we are living for. This is not an entirely black tile floor but does use the color predominantly and is an excellent option for anyone not sold on a completely black look. We could also recommend using a grey or lighter black shade for your borders if the white stands out too much for your liking.

14. Wicker Placed Tile Design

Unique wicker-patterned black tile bathroom floor. Matching shower floor complements white tile walls.

Following the white accented theme, we have this wicker patterned black tile design that is truly unique. We have not seen a black tile floor similar to this in many bathrooms, so for anyone searching for a one-of-a-kind look, this is the perfect option for you. We also want to note the matching shower floor that complements the white tile walls very nicely.

15. Maze-Like Pattern

Maze-designed black tile bathroom floor, a white detailed and cheery alternative to entirely black options.

Coming in last on our list, we have this stunning maze design that will look great in your bathroom. This black tile design is yet another white detailed look that feels just a little more cheery when compared to entirely black options and will work to brighten up your floors. If you plan on having white appliances and lighter decor, we suggest going with something similar to this look.

The Wrap Up

Finding black tiles for your bathroom floors can feel like an uphill battle if you don't do some pre-design planning. Whether you are going for a neutral semi-matte look or want to spice things up with marble detail, you've got plenty of great options. From gold grouted tiles to truly unique African-inspired designs, having black tile floors in your bathroom is anything but boring.

We suggest incorporating lighter fixtures or appliances when working with black tile floors to brighten up your room without losing that dark, edgy aesthetic we all know and love. Remember to focus on the little details like grout color and pattern when choosing your floor, and enjoy your new beautiful bathroom space!

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